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363 examples of  tyred  in sentences

363 examples of tyred in sentences

There was a day when trade was a thing of here-and-there; a thing of sailing ships and caravans, of merchants of Bagdad, Cairo, Venice, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Tyre, and Damascus.

The sceptre held by Tyre and Venice is passing into our own hands.

Fire and brimstone will descend upon it as on Sodom and Gomorrah, and it will be consumed and wither away, with its cruel Ahabs and its painted Jezebels, its subtle Doegs and its lying Balaams, its priests and its judges, and its proud men of blood, its Bible-idolaters and its false prophets, its purple and damask, its gold and its fine linen, and it shall be as Tyre and Sidon, so that none shall know the site thereof.

AND SUBJUGATES CARTHAGE B.C. 202 LIVY (Sprung from a colony of Tyre, Carthage, founded about B.C. 800, rapidly developed, through a wonderful system of colonization, into a dominating power, her rule extending through Northwestern Africa and Western Europe.

And as these epistles were reading, there came other messengers out of Galilee who informed him that the inhabitants of Ptolemais, and of Tyre and Sidon, and strangers of Galilee, were gotten together.

He sailed to Tyre, intending to take the field against the Parthians; but the season was too far advanced, and he therefore crossed the ร†gean to Athens, where he found Fulvia and his brother, accompanied by Pollio, Plancus, and others, all discontented with Octavian's government.

Lycia and Syria reduced by Alexander; Damascus captured by Parmenio, Alexander's general, and the siege of Tyre begun.


Tyre surrenders to Antigonus.

In the case of Ammon, it was brutal cruelty to captive women; but in the cases of Gaza, of Tyre, and of Edom, it was slave-making and slave-trading invasions of Palestine.

Shakespeare himself was a frequent borrower, and planned his entire play of Pericles, Prince of Tyre, upon the hundred and fifty-third tale, Of Temporal Tribulation.

I noticed that the first prize had been given to a flower arrangement done inside a painted scooter tyre.

At first I woke to think there were rickshaw boys dragging rubber-tyred carriages along the avenues of the town, until I found that Morogoro boasted no rickshaws and no bells for native feet.

Twenty years after that Solomon had edified the temple of God and his house, and finished it perfectly, Hiram the king of Tyre went for to see towns that Solomon had given to him, and they pleased him not.

Retribution the spirit of his preaching Holding out hope by repentance Absence of art in his writings National wickedness ending in calamities God's moral government Isaiah's predictions fulfilled Woes denounced on Judah Fall of Babylon foretold Predicted woes of Moab Woes denounced on Egypt Calamities of Tyre General predictions of woe on other nations End and purpose of chastisements Isaiah the Prophet of Hope

After fortifying his strong position, he built a palace worthy of his capital, with the aid of Phoenician workmen whom Hiram, King of Tyre, wisely furnished him.

There was no great power in western Asia to prevent them founding a permanent monarchy; Assyria had been humbled; and Egypt, under the last kings of the twentieth dynasty, had lost its ancient prestige; the Philistines were driven to a narrow portion of their old dominion, and the king of Tyre sought friendly alliance with David.

The Tyrians must have carried architecture to considerable perfection, since the Temple of Solomon, one of the most magnificent in the ancient world, was probably built by artists from Tyre.

Tyre, which had resisted for seven months the armies of Alexander, remained to the fall of the empire a great emporium of trade; it monopolized the manufacture of imperial purple.

But the glory of both Tyre and Sidon was in ships, which visited all the coasts of the Mediterranean, and even penetrated to Britain and India.

But greater than Tyre or Antioch, or any eastern city, was Alexandria, the capital of Egypt.

There was an uninterrupted communication from the wall of Antoninus through York, London, Sandwich, Boulogne, Rheims, Lyons, Milan, Rome, Brundusium, Dyrrachium, Byzantium, Ancyra, Tarsus, Antioch, Tyre, Jerusalem,a distance of thirty-seven hundred and forty miles; and these roads were divided by milestones, and houses for travellers erected upon them at points of every five or six miles.

Tyre was taken by Alexander only by cutting off the harbor.

The wine of Helbon bring, I purchased at the Fair of Tyre, As red as blood, as hot as fire, And fit for any king!

The streets of London are, in this respect, to the modern what the great Palace of Tyre must have been to the ancient world.

But pile Carthage on Tyre, Venice on Carthage, Amsterdam on Venice, and you will not make the equal, or anything near the equal, of London.

Pericles Prince of Tyre, an historical play.

From Constantinople, Benjamin continued his journey to Tyre, Jerusalem, and the Holy Land, and thence to Damascus, Balbeck, and Palmyra, which he calls Tadmor, and in which, he says, there then were 2000 Jews.

Whereas his temples did his creast front tyre*; And, for he was but slowe, did slowth off shake, And, gazing ghastly on, (for feare and yre 310 Had blent**

[* Tyre, encircle] [** Blent, blinded]

Hast thee, O fayrest planet, to thy home, Within the Westerne fome: Thy tyred steedes long since have need of rest.

The sack of Magdeburg stands out in the annals of war like the siege of Tyre and the fall of Jerusalem.

