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64 examples of  underline  in sentences

64 examples of underline in sentences

In a boat were discovered two skeletons; and amongst other books a Bible, numerous passages in which were underlined, showing that these gallant men in their last hours had the comfort of God's Word to support them when earthly hopes had passed away.

" I looked again, and saw that some one had very carefully underlined certain words.

" "The underlining may have been done long ago," I hazarded.

"It might" the Colonel heavily underlined the possibility, but he came from Heaven knew where, after a life spent Heaven knew how.

And a hard task, to run through all these reports, pencil in hand, with the idea of underlining the essential facts!

I underline the adjective "Free" here to set aside, once for all, any possible misconception that this modern idea of a League of Nations has any affinity to that Holy Alliance of the diplomatists, which set out to keep the peace of Europe so disastrously a century ago.

They underline and endorse the claim of German imperialism that this is a war for bare existence.

As it was, absorbed in his inner torment, Monk was insensible to the peril that threatened his stilted but precious dignity, which he proceeded to parade, as it were underlining it with the eyebrows, to lend emphasis to his words.

Such was the care with which he read the scriptures, that, it being his custom to draw a line under any passage which he intended more nicely to consider, there was not a single word in his New Testament but was underlined; the same marks of attention appeared in his Old Testament, Psalter, and Breviary.

Underline that, it's good.

Underline that: it's straight goods.

[symbols accompanying written text to signify modified interpretation] keyboard symbols, printing symbols; [Symbols for emphasis], red letter, italics, sublineation^, underlining, bold font; jotting; note, annotation, reference; blaze, cedilla, guillemets^, hachure

attach importance to, ascribe importance to, give importance to &c n.; value, care for, set store upon, set store by; mark &c 550; mark with a white stone, underline; write in italics, put in italics, print in italics, print in capitals, print in large letters, put in large type, put in letters.

The party were in a cave, and yet we can hardly call it a cave; it appeared to be merely a huge underline in the side of the cliff, as it was open, as the guide said, facing Creedon Street.

You wish to imitate the sparrow, who, rising on light wing, underlines his words with a telegraph wire!

Fitly underlined and sufficiently spaced, it was a statement calculated to awe, if only by its mendacity.

[On the right-hand margin, beside the paragraph about Mr. Henshaw, is written in the same hand, underlined:] He is not dead.

[the word "epistle" is underlined).

There is a variant of the "conflict" theory which underlines the word "obstacles" in the above-quoted dictum of Brunetiรจre, and lays down the rule: "No obstacle, no drama."

He first defined it, and then he underlined the definition, in a perfectly natural and yet ingenious and skilful way.

Julie's passion for children is emphasized, Antonin's aversion from them is underlined.

Underline (before and after the word or words it is wished to underline) . .

Underline (before and after the word or words it is wished to underline) . .

A business-like elastic band encircled its covers, as a precaution against pages becoming loose with much turning; and inside you would have found scarcely a chapter unpencilled,texts underlined, and sermons of special helpfulness noted by date and preacher on the margin,the itinerary of a devout human soul on its way through this world to the next.

"I shall prove to you, gentlemen of the jury," said the Colonel, solemnly, drawing a Bible from his coat-tail pocket, "that the defendant, for the last twelve months, conducted an amatory correspondence with the plaintiff by means of underlined words of sacred writ and church psalmody, such as 'beloved,' 'precious,' and 'dearest,' occasionally appropriating whole passages which seemed apposite to his tender passion.

[149:1] Perhaps I should explain that this was made by underlining the points of resemblance between the Gospels in different coloured pencil and reckoning up the results at the end of each section.

UNDERLINEThe underline of the head, viewed in profile, runs almost in a straight line from the corner of the lip to the corner of the jawbone, allowing for the fold of the lip, but with no loose skin to hang down.

Myron underlined the arrow.

He circled the numbers and underlined the messages.

I've underlined them.

Two other pieces evidently mean 'left him,' and 'right away,' perhaps; but there is another, containing almost all of the words 'hate his,' with the word 'hate' underlined.

" "Oh, I beg your pardon, sir," said the 'bus-conductor, and underlined the "beg" with the ting of her ticket-puncher.

And when he came to Hunnicott's cipher with the thrice-underlined "RUSH" written across its face, and had marked the hour of its handing in, he had the good sense to hang up the entire wire business of the railroad until the thing was safely out of his office.

