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384 examples of  ugliness  in sentences

384 examples of ugliness in sentences

An iron will does not imply necessarily ugliness of temper, obstinacy, or pig-headedness.

"Oh, you lost her!" He stood, looking past the ugliness within to the morning majesty without.

Ugliness is not mere absence of beauty, but absence of it where it ought to be present.

When the carriage drive which wound through the plantation had been passed the house burst abruptly into viewa big, rambling building of uncompromising ugliness.

Such ugliness My eyes have never seen.

CHAPTER VIII THE WEALD AND THE MARSH Ashford as we see it to-day, a town of thirteen thousand inhabitants, is altogether a modern place and really in the worst sense, for it owes its importance and its ugliness to the railway; it is a big junction and the site of the engineering works of the South Eastern and Chatham Company.

If he remained in Russia his mother sneered and showed hatred of him; if he journeyed in Western Europe crowds gathered about his coach to jeer at his ugliness.

Most of those who have seen Gillray's caricature of him, issued in the height of English spite at Paul's homage to Bonaparte, have thought it hideously overdrawn; but those who have seen the portrait of Paul in the Cadet-Corps of St. Petersburg know well that Gillray did not exaggerate Paul's ugliness, for he could not.

He nodded frequently, and once or twice a grim smile enhanced the ugliness of his mouth, a smile terrible in its contained savagery, fit to make one's blood run cold, that cruelly relished in anticipation the success of some evil scheme. Not to be able to hear a word was exasperating to a degree....

Banged, battered, hairless, sharers of our mad joys and reckless sorrows, how we loved them in their simple ugliness!

It is not as if some Apelles had picked out here a lipand there a chinout of the collected ugliness of Greece, to frame a model by.

We are convinced that true ugliness, no less than is affirmed of true beauty, is the result of harmony.

Seated at the table, which Clem had arrayed with a faultless artistry, I promptly demanded the removal of a tall piece of cut glass and its burden of carnations, asserting that both glass and flowers might be well enough in their way, but that I could regard them only as a blank wall of exasperating ugliness while they interrupted a view of my hostess.

The intensest feeling of the beauty of a cloud lighted by the setting sun, is no hindrance to my knowing that the cloud is vapour of water, subject to all the laws of vapours in a state of suspension; and I am just as likely to allow for, and act on, these physical laws whenever there is occasion to do so, as if I had been incapable of perceiving any distinction between beauty and ugliness.

Marcantonio, on the contrary, was handsome, winning, pleasure-lovingafter an innocent fashion, which brought some sneers from his compeers, the gay "company of the hose;" but he thought life not made for pain, nor ugliness, nor hardness of any sort; he was bred to luxury, yet his intellectual inheritance made learning easy for him; he was many sided and vacillating, an exquisite in taste and the science of trifles.

If they were to continue to obtain, she felt, life would grow simply unendurable, and she would to do something reckless to get a little relief from the tedium and the ugliness of it all.

I remembered afterward, with shame, that I myself had smiled at the first sight of its antiquated ugliness; but her face was one which it gave you a sense of rest to look upon,it was so earnest, tender, true, and strong.

Mrs. Carey waited a few moments, silently regarding the unequalled bareness, ugliness, and cheerlessness of the room.

The ugliness of English country houses built at that time is quite inexpressible.

It happens very luckily that the sobriety and discretion is of my daughter's side; I am sorry the ugliness is so too, for my son grows extremely handsome.

I have never heard any one deny that it is ugly, though custom may have blunted our sense of its ugliness.

Brooding over these questions, he observed two men hard by in the old cloister garden, one of lofty stature, nearer forty than fifty years of age, the other younger and shorter, with a pale face redeemed from ugliness by its intellectual brow.

To be quite fair towards the ages, a little ugliness as well as beauty must be allowed to each of them, a little implicit poetry even to those which echoed loudest with servile, pompous, and trivial prose.

The inhabitants, particularly the women, struck me by their ugliness and want of cleanliness.

When she looked out over the roofs of the town, there too was ugliness; and well the houses knew it, for with hideous stucco they aped in grotesque mimicry the pillars and temples of old Greece, pretending to one another to be that which they were not.

Amazonsbut how has my sympathy for the amateurs of collections led me into the description of these creatures of ugliness and immodesty?one of them....

The hysterical, all but grinning joy upon the mother's face is a miracle of truth; I have seen the expression more than once; doctors see it often, in the sudden revulsion from terror and agony to certainty and peace; I only marvel where he ever met it: but the general effect is unpleasing, marred by patches of sheer ugliness, like that child's foot.

Whatever they are, they are not beautiful; and no magnificence of surface-colouring will make up, in my eyes, for wilful ugliness of form.

But a thing is not seen any the worse because it is seen thoroughly, although it may be seen falsely when there are false covers to conceal its ugliness.

It came quickly, and passed away quickly; it left no growing ugliness; he licked the wounds of a clawed enemy, and was quite frequently happy while he nursed them.

Simplicity, good-nature, and ugliness are the peculiar characteristics of the people; and although the men are not warriors, nor the women favored by nature, they are certainly a kind, inoffensive race.