I noticed particularly, the case of Tyre and Sidon, which were the Bristol and the Liverpool of those times.

Thus, "And what have ye to do with me, O Tyre and Sidon, and all the coasts of Palestine?

Such was the language of the prophet; and Tyre and Sidon fell, as he had pointed out, when the inhabitants were either cut off, or carried into slavery.

During their short residence at Spa he sketched the plan of an epic poem, on the discovery of Britain by the Prince of Tyre.

This Castle taketh the iust compasse of the hill, and no other hill neere it, it is so steepe downe, and so high and ragged, that it will tyre any man or euer he be halfe way

zone, belt, girth, band, baldric, zodiac, girdle, tyre [Brit.], cingle^, clasp, girt; cordon &c (inclosure) 232; circlet, &c 247. 231.

At one time it was alleged that Aristo of Tyre had been seen in Carthage as an emissary of Hannibal, to prepare the citizens for the landing of an Asiatic war-fleet (561); at another, that the council had, in a secret nocturnal sitting in the temple of the God of Healing, given audience to the envoys of Perseus (581); at another there was talk of the powerful fleet which was being equipped in Carthage for the Macedonian war (583).

The Syrian admiral, Polyxenidas, a Rhodian emigrant, had only 70 decked vessels to oppose to it; but, as the Roman fleet still expected the ships of Rhodes, and as Polyxenidas relied on the superior seaworthiness of his vessels, those of Tyre and Sidon in particular, he immediately accepted battle.

Your in a good way, Bertha, ryde spurrd on, May come unto your journey: I must tyre, Theres not a swytche or prycke to quycken me.

And when he reached Syria he took the same action in the case of the people of Tyre and Sidon on account of their uprising.

It helped me to account for the wealth of ancient Tyre.

We rode up the sand-hills, back of the town, and selected a good camping-place among the ruins of Tyre.

These are the principal indications of Tyre above ground, but the guide informed us that the Arabs, in digging among the sand-hills for the stones of the old buildings, which they quarry out and ship to Beyrout, come upon chambers, pillars, arches, and other objects.

The Tyrian purple is still furnished by a muscle found upon the coast, but Tyre is now only noted for its tobacco and mill-stones.

We set out from Tyre at an early hour, and rode along the beach around the head of the bay to the Ras-el-Abiad, the ancient Promontorium Album.

Something of ancient power was in their shock and roar, and every great wave that plunged and drew back again, called in its solemn bass: "Where are the ships of Tyre? where are the ships of Tyre?"

Something of ancient power was in their shock and roar, and every great wave that plunged and drew back again, called in its solemn bass: "Where are the ships of Tyre? where are the ships of Tyre?"

Through thickets of myrtle and mastic, around which the rue and lavender grew in dense clusters, we reached the foot of the mountain, and began ascending the celebrated Ladder of Tyre.

Our horses' hoofs clattered up and down the rounds of the ladder, and we looked our last on Tyre, fading away behind the white hem of the breakers, as we turned the point of the promontory.

At last we reached the foot of an ascent, steeper than the Ladder of Tyre.

The port presented a different scene when the ships of Hiram, King of Tyre, came in with the materials for the Temple of Solomon.

Climbing out of this valley, we descended by a stony staircase, as rugged as the Ladder of Tyre, into the Wady Beit-Hanineh.

Knowing the requirements of their barbarian customers, these early merchants from Tyre and Sidon are believed to have brought some of the larger pugnaces, which would be readily accepted by the Britons to supplant, or improve, their courageous but undersized fighting dogs.

Hiram of Tyre, in his stately palace of cedar, fir, and algum wood, could not have felt prouder or happier than we did, in our little sylvan bower.

They both have grand old recollections to fall back upon,times when they looked forward to commercial greatness, and when the portly gentlemen in cocked hats, who built their decaying wharves and sent out their ships all over the world, dreamed that their fast-growing port was to be the Tyre or the Carthage of the rich British Colony.

Here lyes an old toss'd Tennis Ball Was racketted, from spring to fall, With so much heat and so much hast, Time's arm for shame grew tyred at last.

From hence they sailed for Tyre, where they tarried seven days, and from thence proceeded to Jerusalem.

Hence Tyre and Israel, low in ruins laid, 230 And Egypt, once their scorn, their common terror made.

Since then a conspiracy of accidents has changed the whole problem; the bicycle and its vibrations developed the pneumatic tyre, the pneumatic tyre rendered a comfortable mechanically driven road vehicle possible, the motor-car set an enormous premium on the development of very light, very efficient engines, and at last the engineer was able to offer the experimentalists in gliding one strong enough and light enough for the new purpose.

Since then a conspiracy of accidents has changed the whole problem; the bicycle and its vibrations developed the pneumatic tyre, the pneumatic tyre rendered a comfortable mechanically driven road vehicle possible, the motor-car set an enormous premium on the development of very light, very efficient engines, and at last the engineer was able to offer the experimentalists in gliding one strong enough and light enough for the new purpose.

It is like a man who jumps out of his automobile because he has burst a tyre, refuses a proffered Stepney, and bawls passionately for anythingfor a four-wheeler, or a donkey, as long as he can be free from that exploded mechanism.