This drove Clara to resolve a great resolve, and she wrote Schumann: "Twice has my father in his letters underlined the words: 'Never will I give my consent.'

In the extracts which I have given from Mr. Dodgson's Journal and Correspondence it will be noticed that Italics have been somewhat freely employed to represent the words which he underlined.

It is Everyman who must be the saviour of the State in a modern community; we cannot shift our share in the burthen; and here again, I think, is something that may well be underlined and emphasised.

Underline is a gentleman of some literary attainments, though not entirely divested of quackery; he is particularly noted for the emphasis he gives to certain points in his discourse, and though in some cases, perhaps, he is a little too prodigal of this kind of effect, yet we could not well do without him.

"When learning the numbers from 12 to 20, they appeared to be vertically above the 12 of the clock, and you will see from the enclosed sketch that the most prominent numbers which I have underlined all occur in the multiplication table.

Those doubly underlined are the most prominent

F. G.], and just now I caught myself doing what I did not anticipateafter doubly underlining some of the numbers, I found that all the multiples of 12 except 84 are so marked.

If Mr. Punch's awakening was gradual he at least recognised the dangerous elements in the Kaiser's character as far back as October, 1888, when he underlined Bismarck's warning against Caesarism.

" The point of the underlining of "my" is to distinguish Lamb's letter from Margaret's, which chance to face one another in the MS.

The words underlined in the text are in the Cardinal's autograph on the margin of the manuscript.

Underlining words, in preparing manuscripts, to denote Italics &c. Understood, words said, in technical phrase, to be, what such, (Lat., subaudita) Ungrammatical language by which grammar itself is professedly taught, sample from MURR.; from PINNEO;

"Without ideals so far as one can read him," wrote Winona in her journal, underlining the indictment and closing it with three bold exclamation points.

I should say mainly on the principle of sudden contrasts; that is, large members with very little curve bound with members very small in detail, thus obtaining sharp lines, having little surface to be influenced or distorted by the veined markings, and serving to sharpen up and give form to the broader members (which show the color qualities of the marble), much as you sharpen up an ink drawing by underlining.

Come unto me, ran one of the underlined passages, all ye that are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,and I thought how strange it was that she whose face was so calm and still should have needed to mark that.

This effected his transfer to the Reformatory hospital and underlined the remark of the Inspector in the Visitors' Book to the effect that one Moussa Isa would commit suicide or murder, if kept at Duri, and would certainly not be "reformed" in any way.

About Mr. Snooks she simply wrote on the fifth page that she was glad Fanny had seen him, and that if he should ask after her, she was to be remembered to him very kindly (underlined).

He underlined it.

" The words which I have underlined are printed in Italics in my edition of the work (London, 12mo.

It was a second pilgrimage, an underlining of the essentials of the first.

You must pretend to know the salaries of all the employรฉs in every establishment, and be able to describe the plot of every new piece the moment it is underlined.

When I first opened my Bible to type the above Scriptures I saw this Scripture that I had underlined in my Bible, which at one time impressed me greatly.

In the second series of poems published, a facsimile of her handwritten poem which her editors titled "Renunciation" is given, and I here transcribe that manuscript as faithfully as I can, showing underlined words thus.

Words and phrases in italics are surrounded with underlines.

Such conclusions, based on history, are underlined by current experience with the over-ballyhooed, over-priced variant of the life pattern which signs itself western civilization.

The traditional confrontation of rural vs. urban life is doubly underlined by two factors: first, the countryside operates generally on a use economy with pay for services largely in kind or by barter.

They are more or less accurate, but they underline the fact that for years on end the centers of western civilization concentrated their energies and devoted every means at their disposal to cripple or destroy fellow human beings and their habitations.

Another was underlined twice 'Call on Professor Gottner.'

This last sentence was strongly underlined in a different ink from that used by the writer of the letter.

Underline the name of the candidate elected.

We would respectfully suggest that a comma is not designed to answer every purpose, and that the underlining of every second or third word adds nothing to the eloquence or clearness of a letter, however certain it may be to provoke an unflattering smile upon the lips of the reader.

But I suspect from the phrase "one more," and the underlining of the word one, that she had already received from him more than one photograph, and was ashamed to make yet another application.