I did, with this Addition, that her ill-timed Passion had increased her Ugliness.

By day its greasy blackness glared in hideous contrast to the blue though brackish water; but now night lent its ugliness a strange disguise.

The women increase their natural ugliness, by dyeing their hair and nails reddish brown with henna, and by tattooing their hands and arms.

I suppose that if we had been in a workhouse, a prison, or a lunatic asylum, our รฆesthetic environment would have been very much the same as it was at school; and afterwards when I went with the cricket and football teams to other grammar schools they all gave me the same impression of clean ugliness.

He jumped into bed and pulled the bedclothes over his face to shut out the ugliness of the world.

But there followed a silence that seemed to emphasise the ugliness of the sound.

Fate And The Artist The workmen's dwellings stood in the northwest of London, in quaint rivalry with the comfortable ugliness of the Maida Vale blocks of flats.

The strange thing is that the dog's ugliness only enhanced the sympathetic affection of the audience.

But she had got a cinder in her eye; and though she had winked, and stared, and rolled her eyelid under, and tried all the approved and instinctive means, it seemed persistent; and she was forced at last, just as her party was going in to dinner, to acknowledge that this traveler's misery had befallen her, and to make up her mind to the pain and wretchedness and ugliness of it for hours, if not even for days.

Pure circular motion is the type of perfection in the universe as a whole, but each part of the whole will inevitably express its partiality, will acknowledge its special character, and upon the frankness of this confession its comeliness will in no small degree depend; nevertheless, no sooner does the eccentricity, or individuality, become so great as to suggest disloyalty to the idea of the whole, than ugliness ensues.

Every sensitive nerve in her, tuned to a graceful and comely order of life, was rasped to anguish by the ugliness of it all.

The success of this first achievement prompted the malicious crowd, whose faces were clustered together in every variety of lank and half-starved ugliness, to further acts of outrage.

"Why," answered Ianthe, "the old story, I supposeBEAUTY: at least such was my intention, but if you can any of you show me I am wrong in supposing it a cause of happiness to the mortal race, why, I suppose I must give her ugliness instead.

If I had put off my counterfeited ugliness, I should probably have lost all hold upon his affections.

" "In order to set off its ugliness properly, you should see yourself against the background of palms, with that great fan-like leaf for a halo, and" "Thank you.

He began making tours of the city, discovering New York, laying bare the confusion and ugliness and grime and crime and poverty of a great industrial center.

The road ascends to Fortune's Well, as uninteresting a "capital" as could well be imagined and for the sheer ugliness of its buildings and church probably unsurpassed.

By some wonderful combination of circumstances, the elder lost her beauty and ugliness at the same timewhen some good fairy always came along, who, by a magic touch of her wand, made both the sisters far more lovely than the elder had been.

ARNOLD, the deformed son of Bertha, who hates him for his ugliness.

A young and lovely woman saved her father by putting herself in the power of a frightful but kind-hearted monster, whose respectful affection and melancholy overcame her aversion to his ugliness, and she consented to become his bride.

They will always be valuable in reminding generations too vague and soft, as were the Victorians, of the great truth that hatred is beautiful, when it is hatred of the ugliness of the soul.

With like energy Lionardo bent himself to divine the import of ugliness.

Some lines have been maintain'd by this alone, Which by their common ugliness are known.

nay, that's impossible, said he, What change of age or ugliness can be? Or could Medea's magic mend thy face, Thou art descended from so mean a race, That never knight was match'd with such disgrace.

If I am old and ugly, well for you, No lewd adulterer will my love pursue; Nor jealousy, the bane of married life, Shall haunt you for a wither'd homely wife; 490 For age and ugliness, as all agree, Are the best guards of female chastity.

Mrs. Warbeck was very stout, very plain, and rather untidy, yet her countenance made an impression not on the whole disagreeable; with her wide eyes, slightly parted lips, her homely smile, and unadorned speech, she counteracted in some measure the effect, upon a critical observer, of the pretentious ugliness with which she was surrounded.

I bitterly put it down as accruing from the curse of ugliness, as, when mentioning Gertie, it was ever, "I have let Gertie go to such and such an entertainment.

From here one could not see his ugliness, and the dark claret color of his smoking-suit rather set off her gown.

But, be this as it may, it is certain that the great, fat, short-legged creature, who in her humble and touching ugliness passes a chemise over her lumpy shoulders, is a triumph of art.

Ugliness is trivial, the monstrous is terrible; Velasquez knew this when he painted his dwarfs.

She ought to have held a palm in her hand, poor little martyr!" There is sweet wisdom in this book, wisdom that is eternal, being simple; and near may not come the ugliness of positivism, nor the horror of pessimism, nor the profound greyness of Hegelism, but merely the genial love and reverence of a beautiful-minded woman.

Ugliness, parading as piety, took her place, and once more the breaking of images began, the banishment of music, the excommunication of grace, and gentle manners, and personal adornments.

It is impossible to imagine the extreme ugliness of some of the sooty gentry; a decent ourang-outang might, without presumption, vie with many of these people, even of the fair sex, and an impartial judge should certainly decide that the said ourang-outang was the handsomer animal.

