491 examples of unaffected in sentences

Hypocrisy will take the place of sincerity, and the heart will remain unaffected and unimproved.

The Empress is truly a beautiful woman and of unaffected manners.

"Right royally, indeed, my liege," replied the earl, in a tone of unaffected emotion.

No one else ventured to assail him as Graham thus did; for, with all his geniality and unaffected humility, there was a certain personal dignity about him which few ventured to invade.

His humility, utterly unaffected, like everything else about him, became if possible more marked.

His unaffected lamentations when he lifts up his voice on high, or, more beautiful, the sobbing child,the face all liquid grief, as he tries to swallow his vexation,soften all hearts to pity, and to mirthful and clamorous compassion.

Gay bachelors, a hopeful crew, And brides so unaffected! WEATHERCOCK (toward the other side) Unless indeed the yawning ground Should open to receive them, From this vile crew, with sudden bound, To Hell

" The minister sighed with unaffected sympathy.

She possessed something that was more attractive even than her beauty; though I question, if, without her glossy brown hair, her soft, dark eyes, her glorious complexion, her round, dimpled cheek and chin, her gentle winning smile, and her exquisite taste in dressI question, if, without all these, her quiet, modest demeanor and unaffected simplicity and propriety would have attracted quite as much attention as they always did.

It reduces men to the unaffected simplicity of children.

Thus, while we know that in all probability keraphyllocele is in existence, we have ocular demonstration that the animal is quite unaffected by it.

Seeing, then, that the navicular bursa is in very near contact with it, it is conceivable that this joint-like apparatus should suffer, and the pedal articulation be left unaffected, the more so when we take into consideration the compression theory just described.

His simple, unaffected manners were full of suggestion, and in his writings there was always an indefinable rainbow-like promise of ultimate achievement.

She covered her face with her fingers, and betrayed the most expressive confusion, while she thanked him, with her usual unaffected simplicity, for the trouble he had taken.

But for the most part he was unaffected by such matters.

All through the late seventies, while his brothers and sisters were clinging sentimentally to brownstone fronts in Stuyvesant Square or red-brick facades in Great Jones Street, Mr. Lanley himself, unaffected by recollections of Uncle Joel's death or grandma's marriage, had been parting with his share in such properties, and investing along the east side of the park.

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Lovers then expressed the passion of their souls in the unaffected language of the heart, with the native plainness and sincerity in which they were conceived, and divested of all that artificial contexture which enervates what it labours to enforce.

No one managed a boat so well, although Cadurcis prided himself also on his skill in this respect; and George was so frank and unaffected, and so used to his cousin's habits, that his presence never embarrassed Herbert and Cadurcis, and they read or conversed quite at their ease, as if there were no third person to mar, by his want of sympathy, the full communion of their intellect.

For a moment Sir George looked his offence; then seeing that the attorney's ecstasy was real and unaffected, he smiled.

In that unaffected civility which springs from a gentle mind there is a charm infinitely more powerful than in all the studied manners of the most finished courtier.

The Nubians remained quite unaffected by any of their cries, and never for a moment swerved from their purpose of recovering the ivory before they surrendered the women.

Two compasses, which we placed on the table during one séance, remained unaffected by Dr. Slade's presence.

Two compasses, which we placed on the table during our séance, remained unaffected by the Medium's presence.

It is also worth notice that they are all alike unaffected by the Sidneian romance.

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