64 examples of underline in sentences

" I looked again, and saw that some one had very carefully underlined certain words.

I underline the adjective "Free" here to set aside, once for all, any possible misconception that this modern idea of a League of Nations has any affinity to that Holy Alliance of the diplomatists, which set out to keep the peace of Europe so disastrously a century ago.

They underline and endorse the claim of German imperialism that this is a war for bare existence.

Underline that, it's good.

Underline that: it's straight goods.

attach importance to, ascribe importance to, give importance to &c n.; value, care for, set store upon, set store by; mark &c 550; mark with a white stone, underline; write in italics, put in italics, print in italics, print in capitals, print in large letters, put in large type, put in letters.

The party were in a cave, and yet we can hardly call it a cave; it appeared to be merely a huge underline in the side of the cliff, as it was open, as the guide said, facing Creedon Street.

Fitly underlined and sufficiently spaced, it was a statement calculated to awe, if only by its mendacity.

[On the right-hand margin, beside the paragraph about Mr. Henshaw, is written in the same hand, underlined:] He is not dead.

[the word "epistle" is underlined).

Underline (before and after the word or words it is wished to underline) . .

Underline (before and after the word or words it is wished to underline) . .

"I shall prove to you, gentlemen of the jury," said the Colonel, solemnly, drawing a Bible from his coat-tail pocket, "that the defendant, for the last twelve months, conducted an amatory correspondence with the plaintiff by means of underlined words of sacred writ and church psalmody, such as 'beloved,' 'precious,' and 'dearest,' occasionally appropriating whole passages which seemed apposite to his tender passion.

UNDERLINEThe underline of the head, viewed in profile, runs almost in a straight line from the corner of the lip to the corner of the jawbone, allowing for the fold of the lip, but with no loose skin to hang down.

Myron underlined the arrow.

He circled the numbers and underlined the messages.

" "Oh, I beg your pardon, sir," said the 'bus-conductor, and underlined the "beg" with the ting of her ticket-puncher.

Underline is a gentleman of some literary attainments, though not entirely divested of quackery; he is particularly noted for the emphasis he gives to certain points in his discourse, and though in some cases, perhaps, he is a little too prodigal of this kind of effect, yet we could not well do without him.

If Mr. Punch's awakening was gradual he at least recognised the dangerous elements in the Kaiser's character as far back as October, 1888, when he underlined Bismarck's warning against Caesarism.

You must pretend to know the salaries of all the employés in every establishment, and be able to describe the plot of every new piece the moment it is underlined.

In the second series of poems published, a facsimile of her handwritten poem which her editors titled "Renunciation" is given, and I here transcribe that manuscript as faithfully as I can, showing underlined words thus.

The traditional confrontation of rural vs. urban life is doubly underlined by two factors: first, the countryside operates generally on a use economy with pay for services largely in kind or by barter.

They are more or less accurate, but they underline the fact that for years on end the centers of western civilization concentrated their energies and devoted every means at their disposal to cripple or destroy fellow human beings and their habitations.

This last sentence was strongly underlined in a different ink from that used by the writer of the letter.

Underline the name of the candidate elected.

64 examples of  underline  in sentences