1432 examples of unconsciously in sentences

This located the sick chamber, and unconsciously he hushed his step and moved with the greatest caution, though he knew that this sickness was not one of the nerves, and that the loudest sound would fail to reach ears lapsed in a blessed, if alarming, unconsciousness.

Unconsciously, a low exclamation escaped him.

That look, as I thought, spoke a grave but passionless regret or pity, as of one who sees a child unconsciously on the verge of peril or sorrow that admits neither of warning nor rescue.

All these, to be sure, may be unconsciously actuated by motives that do not appear on the surface; and if this be true, their actions are less bold, less raw than they look.

Unconsciously he groaned.

I'm going to hunt around again to see if I could have unconsciously grabbed up that gun as I bolted, and then dropped it in the brush.

Then Dick, who had, unconsciously almost, become a leader, called the boys into an empty recitation-room.

"I reckon you are Carolyn June and Missus Ophelia Cobb," Old Heck stammered "Which one of you is which?" unconsciously paying tribute to the well preserved youthfulness of the widow.

" "Yes, stay," Carolyn June added, somewhat reluctant that of the entire group only one should be left to the wiles of her unconsciously intentional coquetry; "there is plenty of room in here and it's cool"

he said with a low laugh, unconsciously using the poetical phrase, as he gave the warm cheek of the filly a tender parting pinch before turning away to go to the bunk-house, "we'll whip that devil-horse of th' Vermejowe'll show that Thunderbolt runner what hearts that ain't afraid an' nimble hoofs can do!"

Unconsciously she gripped into hard knots of flesh and bone, both hands, while she bit at her underlip until a red drop of blood started from the gash made in the tender skin by her teeth.

"If there was anything I could do at any time, you'd let me know, wouldn't you?" That past tense, those subjunctives, unconsciously called upon her to feel no intrusion.

Yet his reverence for Fra Paolo's great knowledge and holy life made him unwilling to criticize where he unconsciously questioned.

But one day, when he was trying to rouse her to express a desire, she laid her hand eagerly on his, asking a thing so strange that unconsciously he started away from her.

"It is some intrigue," she said, almost unconsciously, in the midst of her sad dreaming.

" She stretched out her hands unconsciously, with a gesture of petition, and her mantle slipped back, exposing her pallid, pain-stricken face and her whitened tresses.

The new heir arrives in March," he said, with a slight laugh that struck Crowther as unconsciously pathetic.

" Her voice was unconsciously wistful.

Stephen unconsciously stretched out his hand to detain her.

But it was beyond his control: it seemed as if all the organs of speech involuntarily clenched themselves, as the hand unconsciously clenches itself when a man is enraged.

He'd go wild," added the unconsciously injudicious Marty.

" The last two words were uttered unconsciously, and in a way to cause the niece to regret that they had been uttered at all.

It gave me at that moment a peculiar pleasure to have him on my land, to know that I was, if unconsciously, raising other crops than I knew.

And here again the whole matter in dispute is (unconsciously to Mr. Vaughan) opened up in one word.

Venetia withdrew almost unconsciously a few paces from her mother.

1432 examples of  unconsciously  in sentences
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