54 examples of unambitious in sentences

Why, so, and yet this little Creature of a Father, ridiculously and unambitious, would spoil this Lady, to make up a simple Citizen's Wifein good time.

His brother and sister had grown up, married and were settled on farms in the neighborhood, taking on the same existence of their parents; living honest, peaceful and unambitious lives.

A love unselfish, unambitious, impartial, universal,that loves only because it is Love.

He had managed the King's treasury, for thirty years, with the utmost fidelity and economy; and had the true German honesty, being a plain, sincere and unambitious man.

indifferent, cold, frigid, lukewarm; cool, cool as a cucumber; unconcerned, insouciant, phlegmatic, pococurante^, easygoing, devil-may- care, careless, listless, lackadaisical; half-hearted; unambitious, unaspiring, undesirous^, unsolicitous^, unattracted.

You are brave, firm, and persistent, also enterprising; with these qualities, in this land, any young man can win a success against the great throng of unambitious and careless men like myself.

After the strong personality of Cosimo and his masterful manipulation of commercial and political affairs, perhaps the unambitious rule of his son Piero was a necessary and healthful corollary.

In September 1571, Francesco issued a decree which ennobled the family of Bianca's husband, and Ser Zenobio, unambitious, pottering notary that he was, and Pietro, and all their male kith and kin, were enrolled "inter nobiles, inter agnationes et familias ceusetas et connumeratus."

The superintendent was ambitious and therefore pompous; he, himself, was unambitious and therefore modest.

The house, with its old furniture, its library, where the choice of books was clearly dictated by individual prejudices and affections, and its unambitious parade of domestic happiness, heightened my melancholy.

Goldsmith, as unambitious in research as he was genial in expression, made so agreeable a story, that, with all its imperfection, his sketch still finds readers; while the rarely quoted work of Henry most conveniently enumerates, at the end of each reign, details economical and social which identify and illustrate both period and progress in Anglo-Saxon civilization.

But the spire, though an effective, was as yet an unambitious structure,scarcely more than an exaltation or an apotheosis of the roof.

Most admirable of all, perhaps, is a strange faculty she has shown for making one satisfied that her people should remain perennially rather poor and unambitious and dull, and should even grow old without occasioning us regret.

It was a marvellous discovery, of course, quite marvellousbutHe had already become the proprietor of several acres of scorched, discredited property near Hickleybrow, at a price of nearly £90 an acre, and at times he was disposed to think this as serious a consequence of speculative chemistry as any unambitious man could wish.

Above all, the members were cautious, moderate, conciliatory, and unambitious to act beyond the requirements of the hour.

He is unambitious and in a way indolent; and if everything had been done for himhis wishes anticipated, sympathy lavished upon himhe would have had no region in which to exercise that self-restraint which is now a necessity of the case.

The beauty adorned only with the unambitious graces of innocence and modesty, provokes, whenever she appears, a thousand murmurs of detraction and whispers of suspicion.

Il Capitano Smeet' was not sorry to get out of the government housepalazzo, as some of the simple people of Elba called the unambitious dwelling.

And yet this very modesty, this unambitious way of conceiving his work, has impressed upon it a certain exceptional enduringness.

4 Od. ii. 27. 'My timorous Muse Unambitious tracts pursues; Does with weak unballast wings, About the mossy brooks and springs.

We hain't hed no more) hev ben clean vicy-varsy, An' wut Spartans wuz lef' when the battle wuz done Wuz them thet wuz too unambitious to run.

But what are our men? Idle, thriftless, unambitious, too lazy to walk across the street, but with a horse for every step, sleeping all day in a hammock, gambling and drinking all night.

His talent was well known out of Rosville; but he was unambitious and eccentric.

This intuition led me to confound One victory with another, higher far, Triumphs of unambitious peace at home, 20 And noiseless fortitude.

This was Pansy, child of plain, poor, farmer folk, immemorially dwelling close to the soil; unlettered, unambitious, long-lived, abounding in children, without physical beauty, but marking the track of their generations by a path lustrous with right-doing.

54 examples of  unambitious  in sentences