There is in me a hatred of pain and ugliness, an overmastering detestation of all that offends my sight, or my reason.

Henceforth idolatry, injustice and sin became as monstrous in their ugliness as they were wicked in their essence.

Under this denomination there have been included many very dissimilar kinds, extreme ugliness being held as alone sufficient for the establishment of an undeniable claim to the title.

The Beyond-man discovers beauty in the abyss, and ugliness in mere worldly rectitude.

To genius, pain is purgation; ugliness, beauty in disturbance.

NON-RESISTANCE TO EVIL The problem of ugliness and evil would seem at first thought to be totally unrelated to the subject of space hyperdimensionality, but there is at least a symbolical relation.

We give the names of evil, chance, fate, ugliness, to those aspects of life and of the world that we fail to perceive in their true relations, in regard to which our power of correlation breaks down.

The self-element plays a large part in our idea of good and evil, ugliness and beauty.

He must rejoice if he can see his own dream more seriously and sweetly depicted than he can himself depict it, for he must care for nothing but the triumph of beauty over ugliness, of light over darkness.

Westermarck accepts (174) seriously the assertion of one writer that the reason why Australians knock out some of the teeth of the boys at puberty is because they know "that otherwise they would run the risk of being refused on account of ugliness."

Ugliness, whether natural or inflicted by fashion, does not among these races act as a bar to marriage.

MORAL UGLINESS To realize fully what such a relapse may mean, read what Galton says (123) of the Hottentots.

"From their utter want of love and appreciation of female beauty or charms they are quite satisfied and content with any woman possessing even the greatest amount of hideous ugliness with which nature has so bountifully provided them.

At fifty they reach "a stage of ugliness which baffled description" (40,40).

" Then I said to my joyous comrade: "Many live their lives of toil and gloom and ugliness in the belief that in another life after this they will be rewarded.

Is this not the summit of wickedness that utter chaos, without quality, without form or shape, ugliness without configuration, to use their own expression, should enjoy the same prerogatives as He who is wisdom, power, and beauty itself, the Creator and the Demiurge of the universe enjoys?

Ugliness makes more impression on me than beauty, because it speaks to me of social infamies, it shows me the bitterness of injustice, it is the only wine which revives my strength.

Had that ugliness and stubbornness been taken out of your heart, you would have been spared much suffering.

Inexperienced vanity does not suspect that it indicates only lack of reason and sense, but regards it as a high-minded discontent with the universal ugliness of the world and of life, of which it really has not yet the slightest presentiment.

"Nothing but airs and ugliness," she persisted in saying to herself, as she prepared a slice of nice cream toast with a soft-boiled egg and cup of fragrant black tea.

"It is sheer ugliness," she said, "which keeps her cooped up there to be waited on.

Dark, with an attractive ugliness, arrogant, with restive and fathomless eyes, he seemed to unite the East and the West in his being.

It is the completely beautiful thing that is going to make up to me for all the ugliness I have encountered in life.

Mrs. Dennison, Mrs. Goodrich, and Mrs. Applegate had spoken gentle words of warning; Honora had vaguely suggested that the matter was immaterial; Mary Morrison had smiled as one who avoided ugliness; and Kate had laughingly defied them.

The scrolls and the roses on the cheap yellow curtains that hung in the windows, were changed to hideous faces of variable size and ugliness.

But while she was asking her question she had found the gash and was growing alarmed at its ugliness, when Raoul, having made everything fast, came in with: "Wat's de mattah, 'Sieur Frowenfel'?

But difficulties faced him here, for he refused to accept in its entirety the austere ugliness of those asylums of penitence and prayer.

The Ngatiawa good-humouredly encountered these with a band of old women well selected for their ugliness, whose appalling endearments effectually obstructed the survey work.

My companions, when I do not request the attendance of my friend Jack, are a couple of little terriers, who are endowed to perfection with the ugliness and the intelligence of their racethey are of infinite service on the plantation, as, owing to the immense quantity of grain, and chaff, and such matters, rats and mice abound in the mills and storehouses.

I was prepared for a disclosure of barren ugliness, and waited, in heartsick foreboding, for the silent guide to reveal a dreary prison.

It is a world where the hesitations and the pettinesses and the squalors of this earth have been fired out; a world where ugliness is a forgotten name, and lust itself has grown ethereal; where anguish has become a grace and death a glory, and love the beginning and the end of all.

Everythingthe duck troughs, the roof of the stable, the cart shafts, the dry-goods box used as a kennelhad ugliness hidden away under that prodigal revelling ermine of decoration.

It was the problem of the elaborate and deliberate ugliness of the most self-conscious of centuries.

It is indeed difficult to account for the clinging curse of ugliness which blights everything brought forth by the most prosperous of centuries.

There is written, with all the authority of a human scripture, the eternal and essential truth that until we love a thing in all its ugliness we cannot make it beautiful.

And this was because, with all his healthiness and energy, he had not the supreme courage to face the ugliness of things; Beauty shrank from the Beast and the fairy-tale had a different ending.