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1299 examples of  underneath  in sentences

1299 examples of underneath in sentences

Leaving, I continued my tour 'round the house, finding little else of interest; save at the back, where I came across the piece of piping I had torn from the wall, lying among the long grass underneath the broken window.

Underneath, the world loomed dimlyan indistinct, ghostly region.

" When they sighted timber that commended itself to the woodman, if he thought well of it, why, he just dropped the sled-rope without a word, pulled the axe out of the lashing, trudged up the hillside, holding the axe against his shirt underneath his parki, till he reached whatever tree his eye had marked for his own.

When it happens that I challenge any one, to point me out the least Expression of what some have made their Discourse, they cry, That Mr. Leigh opens his Night Gown, when he comes into the Bride-chamber; if he do, which is a Jest of his own making, and which I never saw, I hope he has his Cloaths on underneath?

Underneath it all the truth was growing, namely, the need of making associations and so unifying the children's lines.

She went into the silent room, which was so familiar and dear, and waited like a mother long separated from her child, with a faint doubt trembling on the surface of her mind, yet a quaint, joyful confidence underneath in the force of nature.

The great mass of iron used in the work chanced to be raised to the top of the framework, and in the space underneath, between the timbers was a cozy niche in which to sit and eat.

Outside, underneath and adjoining the same tower, is a small modern (1843) chapel.

The French flag was fixed against a tree, and painted on a board underneath it were the familiar words, "dรฉbit de tabac," with an arrow or two pointing round the corner, but no tobacco shop was in sight.

We considered ourselves amply repaid for our choice as we wound underneath the rocky crags and by the side of the river, anon ascending the curve of a small hill with the fresh fields below, a little church or ivied ruin standing out on the mountain-side, and high above all, the snowy summits so majestic

She tried to trip him, but when they struck the ground she was underneath.

Underneath the roof of this foliage were more than a score of whiskey-casks.

She has so many gold rings on her fingers that you can't see the dirt underneath; and she owns so many brothels and wine-shops that she can even buy off the tax-collectors.

Now any weapons underneath that tunic?" Sullenly Narcissus held his arms up and submitted to be searched.

Behold your opportunity!" Pertinax strode toward him, clutching at a dagger underneath his tunic.

If he had been up there, and strong enough, and had seen a man walking underneath, he would certainly have thrown the stone at him and killed him.

Underneath their clumsy-looking upper-works, the lines were true and sharp; and but the other day, when the world's clippers were stooping their lithe racehorse-like forms to the seas in the great ocean sweepstakes, the fleetest of all wasa Dutchman.

All she came across was a marked verse that went something like this: "A book of verse underneath a bough, A Jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou Beside me sitting in the wilderness Oh, wilderness is Paradise enow.

The wicked weed which there the Foxe did lay From underneath his head he tooke away, And then him, waking, forced up to rize.

He calls not the variety of the world chances, for his meditation hath travelled over them, and his eye, mounted upon his understanding, seeth them as things underneath.

It had evidently been given to him when a boy, and underneath the name was written this verse: 'Open Thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy law.'

She did not see Willan lying on the ground underneath, and she did not think that Willan might be hearing her song; and yet was her head full of Willan Blaycke as she went down the staircase, and not a little did she quake at the thought of seeing him below.

I never yet saw enemy that lookt So dreadful, but that I thought my self As great a Basilisk as he; or spake So horribly, but that I thought my tongue Bore Thunder underneath, as much as his: Nor beast that I could turn from: shall I then Begin to fear sweet sounds?

The pair came cautiously out of the bushes immediately underneath the tree which Holman and I had climbed to obtain a view of the surface of the table two nights before, and they crossed the clearing with hesitating steps.

The face underneath is the same, no matter what mask may be worn.

If the company is not here on your return you will find a note for you underneath this rail.

He had taken up some bricks in his floor underneath his loom, and here he had made a hole in which he set the iron pot that contained his guineas and silver coins, covering the bricks with sand whenever he replaced them.

At this season they seek the low grounds in the prairies where there is a little stagnant water lying amongst the grass, and the ground underneath, being saturated, is soft.

From Bas-reliefs discovered in Paris in 1711 underneath the Choir of Notre-Dame.]

Yet underneath their mist seemed to sparkle little points of light, as wavelets through a vapour which veils the surface of the sea.

Then from the pouch that dangled on his back, His only jav'lin, with his utmost might, Discharged, that so enraged the maddened beast, With fury rushing, that his writhing trunk Had all but touched the rider and his horse In one embrace to crush them both; but soon The keen-eyed youth the danger saw, and spurred His horse, which bounded o'er the stream, when lo! Two arrows crossed each other underneath.

Now, therefore, let a silken veil be drawn, And underneath a bowl of oil be placed, And the reflection of thy face therein Let Bukka see and Timmaraj be saved.

A thousand scurrying noises swirled about her; a multitude of squeaks, whistles, snorts, and whines attested that she disturbed the forest creatures at their varied businesses; and underneath spoke an apparent dozen of terrifying voices which were in reality only the winds and the trees.

