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52 examples of undersize in sentences

"As to products, there seems to be plenty of undersized timber, plenty of snow and plenty of river, and, as far as I can see, just nothing else.

"You thoroughly understand your part in the joke, don't you?" "Don't h'I, thoughjust, sir!" laughed the undersized Englishman, and strolled away.

As the three stood apart they were joined by the undersized Englishman, who touched his hat to them with a show of great respect.

" With only a single backward glance at the young midshipmen, the undersized Englishman was already leading the way.

What's this boy like?" "An undersized putty-faced brat with a big head.

' Keats was an undersized man, little more than five feet high.

He was little, almost undersized, but a knot of muscle, a keen-faced youth with Irish blood in him.

If the bony container is or becomes too small for its contents, it is interesting that along with the other signs of pituitary insufficiency, such as undersize, obesity, and asymmetry, there developes conspicuous moral and intellectual inferiority.

Individuals oversized or undersized either belong to the pituitary type, or if hyphenated, have the pituitary as one of the dominants in their composition.

Tall and slender, or generally undersized, the muscles are soft and flabby as a woman's.

Esther was of a dark complexion, a true brunette and very sturdy; Angelica the brightest red and the most exactly like her mother; while Selwyn was the smallest cub, of a very prying, inquisitive and cunning temper, but delicate and undersized.

On an expedition to Sotherton Court (Mr. Rushworth's place) he flirted with Julia on the way down, and with Maria when Sotherton was reached, leaving poor Mr. Rushworth no resource but to declare to Fanny his surprise at anyone calling so undersized a man as his rival handsome.

Looked at with cold, unimaginative eyes, it might have been considered lopsided; undersized it undoubtedly was.

Knowing the requirements of their barbarian customers, these early merchants from Tyre and Sidon are believed to have brought some of the larger pugnaces, which would be readily accepted by the Britons to supplant, or improve, their courageous but undersized fighting dogs.

But tell me, doctor, confidentialsh!step here a leetle further backtell me, don't you think he's to say a leetle bit undersized? Speak out, ef he is.

The Hurons are described as having formerly been a people of large stature, while those of the present day in Lower Canada are usually rather undersized than otherwise, like their habitant neighbors.

She also was of the yellow variety with the suspicious and spiteful look of an undersized black Belgian police dog.

Played it from the moment he entered his house until the moment he daily disappeared, astride the vixenish undersized cayuse.

But the dried lucerne and other artificial grasses with which they are supplied must afford them sufficient nourishment, as they are generally in very good working condition; they are undersized, but very sure-footed; it is indeed astonishing over what fearful ground they will carry their riders.

The underfed, undersized boy did not look more than fourteen.

"Hush it!" cried Mr. Kantor, his free hand raised in threat of descent and cowering his small son to still more undersized proportions.

The Fishery Branch deals with questions relating to the natural history and diseases of fish, fish-hatcheries and laboratories, the protection of undersized fish, the effect of methods of capture, international investigations, and grants in aid of fishery research.

Private Nigg, an undersized youth of bashful disposition, creeps forlornly about his duties disguised as an imitation leopard.

; the people are undersized, pastoral, and devoted to their Aryan faith, which here has its last stronghold, not organised politically, but united in their love of independence and hatred of Mohammedanism.

That portion of the French army which I have seenat Longchamps, Châlons-sur-Marne, Saumur, and at various other placesare, as a rule, undersized, badly dressed, and badly groomed.

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