319 examples of uncompromising in sentences

I think the women were rather more uncompromising than the men.

Once she scratched at the door, a faint, dog-like scratch for admission, and then sat back on her heels, staring at the uncompromising panel, holding back the audibility of her sobs with her hand.

In a school situated in S.E. London in the midst of rows of monotonous little houses, and close to a busy railway junction, a miracle was performed: the playground was not very large, and of the usual uncompromising concrete.

Day after day Barney skirted furtively about the uncompromising walls of Libby and Castle Thunder, where once or twice he had gone with his hosts to make a mental diagram of the place for future use.

" He spoke in such an uncompromising tone that the girl saw it was useless to pursue the matter further.

" Her prompt and uncompromising reply indicated that she did not want him to wait for her husband.

You don't suppose that after coming over here to see you that I can be deceived by such talk?" Rolfe flushed at these uncompromising words, but before he could speak Crewe proceeded in a milder tone.

Uncompromising as she was in every matter where religious principle was involved, she was always ready to avail herself of the true privileges of pleasure which her rank and position enabled her to enjoy.

His uncompromising principles were, however, in unison with those of the Church of Salem; and he was invited by that community to be their teacher, as an assistant to their pastor, Skelton, whose health was then declining.

A great chasm, like an angry scar, was cut through the earth, and on the side opposite to the girls a steep hill came down in an uncompromising slant.

"I'm afraid not; in fact, I can say definitely that they will not," he replied, in a hard, uncompromising way.

The Frari had taken their position on the right, under the elaborate hanging tomb of Fra Pacificoa mass of sculpture, rococo, and gilding; the incense rising from the censer swinging below the coffin of the saint carried the eye insensibly upward to the grotesque canopy, where cumbrous marble clouds were compacted of dense masses of saints' and cherubs' heads with uncompromising golden halos.

This uncompromising poet, not pliant and easy like Horace, animadverted like an incorruptible censor on the vices which were undermining the moral health and preparing the way for violence; on the hypocrisy of philosophers and the cruelty of tyrants; on the frivolity of women and the debauchery of men.

The true spirit of liberty, although devoted, persevering, bold, and uncompromising in principle, that secured is mild and tolerant and scrupulous as to the means it employs, whilst the spirit of party, assuming to be that of liberty, is harsh, vindictive, and intolerant, and totally reckless as to the character of the allies which it brings to the aid of its cause.

The animal, however, was neither a true terrier nor a true Bulldog, but an uncompromising mongrel; albeit he served his immediate purpose, and was highly valued for his pertinacity, if not for his appearance.

There it lay, square and uncompromising, between his watch and his cigar-case.

They did so, with the uncompromising decision proper to their years, and with, perhaps, the touch of indecency, regardlessness of the proprieties, which was characteristic of them.

John Thelwall (1764-1834)Citizen Thelwallwas one of the most popular and uncompromising of the Radicals of the seventeen-nineties.

His uncompromising and uncompromised dignity, founded on self-respect, and accompanied by that certain proof of superioritysimplicity of manner and freedom from affectation, with her mild and matron graces, her whole life offering a model to wives and mothersreally they are people to be proud of, and a few such would reconcile one to one's species.

He smothered the retort on his lips, however, and when he did speak it was with entire control, though there was, nevertheless, an uncompromising quality in his inflection which for the moment silenced his sister as if he had laid his hand upon her mouth.

The bold and uncompromising character of her father, and the gentle piety of her mother, secured to her a combination of influences particularly favourable to the development of moral and religious feeling.

His conduct in dealing with the Arians was uncompromising yet conciliating.

He liked young men, even conceited young men; they were so enthusiastic, so confident, so uncompromising.

Against no other social evil was the testimony of Jesus so trenchant and uncompromising.

The truth is that Byron was one of a class who may be called the unconscious optimists, who are very often, indeed, the most uncompromising conscious pessimists, because the exuberance of their nature demands for an adversary a dragon as big as the world.

319 examples of  uncompromising  in sentences