466 examples of uncommonly in sentences

His practice was to kill all the young animals which were not uncommonly large and thrifty; to cram those he kept, with as much food as they would eat, and to tempt their appetites by the variety of their nourishment, as well as of the modes of preparing it.

"The next day I went to the garden betimes; and as it communicated with the shrubbery and grounds attached to the Zenana, and the males of the family occasionally entered it when the ladies were not present, I prevailed on the gardener to grant me admission, under the pretext of gathering some uncommonly fine mangoes, which were then ripe.

Trained nurses, for example, were uncommonly well-informed and agreeable young women, when you came to know themand quite lady-like, too, for all that in our topsy-turvy days these girls had to work for their living.

" "You see, sir, that I have the rheumatism, and cannot move," said the lady, looking uncommonly ghastly as she sat up in her bed.

The latter place has an uncommonly happy situation: often as it has been destroyed, it has always been restored, so that it is not impossible that Melpum may have been situated on the very spot afterward occupied by Milan.

When foreign troops are hired, at a time like this, it is natural to expect that they have been procured by contracts uncommonly frugal; because no nation can be supposed to be lavish in a time of distress.

And even then I should have been afraid, he is such a determined fellow; but uncommonly clever.

He is an uncommonly clever man, and he says, the longer he lives, the more he is convinced of the badness of men.

"I say, Maggie, that's an uncommonly pretty girl come on board, with those old people in black.

He was uncommonly good-looking, also, and tall and shapely, yet there was something about his full figurethat vague, indescribable somethingwhich unmistakably marks the lack of virility in mind or body, no matter how large or handsome a man may be.

"It is not the character we have received of the vessel, which has been greatly exaggerated, or she is entitled to be considered as uncommonly convenient and safe.

" Poor Aunty had that very day prepared herself for something uncommonly nice in the way of dinner, and felt a little disappointed; but cousin Emma soon restored her equanimity by a liberal display of fruit-cake and other nice things, which presented themselves on opening the side-board door.

But we, with the most honest and slowest spirit of orderwhich might, without danger, be spared many reglemenswe lost all elasticity, and sank dismembered into a stupid spirit of slavery, which originated in our passion for imitation, our faintheartedness, and our uncommonly low opinion of ourselves, which often looks like true dog humility.

But I should know uncommonly well that genuine professional soldiers do not talk like Adelphi villains and utter theatrical epigrams in praise of abstract violence.

This is a statement uncommonly refined for an Indian; but one of the gentlemen present, who understood the Chippeway, vouched for it as a literal rendering of his phrases; and he did indeed touch the vital point of difference.

To enforce their language, though it was uncommonly nervous and expressive, and such as would of itself have carried terror to the firmest heart; at the end of every period they struck their war-clubs against the poles of my tent with such violence, that I expected every moment it would have tumbled upon us.

Very few there, and a most uncommonly stupid time.

And as he possesses an uncommonly retentive memory, he us'd to repeat great part of it by rote in his walks with his Brothers.

This inclination Mark fancied was owing to the circumstance that the water of the ocean had formerly entered at the hole, in uncommonly high tides and tempests, and washed the ashes which had once formed the bottom of the crater, towards the remote parts of the plain.

I said to him, 'Do you know that I think I have lighted upon a new author who is uncommonly like a first-class passenger?' I showed him a page or twoI think the passage where the curate returns home and Milly is first introduced.

And an uncommonly good troop he soon made of it, too.

Otherwise, I find everything you do with Mignon, when living as well as when dead, most uncommonly beautiful.

The Queen was uncommonly condescending and gracious, and deigned to drink my health when I presented her with the last glass, and to thank me for all my attentions.

After my companion had gone to Borneo I had the misfortune to contract typhoid fever when alone in Busuanga, and being ignorant of the nature of the malady from which I was suffering, kept on my feet until I could no longer stand, with the natural result that I came uncommonly near paying for my foolishness with my life, and have ever since suffered from resulting physical disabilities.

Physiognomically, they were not uncommonly ill looking, in general, although there were exceptions, and they were all clean and wholesome in their appearance.

466 examples of  uncommonly  in sentences