126 examples of underhand in sentences

If anything underhand was going on, if Henshaw was holding some threat over the girl or pursuing her with unwelcome attentions her brother, as her natural guardian, should be warned.

It was like him: only such a man can be capable of such an underhand act.

I don't know much of my father, but I can't believe that he would do anything underhand."

No one has forgotten those enterprises, favored underhand, then disavowed after failure, those filibustering expeditions in Central America and in the islands of Cuba.

obreptitious^, furtive, stealthy, feline; skulking &c v.; surreptitious, underhand, hole and corner; sly &c (cunning) 702; secretive, evasive; reserved, reticent, uncommunicative, buttoned up; close, close as wax; taciturn &c 585.

underhand, by stealth, like a thief in the night; stealthily &c adj.; behind the scenes, behind the curtain, behind one's back, behind a screen &c 530; incognito; in camera.

That is as I understand it, for the whole business has been done in an underhand way.

At the same time, an underhand cut service is very useful as a change.

Use the overhead service for choice, but have an underhand service ready at your commandit may come in very useful for a change.

He had, indeed, picked up his adversary's sword, and while he did not wish, in handing it to him, to prick him with it, or do him some such underhand injury, he did not think it at all necessary to sharpen the weapon before giving it back.

He delivered the ball underhand at a rapid rate.

A semi-overhand, side-spin service is best employed from the right court, and a sliced underhand shot is used from the left side (see fig.

In the trade this is generally regarded as a nasty underhand jab at the British cigar industry.

Such underhand satisfaction even a slave may permit himself towards his master.

"But women," he continued, "I must own I understand; Women are a contradictionhonorable and underhand Constant as the star Polaris, yet as changeable as Fate, Always flying what they long for, always seeking what they hate.

"I fancy he has learned the folly and danger of all underhand policy, and that he will put more faith in his friends for the rest of his life.

You are putting it in my mind there might be something underhand.

An underhand pass.

At the same time I must complain, that several indirect and underhand Practices have been made use of upon this Occasion.

He nick-named him "Rosebud;" he talked at him whenever he had an opportunity; he poisoned the minds of the gang of youngsters against him; he spread malicious reports about him; he diminished his popularity, and embittered his feelings, by every secret and underhand means which, lay in his power.

It may, of course, make itself odious by its modes of proceeding, by meanness and shabbiness and violence, by underhand and ignoble methods of misrepresentation and slander, or by cruelty and plain injustice; and then the odium of these things fairly falls upon it.

when by Gerrards plots I should have first been call'd to a strict accompt How, and which way I had consum'd that mass Of money, as they term it, in the War, Who underhand had by his Ministers Detracted my great action, made my faith And loyalty suspected, in which failing He sought my life by practice.

In all diplomatic work there must be a good deal of espionage and underhand dealing.

But she did not condescend to any stratagem or underhand attempt to violate the grave, which, had she been capable of admitting such an idea, might possibly have been accomplished by the aid of a resurrection-man.

" "It prevents an immense amount of discontent and ill-will and underhand work," said Raymond.

126 examples of  underhand  in sentences