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96 example sentences with  underclothes

96 example sentences with underclothes

It was the Padre's batman, and he had his master tucked under one arm, in his underclothes, kicking feebly.

Who the devil is it?" They all turned and saw a tiny figure, clad only in underclothes, marching deliberately over the ridge towards the Germans.

As her sex are seldom exposed to the cold of the night or the mists, their underclothing is slight and close fitting.

"All the underclothing was seized upon, obviously only the best being taken.

He had on only his underclothes that he had onwhen heleft home....

A change from heavy to lighter clothing should be made first in the outer garments, the underclothing being changed very cautiously.

Clothing, especially woolen underclothing, should be frequently changed.

Special care should be taken to provide children with woolen underclothing, and to keep them warm and in well-ventilated rooms.

No one should sleep in any of the clothes worn during the day, not even in the same underclothing.

Hence such garments, like stockings and colored underclothing, worn next the skin have been known to produce severe symptoms of poisoning.

Persons subject to throat disease should take special care to wear suitable underclothing, adapted to the changes of the seasons.

Strips of an old handkerchief, underclothing, or cotton wadding may also be used as a compress, provided pressure is not neglected.

I decided that the blue suit was most in keeping with my mood, so I laid this out on the bed together with a complete change of underclothes.

If, in spite of warnings, you have been so careless about your underclothing as to cause a blister, a bit of muslin saturated with Vaseline, with a drop of tincture of benzoin rubbed into it, makes a plaster which will end the smart instantly.

I took off my shoes and stockings and everything except my underclothes.

Here's my niece drives a taxicab and is proud of it, my own daughter designs underclothes and sells them at a shop in Sloane Street to any one who comes along, and my boy, who ought to go into the Guards, prefers to go into Roger Kendrick's office.

He always remembered Tump tramping away through the night to carry Cissie some underclothes and, if possible, to take her place in jail.

Clothing N. clothing, investment; covering &c 223; dress, raiment, drapery, costume, attire, guise, toilet, toilette, trim; habiliment; vesture, vestment; garment, garb, palliament^, apparel, wardrobe, wearing apparel, clothes, things; underclothes.

underclothes [underclothing], underpants, undershirt; slip [for women], brassiere, corset, stays, corsage, corset, corselet, bodice, girdle &c (circle) 247; stomacher; petticoat, panties; under waistcoat; jock [for men], athletic supporter, jockstrap.

underclothes [underclothing], underpants, undershirt; slip [for women], brassiere, corset, stays, corsage, corset, corselet, bodice, girdle &c (circle) 247; stomacher; petticoat, panties; under waistcoat; jock [for men], athletic supporter, jockstrap.

From the date of that escapade with the underclothes confusion reigned in our corner of Nemo's Avenue.

" I took the sheet back to the blue chest myself,having first observed the number, as I had done before with the underclothes; and locked it in.

In 1868, ยฃ100 per ton was paid for lupis, although only imported in small quantitiesabout five tons per annumand principally used at one time in France in the manufacture of a particular kind of underclothing.

And the white mother found some very little underclothes for her, and we curled her hair with a slate pencil, and she wore the best things and looked so pretty.

At a halt it is very refreshing to adjust the underclothing.

where your underclothes?

Cotton or linen underclothing will probably soon be discarded, but this is a personal matter, and need not be dealt with here.

Oh, come and look at the cow, now, won't you?" They went out to look, and Isak was in his underclothes, but that was no matter.

And she had her loom besides; at all odd minutes she would slip into the little room and weave a couple of spools, making half-wool stuff for underclothes for the winter.

And if you could send me some stuff for underclothes, it would save me getting the things on credit."

And yes, his mother sent him stuffsent him remarkable quantities of stuff from time to time for underclothes.

He never spoke of it; he knew that Eleseus was his mother's darling, and how she cried over him and shook her head; but one piece of finely woven stuff went after another the same way, and he knew it was more than any living man could use for underclothes.

He was well equipped now; again his mother had given him a stock of woven stuff for underclothes, and his father had commissioned some one to hand him money as he went out of the door.

Axel looks at her and is slow to think, and sits there in his underclothes, looking at her.

Out of the arcades of the Hotel de Crillon one man in a bath-robe and another in a suit of purple underclothes came running, to gaze calmly into the zenith until the "von" had gone.

