7 examples of uncoffined in sentences

The hillside for a pall, To lie in state, while angels wait, With stars for tapers tall; And the dark rock-pines, like tossing plumes, Over his bier to wave, And God's own hand in that lonely land To lay him in the grave, In that strange grave without a name, Whence his uncoffined clay Shall break again, O wondrous thought!

Not that he rejoiced that he was thus freed from him who had kept him in perfect slavery, for he alone had dropped a tear over the uncoffined burial of his persecutor; but his heart was filled with gratitude, as he looked into the peerless night,gratitude to Him who has given us a soul, that we may admire the works of his hands.

Let it stay with mebut surely uncoffined, remember, asas the rest of them were.

And the spot must not be forgottenthree hundred yards north to the dwarf cedar, then straight over the ridge and half-way down, to the other cedar below the sandstoneand uncoffined, with the book here in this pocket where I have it.

By day a mincing foot is thine: Thou runnest along the spider's line: Ay, but heavy sounds thy tread By night, among the uncoffined dead!

It was not long before Katharine had informed her mother that, God willing, she would never again look upon the King of England's face uncoffined.

But we hear the pinions rushing Through the storied air o'erhead, And our hearts grow sick and silent With throbs of fear and dread; For the temple seemeth crowded With still forms all white and shrouded, Like the pale, uncoffined dead; Stirs the startled soul within With a grief too deep for tears, Bowing with a mighty anguish O'er our dead and wasted years.

7 examples of  uncoffined  in sentences