1485 examples of undoes in sentences

How, what's here?my Lady with the Spark that courted her last Night?humwith her again so soon?Well, this Impudence and Importunity undoes more City-Wives than all their unmerciful Finery.

Now and then a man exquisitely made can live alone, and must but coop up most men, and you undo them.

He is never tiresome as Chapman is, who, when he has said a fine thing, seems often to set himself to undo the effect.

She did not see his face, but recognized him by his ears, because they were like his uncle's, then ordered the servant to undo his braces for fear he should choke.

take a better spirit; Be not so timorous to rehearse your wrongs: I say, your husband haunts bad company, Swaggerers, cheaters, wanton courtesans; There he defiles his body, stains his soul, Consumes his wealth, undoes himself and you In danger of diseases, whose vile names Are not for any honest mouths to speak, Nor any chaste ears to receive and hear.

Conscious also of his own violence in attempting to break or subdue the inflexible primate, he was not displeased to undo that measure which had given his enemies such advantage against him; and he was contented that the controversy should terminate in that ambiguous manner, which was the utmost that princes, in those ages, could hope to attain in their disputes with the see of Rome.

[Footnote 4: undoes, frustrates, destroys.]

It will hurt him as nothing has ever hurt him if you now undo that work of his life.

Henry IV., when he gave toleration to the Huguenots, never dreamed that his successors would undo his work.

Eleonora Doe not looke on me; turne those eyes away, They would betray thee to thy sorrow; or Lett me by parting carry along with me That which to know undoes thee.

He can be no man's friend, for all men he hath most interest in he undoes.

He turneth all gnats into camels, and cares not to undo the world for a circumstance.

He loses his friend in a fit of quarrelling, and in a fit of kindness undoes himself; and then curses the occasion drew this mischief upon him, and cries God mercy for it, and curses again.

He undoes a man with the same privilege as a doctor kills him, and is paid as well for it as if he preserved him, in which he is very impartial, but in nothing else.

Afterwards, we come to look with regret upon that lost state of painlessness; it is a paradise which we have gambled away; it is no longer with us, and we long in vain to undo what has been done.

" [Sidenote: The Lady Vivien undoes her enchantment]

Each lapse is like the letting fall of a ball of yarn that is being wound; a single slip undoes more than a great many turns will wind again.

It is necessary above all things never to lose a battle; every gain on the wrong side undoes the effects of many conquests on the right.

He undoes our drift

Mrs. James, meanwhile, to make herself more at home, now that tea is finished, undoes her bonnet-strings with a tug, and lets them hang.

In these, y is changed into i; and, to both o and i, est and es are added without increase of syllables: as, I go, thou goest, he goes; I undo, thou undoest, he undoes; I fly, thou fliest, he flies; I pity, thou pitiest, he pities.

[He radiantly undoes his basket, and displays a honeycomb.

The matter and its guarantee are the two parts of a revelation, the absence of either of which neutralises and undoes it.

After about ten days the magician comes and undoes the spell by muttering charms and breathing on her and on the more valuable of the things with which she has come in contact.

It is often as terse as Pope's best work; but it is too long; its wit wearies us at last, and it undoes the force of its attacks on the Puritans by its exaggeration" (1612-1680).

1485 examples of  undoes  in sentences