From his bureau he selected a couple of changes of underclothing, a couple of cotton shirts, and half a dozen pairs of socks.

But your underclothes we can get here.

At this moment there was a knock at the door, and the servant entered, bringing in a quantity of linen and underclothing of all kinds, which he laid down on the bed with the words, "With the countess's compliments.


Still it was passed from lip to lip that the great and nighty king had been found by the rescuers, stripped to his underclothes, and tied to a stake, while the smoke arose thickly around him and nearly choked him.

It consisted of a venerable clerichis skirts held high enough out of the mud to reveal the fact that he favoured flannel underclothing and British army socksand a massive rustic dressed principally in hair, straw-ends and corduroys.

They are exceedingly dainty in their underclothing,wear the finest linen they can afford; and spend half their lives over the washing machine.

Every summer he took her abroad, and showed her, and talked with her about, books, pictures, and buildings; he inoculated her with such fundamentals as that a lady never wears imitation lace on her underclothes, and the past of the verb to "eat" is pronounced to rhyme with "bet."

With these were stowed her dresses, much miscellaneous finery, and some handsomely worked underclothing.

To sit and fall asleep there would be to place myself at the mercy of the other two spies, who might come and search me; and I was conscious of certain papers in an inner pocket, and of underclothes made in America, that might have given the game away.

"Now his boots and trousers." All this was done, and a few moments later the accused stood in his socks and underclothing.

Then his underclothes, and his socks.

He rinsed and wrung, and flapped the underclothes, though, and shaped his cap carefully, and spread his leggings, and hung those in the dryer, too.

I weave cloth for dressesfine dresses you would use thread as thin as dat you sews wid todayI weaves cloth for underclothes, an fo handkerchiefs an for towels.

They had in the coldest weather to go home with underclothing dripping because they were allowed neither space nor a few moments of time in which to change their clothing.

" "The finest, or nearly so; I believe it is Valenciennesthe trimming of some underclothing, I should think.

There is to be a Women's Exchange in this city, where everything manufactured by them (except underclothing) will be exposed for sale; embroidery, pickles, preserves, confectionery, and articles rejected by the Society of Decorative Art.

"In the summer or when warm weather came each slave was given something, the women, linsey goods or gingham clothes, the men overalls, muslin shirts, top and underclothes, two pair of shoes, and a straw hat to work in.

They make their underclothes out of old bed linen.

Adelaide's mother was hearing the trunks going down to the van, and was impatient to be where she could superintendthere was a very important small trunk, full of underclothes, which she was sure they were overlooking.

* * * * * "If people would wear the same underclothing all the year round, and with or without the aid of a thermometer against their bedroom window vary their outer garments only, they would never be inconvenienced by changes of temperature.

In addition to being a baths-keeper this young subaltern was a laundry-manager; for when bathing the soldiers left their underclothing and took fresh.

In each black sack the French soldier carriedin addition to the legendary bรขton of a field-marshala complete change of underclothing, a second pair of boots, provisions for two days, consisting of desiccated soup, chocolate and other groceries, and a woollen night-cap.

What?" I met one subaltern at La Rue's who had been given so many commissions by his brother officers to bring back tobacco, soap, and underclothes that all his money save five francs was gone.

It is extraordinary that he did not waken us; but we slept undisturbed while the ox deliberately ate our shirts, socks, and underclothes!

Very light underclothes are good.

"Lead underclothing," said I, and the mischief was done.

Sew 'em all over your underclothes until you have enough.

Birds that run about as soon as they are hatched are always clothed in down, like little chickens, before their other feathers sprout; and some birds, like Ducks, wear a warm underclothing of down their whole lives.

Letty, wearing only her underclothes, lay on the operating table, her cheek resting on her bared arm, watching Ailsa setting a supposed compound fracture of the leg, and, at intervals, quietly suggesting the proper methods.

"I always heard you fellows wore infant's underclothes, but I never believed it before!"

I reduced my attire to boots and underclothing, and toiled through Belle Espรฉrance, the curs of the village nibbling my calves, the children shrilling to their mammas to come and see the strong man from the circus.

He extracts these painlessly from under last night's salvage dump of tin-hats, gas-masks and deflated underclothes, noses out my jacket, detects my Sam Browne, and in awful silence bears these to the outer air, where he emits, like a whale, the breath which he has been holding for the last ten minutes.