"Still two miles of straight track, between A and B. On the track a long platform car, reaching from A to within a quarter of a mile of B. We will now discard ordinary locomotives and adopt as our motive power a series of compact magnetic engines, distributed underneath the platform car, all along its length.

As though further to convince me that I had not been dreaming, I remember that it was a long time before I fell again into a troubled and restless sleep; and even then only the upper crust of me slept, and underneath there was something that never quite lost consciousness, but lay alert and on the watch.

" On the floor underneath the pile was a little, flat, battered tin trunk, pathetically old-fashioned and out of place among its more stylish neighbors; it was the kind of trunk Paul had seen in his mother's front room on the farm.

You have a heart like a girl underneath that saturnine front of yours, and while you look like the Sphinx, you are really as much of a kid at heart as I am.

"It was the best residence quarter of the fifties, but the 'unkindest cut' of Second Street, which brought no good to anyone, not even its commercial promoters, left it a place of the 'butt ends of streets,' as Stevenson says, and inaccessible, square-edged, perpendicular lots whose only value lies buried underneath them.

she cried, "Grit warn't dirty underneath!"

"Who sees underneath?" came the voice of the man.

"Grit," she moaned, "Grit sees underneath."

"I'm cleanI'm clean underneath."

The usual smile of ecstatic admiration spread over Jules's features as he touched the match to the simulated wicks, and lighted into life the rainbows in the prisms underneath.

Down the glen ripples the little creek underneath an arch of fragrant shrubs twined with the slender tendrils of wild hop-vines.

Underneath the joists, that bound the rafters of the roof together, lay a corpse, wrapped in a boatsail, on which was clumsily written with charcoal, "The body of John Deadeye, Esq., late commander of his Britannic Majesty's sloop Torch.

This brought them close to the window, but again he was swiftly drawn underneath.

But underneath the flowery sod, By happy peasant children trod, A hero's ashes lay.

All the floors in the building are made fire-proof, generally by being arched with brick; but that of the Library is rendered secure from fire by the ceilings of the vestibules underneath being formed of real stone, supported on iron girders and bearers, and divided into panels and compartments after the manner of the roofs of the peristyles of the ancient temples.

And underneath a cold indifference, Or show of some distaste, husbands have mask'd A growing fondness for a female friend, Which the wife's eye was sharp enough to see Before the friend had wit to find it out.

UNDERNEATH is a compound of under and neath, low; whence nether, lower. 54.

Thou knowest well, how here with us in Schwytz All worthy men are groaning underneath This Gessler's grasping, grinding tyranny.

And like a flock of birds they went flying up the stairs over the landings of multi-colored tiles with their chipped glaze, disclosing the red brick underneath.

The sailor grinned at the mere thought of putting that Hindenburg underneath his own counter....

Somewhere underneath that brick outbuilding was an opening down into the earth, like a dry well, some fifteen or twenty feet deep.

She was the bud, that underneath our strong And sheltering arms, spread over her, did blow.

Mr. Doty, at a children's meeting in the afternoon, asked us whether we would come to help in the missionary work, and asked us to write down the question and think and pray about it, and when we had made up our minds to write an answer underneath the question.

He was so old that his brown coat was bald in patches and showed the seams underneath, and most of the hairs in his tail had been pulled out to string bead necklaces.

He is feeling all she is feeling; He is down in her sorrow with her; He has got underneath the burden, and He is feeling all the agony that that woman feels because her boy is dead.

Underneath New York.

With eight teeth standing out, with eyes of coppery hue, and with the hair of his head blazing and standing erect, the fiend looked like a mass of clouds reflecting the rays of the sun or mingled with lightning flashes and graced with flocks of cranes underneath on their wings.

Then he jumped off the porch and hid underneath it, one end being open.

Even the services themselves are a dreary business, because he insists on the whole thing being choral; and little boys in short cassocks, with stocking-legs underneath, howl the responses and monotone the prayers to the accompaniment of a loud raw organ.

Whatever ter be made underneath de ground like turnips, potatoes, onions is ter be planted by de dark of de moon.

Now, as the sun grew very hot, And he a heavy gun had got, He lay down underneath a tree And went to sleep, as you may see.

Here you see him, silly fellow, Underneath his red umbrella.

"I was tidying up down aft and I found a 'ole in the underneath side of 'is mattress and I shoved it in there, and poked it in with a bit o' stick.

Beyond these columns at the end is a grove of large transplanted trees forming a roof of leaves, but admitting light underneath, as that is entirely cut off by the high walls on the sides.

In the middle of the great dusty market-place some stunted locust trees were hanging their faint, dried foliage, and from far off one could already see that underneath these miserable trees a tall, handsome, young man and a huge, plump dark-brown, growling bear were hugging each other.

Self-preservation is the law of Nature, and when Mr. Scutts's legs and back gave way he saw to it that the doctor was underneath.

