96 examples of underestimates in sentences

" The success of my Gray's Inn lectures convinces me that Dr. Sarolea underestimates the interest in America and its history in England.

While the great story was still in the making, while the foundations were still being laid, it was impossible to correct all the annoying underestimates, all the ignorant or careless judgments, of people who took a point for the whole.

There is no danger that English thought will ever underestimate the value and meaning of the individual soul.

To underestimate one's thirst, to pass a given landmark to the right or left, to find a dry spring where one looked for running waterthere is no help for any of these things.

"Mademoiselle," said Lanyard in more formal vein, "I am sure, underestimates my capacity for appreciation.

Premature this might prove to be, but it seemed impossible to misunderstand the emotion under which the chief engineer was labouring or to underestimate its potential value to Lanyard.

It never pays to underestimate your enemy.

"You underestimate my courage," Wingate assured them with a smile.

overestimate &c 482; underestimate &c 483.

V. underrate, underestimate, undervalue, underreckon^; depreciate; disparage &c (detract) 934; not do justice to; misprize, disprize; ridicule &c 856; slight &c (despise) 930; neglect &c 460; slur over. make light of, make little of, make nothing of, make no account of; belittle; minimize, think nothing of; set no store by, set at naught; shake off as dewdrops from the lion's mane.

V. be unimportant &c adj.; not matter &c 642; go for nothing, matter nothing, signify nothing, matter little, matter little or nothing; not matter a straw &c n.. make light of &c (underestimate) 483; catch at straws &c (overestimate) 482.

I don't underestimate itwould have, at least, earned for me the privilege of remaining in this case until its conclusion," said Mr. Grimm steadily.

One view underestimates the power of the logical Idea, the other overestimates it.

While I do not underestimate the power of prayer, I say give me my ballot on election day that shall send pure men, good men, intelligent men, statesmen, instead of the modern politician, into our legislative halls.

We do not underestimate the gravity of the present crisis, and we agree that nothing should be done to exasperate it; but if the people of the Free States have been taught anything by the repeated lessons of bitter experience, it has been that submission is not the seed of conciliation, but of contempt and encroachment.

It is good to hear things like that though I think you underestimate your own strength.

" Morrison showed no interest in this vaguely phrased hypothesis, and returned to an earlier contention: "You underestimate," he said, "the amount of education and taste and time it takes to arrange that simple-looking vase of grasses, to appreciate your leaf-shadows.

I have tossed him in the air, to his own delight and to the consternation of his mother, who feared lest I should fail to catch him on his way down, or that I should underestimate the distance between the top of his head and the ceiling on his way up.

Simultaneously then, being yourself only a fool after all, you flatter me and underestimate my intelligence.

He's doing things, and the fact that they aren't just the kind of things I like doesn't make me fool enough to underestimate them or him.

One is liable to underestimate the width of crevasses where the magnitudes in general are great, I therefore stared at this one mighty keenly, estimating its width and the shape of the edge on the farther side, until I thought that I could jump it if necessary, but that in case I should be compelled to jump back from the lower side I might fail.

Others have such confidence in the strength of their virtue, such commanding arrogance of integrity, that, like a captain who underestimates the force of an enemy and overrates his own, they neglect to place a picket-guard on the outskirts of their moral camp, and in such an hour as they think not they are surprized and lost.

He never seeks to underestimate his strength.

He greatly underestimates the German element, which was important in West Virginia.

He always underestimates the Indian numbers and loss.

96 examples of  underestimates  in sentences