Acting on the order of the doctor in charge, one of them stripped me of my outer garments; and, clad in nothing but underclothes, I was thrust into a cell.

During the following weeks of my close confinement I destroyed at least twenty of them, each worth, as I found out later, about four dollars; and I confess I found a peculiar satisfaction in the destruction of property belonging to a State which had deprived me of all my effects except underclothes.

Still without shoes and with no more covering than underclothes, I was forced to stand, sit, or lie upon a bare floor as hard and cold as the pavement outside.

A 'straightforward' style, an american reviewer lately called it; failing to see that such straightforwardness means a flexibility of verbal resource that follows the thought without a crease or wrinkle, as elastic silk underclothing follows the movements of one's body.

"I was dressing, and was in my underclothes, so it took me a minute, I should say, to get a pair of pantaloons on.

They were diligent in the chase in their underclothes; their tents were free from odour; and there was something resolute about a Tommy who was bare to the waist in that freezing wind, making an effort at a bath.

Sweaters and underclothes and overcoats almost new, and shiny old morning coats and trousers with holes in seat and knees might represent equal sacrifice on the part of some American three thousand miles away, and all were welcome.

Those men surely did not go into battle without clothes; and why they should have been sent out of the surgeon's hands without enough of even underclothing to cover them, is the question I have never yet had answered.

Police were pursuing them with warm underclothing, and trains would please take care not to run over them.

"Shiffless," was the word Mrs. Markham wanted to use, but she repressed it, for she would not talk openly against Richard's wife so soon after her arrival, though she did make some invidious remarks concerning the handsome underclothes, wondering "what folks were thinking of to put so much work where it was never seen.

Her corset was thrown down in a corner; shoes and stockings littered the floor; her comb was clogged with red hair like a wire fence with dead grass after a freshet; dingy, grimy underclothing lay about.

Their luggage was quickly packeda change of underclothes and a second pair of shoes composed their trousseauxand Julie came hurrying forward with bread, sausages and chocolate!

In a big room white-capped women (the first I had seen of the kind) were counting bandages, linen and underclothing, laying out huge piles for such and such a hospital.

I felt very proud when I had done this and then hurried into my dressing-room where I hastily filled my suit-case with a few warm underclothes, a change of costume, and an extra pair of shoes.

Hens lay themselves out on their underclothing, don't they?"

Ruth, opposite, was making the soft underclothing into little white rolls.

A new set of underclothing will occupy me for a fortnight.

And nowyou can't go ashore in your underclothing, man!

Prudencia would have no use for more house-linen; but enough fine linen was made into underclothes to last her a lifetime.

The little iron bed, the chairs and tables, every article of furniture, in fact, but the altar in the corner, displayed to advantage exquisite materials for gowns, a mass of elaborate underclothing, a white lace mantilla to be worn at the bridal, lace flounces fine and deep, crรชpe shawls, sashes from Rome, silk stockings by the dozen.

The little madame found herself drawn most toward Clotilde; to her she opened her heartand her wardrobe, and showed her all her beautiful new underclothing.

Without specifying, it may be said that two or three articles usually ranked as underclothing had this morning partially worked their way up to the top stratum, and that by consequence her person presented more than one example of what geologists call a "fault"though it is actually rather a misfortune.

"She was a regular old screw," continued Ann, "and used to have mother's underclothes tucked to last for ever; she was a beast to servants, too."

Sending everything out of the windows,underclothes, ladies' bonnets, chairs, books, flower-pots, pictures, and then all the records, white and yellow and pink paper, all fluttering in the sun like so many butterflies.

Fine gowns of inconvenient length, expanded over large crinolinessilk mantles richly trimmed,often conceal the coarsest, scantiest, and most ragged underclothing.

In the back yard a clothes-line stretched between a damson and a peach tree, and on it hung forgotten some of Pansy's father's underclothes; but Nature did what she could to make the toiler's raiment look like diamonded banners, flung bravely to the breeze in honor of his new son-in-law.

Lingerie is a term for women's underclothes.

The uniform was a dress with no underclothes, a chain around their ankle, stocking caps to mimic a prisonerโ€™s shaved head, and they were each assigned a prison number which became their new 'name'.