Shakspeare's own muse her Pericles first bore; The Prince of Tyre was elder than the Moor: 'Tis miracle to see a first good play; All hawthorns do not bloom on Christmas-day.

All votive offerings of Heracles at Tyre he removed, because the people had received the wife and child of Pompey when they were fleeing.

They represent the prophet's work between the years 592 and 586 B.C. (2) Chapters 25 to 32, include seven oracles regarding Ammon, Moab, Edom, Philistia, Tyre, and Egypt, the nations which had taken part in the destruction of Jerusalem or else, like Egypt, had lured Judah to its ruin.

They were used for shipbuilding in the city of Tyre; for the prophet Ezekiel says, 'They have made all thy ship boards of fir trees of Senir,' and it is written that 'David and all the house of Israel played before the Lord on all manner of instruments made of firwood.'

Pericles, Prince of Tyre, edited by Alfred R. Bellinger.

SEE TYRE, CARL A. Vamos a leer.

By Don M. Wolfe, Lela Tyre Hamilton & Ellen M. Geyer.

Pericles, Prince of Tyre, edited by Alfred R. Bellinger.

Metten of Tyre.

Metten of Tyre.

TYRE, ANNEMARIE B. Speaking Spanish.

SEE TYRE, CARL A. TYRE, CARL A. Speaking Spanish, by Carl A. Tyre & Annemarie B. Tyre.

SEE TYRE, CARL A. TYRE, CARL A. Speaking Spanish, by Carl A. Tyre & Annemarie B. Tyre.

SEE TYRE, CARL A. TYRE, CARL A. Speaking Spanish, by Carl A. Tyre & Annemarie B. Tyre.

SEE TYRE, CARL A. TYRE, CARL A. Speaking Spanish, by Carl A. Tyre & Annemarie B. Tyre.

Turkish Customs Tyre, the Siege of (LANGHORNE'S PLUTARCH)

Hiram, King of Tyre, is said to have sent cedars of Lebanon by sea to Joppa, for the building of Solomon's Temple; and from Joppa the disobedient Jonah embarked, when ordered by God to go and preach to the people of Nineveh.

The king of Tyre, the friend and ally of King Solomon, whom he supplied with men and materials for building the temple.

In the recent, or what I am inclined to call the grand lecturer's symbolism of Masonry (a sort of symbolism for which I have very little veneration), Hiram of Tyre is styled the symbol of strength, as Hiram Abif is of beauty.

Hiram of Tyre can only be considered, historically, as being necessary to complete the myth and symbolism of Hiram Abif.

The king of Tyre is an historical personage, and there is no necessity for transforming him into a symbol, while his historical character lends credit and validity to the philosophical myth of the third degree of Masonry.

Freemasonry is so called because it is supposed to have been founded by two kings,the kings of Israel and Tyre,and because it has been subsequently encouraged and patronized by monarchs in all countries.

These were the members of the Society of Dionysiac Artificers, who at the time of the building of Solomon's temple flourished at Tyre.

Many of them were sent to Jerusalem by Hiram, King of Tyre, to assist King Solomon in the construction of his temple.

Carthage and Syracuse were as free as Tyre or Sidon, as Corinth or Athens.

Gregory of Tours, Eginhard, William of Tyre, Guibert of Nogent, William of Jumieges, and Orderic Vital are worthy of every attention from those whose hearts are set upon thoroughly understanding the history of the periods and the provinces of which those laborers of the middle ages have, in Latin, preserved the memorials.

I can smell a Rascal, a rank Rascal: Fye, how he stinks, stinks like a tyred Jade.

At nights, when I lay awake in bed, vast processions passed along in mournful pomp; friezes of never-ending stories, that to my feelings were as sad and solemn as if they were stories drawn from times before Aedipus or Priam, before Tyre, before Memphis.

Do they know any thing but a tyred hackney?

Pericles, Prince of Tyre.

The Third (1189-1193), preached by William, archbishop of Tyre, and provoked by Saladin's capture of Jerusalem, of which one division was headed by Barbarossa, who, after taking Iconium, was drowned while bathing in the Orontes, and the other, headed by Philippe Augustus and Richard Coeur de Lion, who jointly captured Acre and made peace with Saladin.

PHOENICIA, a country on the E. shore of the Levant, stretching inland to Mount Lebanon, at first extending only 20 m. N. of Palestine, but later embracing 200 m. of coast, with the towns of Tyre, Zarephath, Sidon, Gebal, and Arvad.

Of Semitic stock, they emerge from history with Sidon as ruling city about 1500 B.C., and reach their zenith under Tyre 1200-750, thereafter declining, and ultimately merging in the Roman Empire.

SIDON, an ancient Phoenician city on the E. of the Mediterranean, 20 m. N. of Tyre, with an extensive commerce; was famed for its glass and purple dye; also suffered many a reverse of fortune.

And I have brought from Tyre

Some Egyptian royal love-lilt, 5 Some Sidonian refrain, Vows of Paphos or of Tyre, Mount against the silver sun.

10 Have the laden galleons been sighted Stoutly labouring up the sea from Tyre?