110 examples of unclose in sentences

Dawn in the dusk of her dream, Dream in the hush of her bosom, unclose!

Rustem again the sacred bier unclosed; Again Sohráb to public view exposed; Husbands, and wives, and warriors, old and young, Struck with amaze, around the body hung, With garments rent and loosely flowing hair; Their shrieks and clamours filled the echoing air; Frequent they cried: "Thus Sám the Champion slept! Thus sleeps Sohráb!"

Having measured and prepared the dose in the dressing room, the servant went on to say, he had knocked at his master's door, and receiving no answer, had entered the room, and partly unclosed the shutters.

Aye, Zeus himself shall not unclose His purpose save by thy decerning.

thy radiant form unfold; "Unclose thy blue voluptuous eye, "And wave thy shadowy locks of gold.

perforate, pierce, empierce^, tap, bore, drill; mine &c (scoop out) 252; tunnel; transpierce^, transfix; enfilade, impale, spike, spear, gore, spit, stab, pink, puncture, lance, stick, prick, riddle, punch; stave in. cut a passage through; make way for, make room for. uncover, unclose, unrip^; lay open, cut open, rip open, throw open, pop open, blow open, pry open, tear open, pull open.

970. unfetter &c 751, untie &c 43; loose &c (disjoin) 44; loosen, relax; unbolt, unbar, unclose, uncork, unclog, unhand, unbind, unchain, unharness, unleash; disengage, disentangle; clear, extricate, unloose.

Out in the chilly dew one morn I plucked a wild sweet rose, A little silver bud new-born And longing to unclose.

In the morning, the patients are not able to unclose their eyes for some time after they are awake.

Seeing he had something in one hand, though he could not unclose his fingers, Leonard took it from him, and the wretched man fell backwards.

Unwilling I my lips unclose; Leave me, leave me to repose.

" From this moment, Aurore gave herself up to the passion of devotion, which, in natures like hers, is often the first to unclose.

When will our reason's long-charm'd eyes unclose, And Israel judge between her friends and foes?

The mother pursued her task with a sad heart, but often would she unclose the door and look in upon the pale child, and show her some article of dress she had been preparing for her.

And when the limp form was once more on the big sofa and the eyelids were trembling to unclose, she ripped open the right sleeve and thrust in the needle that gives oblivion.

By no kind Augustus reared, To no Medici endeared, German Art arose; Fostering glory smil'd not on her, Ne'er with kingly smiles to sun her, Did her blooms unclose.

The large blue eyes slowly unclose; a look of disappointment comes into them as she says, "Where has Jesus gone?"

She was too near home for thattoo near the darling Aunt Barbara, who did not hear gate or door unclose, or the step in the dark hall.

day, And this was now the firste morwe of May, With dredful hert, and glad devocioun For to ben at the resurreccion Of this flour, whan that yt shulde unclose Agayne the sonne, that roos as rede as rose ... And doune on knes anoon ryght I me sette, And as I koude, this fresshe flour I grette, Knelying alwey, til it unclosed was, Upon the smale, softe, swote gras.

I felt as though this steel-cold North held me, too, like a trapnever to unclose.

Again I rise, unclose the casement, and push my matronly head a little way out to listen.

A little later and the eyes would unclose, more than likely alight with some new idea, some fresh purpose drawn from his reflections.

It must unclose before it, revealing to sight and bringing to enjoyment its riches and its depths."

The marchesa's eyes had quivered; now they slowly unclose.

The sun will kiss the dew from the rose, Its crimson petals again unclose, And the violet ope the soft blue ray Of its modest eye to the gaze of day;

110 examples of  unclose  in sentences