1299 examples of underneath in sentences

Leaving, I continued my tour 'round the house, finding little else of interest; save at the back, where I came across the piece of piping I had torn from the wall, lying among the long grass underneath the broken window.

When it happens that I challenge any one, to point me out the least Expression of what some have made their Discourse, they cry, That Mr. Leigh opens his Night Gown, when he comes into the Bride-chamber; if he do, which is a Jest of his own making, and which I never saw, I hope he has his Cloaths on underneath?

Underneath it all the truth was growing, namely, the need of making associations and so unifying the children's lines.

She went into the silent room, which was so familiar and dear, and waited like a mother long separated from her child, with a faint doubt trembling on the surface of her mind, yet a quaint, joyful confidence underneath in the force of nature.

All she came across was a marked verse that went something like this: "A book of verse underneath a bough, A Jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou Beside me sitting in the wilderness Oh, wilderness is Paradise enow.

The wicked weed which there the Foxe did lay From underneath his head he tooke away, And then him, waking, forced up to rize.

Now, as the sun grew very hot, And he a heavy gun had got, He lay down underneath a tree And went to sleep, as you may see.

Here you see him, silly fellow, Underneath his red umbrella.

"I was tidying up down aft and I found a 'ole in the underneath side of 'is mattress and I shoved it in there, and poked it in with a bit o' stick.

Beyond these columns at the end is a grove of large transplanted trees forming a roof of leaves, but admitting light underneath, as that is entirely cut off by the high walls on the sides.

In the middle of the great dusty market-place some stunted locust trees were hanging their faint, dried foliage, and from far off one could already see that underneath these miserable trees a tall, handsome, young man and a huge, plump dark-brown, growling bear were hugging each other.

As I hurriedly finished my dressing, I heard the rattle of a shower of missiles as they struck the house; and looking out I saw that the crust was already being cut through by this grinding process; and as the wind got a purchase under the crust, it was torn up in great flakes as if blown up by a thousand explosions from underneath.

Instinctively, as he sat on the bed, he pushed his bare foot backwards till his heel touched a wooden object that stood underneath.

We don't stop to think whether we know them or not; but they are underneath the things we feel, and the things we do.

The napkins were underneath, and mixed up; while he stooped and fumbled, she had the ruffled petticoat off over her head.

" The ordinary cellar underneath the dwelling house is too warm and damp for the proper preservation of fruit, and some other place should be provided if possible.

A fruit cellar should be underneath some other building rather than the dwelling, or a fruit house may be built entirely above the ground.

Heat slowly, boil fifteen minutes or longer till a silver fork can be easily passed through the pieces; can in the usual way and seal; or, fill the cans with the halved peaches, and place them in a boiler of warm water with something underneath to avoid breaking; cook until perfectly tender.

Oh, how blessed to be one so sheltered, so shielded, underneath the good hand of my God!

Then the general outcry and forward rush came too late; the two crashed together and fell, Agricola above, the f.m.c. below, and a long knife lifted up from underneath sank to its hilt, oncetwicethrice,in the old man's back.

She had apprehended almost instantaneously that whatever their motives were underneath, her future husband's family were going to act the part of receiving her for herself.

"Your niece is the most interesting personality I have ever met; but, underneath, something is making her unhappy, I am sure.

It haunted her and rang in her head; and yet, underneath, a wild excitement coursed in her blood.

When policemen touch me on the shoulder and ask me to go quietly; when I drag old gentlemen from underneath motor-'buses, and they decide to adopt me on the spot; on all the important occasions when one really wants a card, I never have one with me.

With soap ad libitum you sought to dabble us; But when I told you we must leave the flat Did I not notice; underneath the spat, The bifurcated boot that marks Diabolus? I know that in a brief while you'll have found The house I wanted (sic), superbly roomy, With a fine view and every comfort crowned, A short three minutes from the Underground; Also I know that you are safe to "do" me.

1299 examples of  underneath  in sentences