Jules dug the little trench according to Joyce's directions, and laid the iron grating which she had borrowed from the cook across it, and built the fire underneath.

As I hurriedly finished my dressing, I heard the rattle of a shower of missiles as they struck the house; and looking out I saw that the crust was already being cut through by this grinding process; and as the wind got a purchase under the crust, it was torn up in great flakes as if blown up by a thousand explosions from underneath.

Instinctively, as he sat on the bed, he pushed his bare foot backwards till his heel touched a wooden object that stood underneath.

Then he pushed the point of the wire down underneath the covering.

There, face to face, stood the two women who were to make my life, ruling it between them, as it were, striking it out between the impact of their natures, as underneath the blows of two smiths upon the ringing anvil the iron, hissing hot, becomes a sword or a ploughshare.

Were I as eager to answer me, I might say: 'Ah, false flower, you grow out of the foulness underneath.

We don't stop to think whether we know them or not; but they are underneath the things we feel, and the things we do.

The napkins were underneath, and mixed up; while he stooped and fumbled, she had the ruffled petticoat off over her head.

The cake may be cooked slowly, until well done throughout, or, as the portion underneath becomes well browned the first browned crust may be peeled off with a knife, and the cake again turned.

" The ordinary cellar underneath the dwelling house is too warm and damp for the proper preservation of fruit, and some other place should be provided if possible.

A fruit cellar should be underneath some other building rather than the dwelling, or a fruit house may be built entirely above the ground.

Heat slowly, boil fifteen minutes or longer till a silver fork can be easily passed through the pieces; can in the usual way and seal; or, fill the cans with the halved peaches, and place them in a boiler of warm water with something underneath to avoid breaking; cook until perfectly tender.

A dish to receive the juice should be placed underneath the bag, which should first be wrung out of hot water, and the scalded fruit, a small quantity at a time, turned in; then with two large spoons press the sides of the bag well, moving the fruit around in the bag to get out all the juice, and removing the pressed pulp and skins each time before putting in a fresh supply of the hot fruit.

Oh, how blessed to be one so sheltered, so shielded, underneath the good hand of my God!

"That looks like 'A book of verses underneath the bough,' with Fatima or Lalla Rookh, or the like, eh?"

Then the general outcry and forward rush came too late; the two crashed together and fell, Agricola above, the f.m.c. below, and a long knife lifted up from underneath sank to its hilt, oncetwicethrice,in the old man's back.

Such is in reality the folly of turning the sober statements of Biblical prose writers into allegories, parables, symbols, types; and of finding underneath the plainest meanings a double, triple and quadruple sense.

It was a common piece of paper with two coloured figures on it taking hands and smiling; underneath, in a clear and careful hand, was written

" Two voices were heard to parley at a distance, great excitement prevailed up in Parliament, excepting in the mind of Anastasia, whose notion of her own part in this ceremony of hiding was that she must keep her little feet very even and close together beside Johnnie's great ones; so she took no notice, though hasty footsteps were heard, and a voice spoke underneath, "Whereabout can young Mortimer be?

Johnnie's face grew radiant as these two went off to search the fir-wood, but nobody dared to speak or stir, for Swan was still close underneath, so close that they could hear him grumbling to himself over the laziness of a woman who had been hired to weed the walks for him, and was slowly scratching them at a good distance.

To her standing stricken underneath, it seemed to explode somewhere in the roof with a shock beyond all artillery,to tear up the ground under her feet, like the spasm of an earthquake,to rend the walls, like lightning's electric finger; and to shriek in her ringing brain the advent of some implacable and dreadful judgment, but not the doom of all men,only one, which doom, alas!

"What's this written underneath?"

A large pile of stones, with a hollow place underneath for a fire, stood in one end of the room, and a series of broad steps, which did not seem to lead anywhere, occupied the other.

They were columns of smoke, sixty or seventy feet in height, over the chimneys of Yakut farmhouses; and they stood so vertically in the cold, motionless air of the arctic night that they were lighted up, to their very summits, by the hearth-fires underneath.

But I felt that what ineptitude there was, was only superficial; good, strong manhood lay underneath.

" [Sidenote: Keep your patient's cup dry underneath.

She had apprehended almost instantaneously that whatever their motives were underneath, her future husband's family were going to act the part of receiving her for herself.

"Your niece is the most interesting personality I have ever met; but, underneath, something is making her unhappy, I am sure.

It haunted her and rang in her head; and yet, underneath, a wild excitement coursed in her blood.

When policemen touch me on the shoulder and ask me to go quietly; when I drag old gentlemen from underneath motor-'buses, and they decide to adopt me on the spot; on all the important occasions when one really wants a card, I never have one with me.

With soap ad libitum you sought to dabble us; But when I told you we must leave the flat Did I not notice; underneath the spat, The bifurcated boot that marks Diabolus? I know that in a brief while you'll have found The house I wanted (sic), superbly roomy, With a fine view and every comfort crowned, A short three minutes from the Underground; Also I know that you are safe to "do" me.