171 examples of unassuming in sentences

His passions and his powers are incomparably greater than those of other men; and instead of the latter having been employed in curbing the former, they have mutually lent each other strength;" but "in social life no human being can be more gentle, patient, and unassuming.

"It's Sims, Captain Shelton," he volunteered, in a gentle, unassuming voice, "and very much at your service.

[1290] 'He was always indulgent to the young, he never attacked the unassuming, nor meant to terrify the diffident.'

Of course, particles of vanity, morsels of straight-lacedness, lively little bits of cantankerousness, and odd manifestations of first person pronoun worship periodically crop up; but altogether the congregation has a quiet, unassuming, friendly disposition.

Father Boardmanan active, unassuming sort of gentlemanhas been at the church for about a year.

The edifice has a light, simple, unassuming interior.

Now, when the income was shrunk to $20, the letters of "Dillingham" looked blurred, as though they were thinking seriously of contracting to a modest and unassuming D.

He retained to old age the amiable simplicity and unsuspecting frankness of boyhood: his affection for his brother, to whose society at Winchester he latterly retired from college, during the vacations in summer, does not seem ever to have suffered any abatement; and his manners were tranquil and unassuming.

For the past six years or so gigantic coups had been secured by that unassuming and apparently third-rate financial house of Lénard et Morellet.

The magazine appeared, in a yellow cover which was the best part of it, for at least it was unassuming; it ran four months in undisturbed obscurity, and died without a gasp.

As it was, he returned after an absence of thirteen days, having completed what the Perth Gazette of that time justly described as "one of the most unassuming expeditions, yet important in its results.

The exuberance of Miss Nugent's manner was certainly modified by time, but she developed instead a quiet, unassuming habit of authority which he liked as little.

The exuberance of Miss Nugent's manner was certainly modified by time, but she developed instead a quiet, unassuming habit of authority which he liked as little.

The very unassuming method of their recurrence lent them an added influence.

He is amiable, affectionate, learned, possessed of the greatest powers of mind and genius, modest, unassuming, and, above all, a religious man....

His manners are free and unassuming, and his language in conversation fluent and well chosen.

The equanimity of his behaviour, his unassuming carriage, his exuberant benevolence and goodness of heart, joined with his talents, his inoffensive wit, and the comprehensiveness of his intelligence, made him the idol of all that knew him.

As an artist, every praise is due to Mr. Westmacott, for the admirable skill he has displayed, and also for his unassuming conduct in presence of the committee, who had been appointed to superintend its execution.

Mrs. Prentiss, who had never chanced to see one of these bits of rural manufacture in its elementary processes, was full of questions and interest, thereby quite evidently pleasing the unassuming artist in assorted rags and home-made dyes.

Yet, was she ever modest and unassuming.

The situation, as one may see from the drawing given opposite, is one of great natural advantages, while the house is quite unassuming; its simple white walls, however, give one the sense of a comfortable if unpretending home.

The "gay ladie" has had, quite likely, her hour of triumph over her more modest, quiet, and unassuming rival, now in the background, but whomwhen the young man is ready to proffer his hand and fortuneis most likely to be led to the front, blushing with her becoming and well-deserved honors, leaving the doting mothers, with their dear daughters, to reflect on the "strange ways of you men.

Possible defiance on the part of this usually unassuming lady had not entered into his calculations.

Such men in the quiet, private, and unassuming walk, are often much more missed and more extensively lamented than men who have been more in the eye of the public, and during their life have had much of public observation and favour.

Of the unassuming piety, the excellent character, and the sound learning of that reverend gentleman, I cannot speak in too warm terms.

171 examples of  unassuming  in sentences