93 examples of underclothes in sentences

He had on only his underclothes that he had onwhen heleft home....

I took off my shoes and stockings and everything except my underclothes.

Here's my niece drives a taxicab and is proud of it, my own daughter designs underclothes and sells them at a shop in Sloane Street to any one who comes along, and my boy, who ought to go into the Guards, prefers to go into Roger Kendrick's office.

He always remembered Tump tramping away through the night to carry Cissie some underclothes and, if possible, to take her place in jail.

underclothes [underclothing], underpants, undershirt; slip

Oh, come and look at the cow, now, won't you?" They went out to look, and Isak was in his underclothes, but that was no matter.

And she had her loom besides; at all odd minutes she would slip into the little room and weave a couple of spools, making half-wool stuff for underclothes for the winter.

And if you could send me some stuff for underclothes, it would save me getting the things on credit."

And yes, his mother sent him stuffsent him remarkable quantities of stuff from time to time for underclothes.

He never spoke of it; he knew that Eleseus was his mother's darling, and how she cried over him and shook her head; but one piece of finely woven stuff went after another the same way, and he knew it was more than any living man could use for underclothes.

He was well equipped now; again his mother had given him a stock of woven stuff for underclothes, and his father had commissioned some one to hand him money as he went out of the door.

Out of the arcades of the Hotel de Crillon one man in a bath-robe and another in a suit of purple underclothes came running, to gaze calmly into the zenith until the "von" had gone.

But your underclothes we can get here.

Every summer he took her abroad, and showed her, and talked with her about, books, pictures, and buildings; he inoculated her with such fundamentals as that a lady never wears imitation lace on her underclothes, and the past of the verb to "eat" is pronounced to rhyme with "bet."

To sit and fall asleep there would be to place myself at the mercy of the other two spies, who might come and search me; and I was conscious of certain papers in an inner pocket, and of underclothes made in America, that might have given the game away.

"In the summer or when warm weather came each slave was given something, the women, linsey goods or gingham clothes, the men overalls, muslin shirts, top and underclothes, two pair of shoes, and a straw hat to work in.

They make their underclothes out of old bed linen.

What?" I met one subaltern at La Rue's who had been given so many commissions by his brother officers to bring back tobacco, soap, and underclothes that all his money save five francs was gone.

It is extraordinary that he did not waken us; but we slept undisturbed while the ox deliberately ate our shirts, socks, and underclothes!

"I always heard you fellows wore infant's underclothes, but I never believed it before!"

"I was dressing, and was in my underclothes, so it took me a minute, I should say, to get a pair of pantaloons on.

They were diligent in the chase in their underclothes; their tents were free from odour; and there was something resolute about a Tommy who was bare to the waist in that freezing wind, making an effort at a bath.

Sweaters and underclothes and overcoats almost new, and shiny old morning coats and trousers with holes in seat and knees might represent equal sacrifice on the part of some American three thousand miles away, and all were welcome.

Prudencia would have no use for more house-linen; but enough fine linen was made into underclothes to last her a lifetime.

Sending everything out of the windows,underclothes, ladies' bonnets, chairs, books, flower-pots, pictures, and then all the records, white and yellow and pink paper, all fluttering in the sun like so many butterflies.

93 examples of  underclothes  in sentences