56 examples of unenviable in sentences

With your knowledge of the law I need scarcely remind you that the facts as you have just recounted them place you in a rather unenviable position.

PUNCHINELLO gives a glad farewellwith no thought of saying au revoirto the French follies that have given the French theatre so unenviable a reputation; and he waves his pointed hat in joyful welcome to SEEBACH and her German friends who have made the Fourteenth Street theatre a temple of the classic drama.

"In this unenviable competition for the prize of hate, Turkey, too, has a word to say, for the unspeakable Turk' is a rhetorical commonplace of English politics.

This perfidy of the porters placed us in a very unenviable position; the train was due to start, the ladies were in the carriage, but the luggage was in a pile at the other side of the station, and

Our hero's abode at the former place was very probably merely that of a traveller; he left there, as we shall soon see, a very unenviable reputation.

Simon Craft was in a most unenviable mood.

That client, either through ignorance or deception, has been the means of placing me in a false and unenviable light before the court and before this community, in the suit which has just closed.

But it has certainly contributed to her unenviable prominence in the 'race of armaments' which all thinking men have condemned as an insupportable, tax upon Western civilization, and which has aggravated all the evils that it was intended to avert.

An unenviable notoriety in this respect attached to William Maule (created Baron Panmure 1831).

They were rebelling against the speaker; and, of all mortals, I never saw one in a more unenviable position than he.

Now, not merely does slavery exist in that District, but it exists there under statutes so barbarous and cruel that the neighbouring slave States have actually abolished the like within the bounds of their separate jurisdiction, leaving to the free States the unenviable responsibility of enforcing laws too horrible for kidnappers.

The kind old Colonel was placed in the most difficult and unenviable position.

As, however, the talk invariably abated at my approach, giving place to uncomplimentary glances in my direction, I could not but infer that public opinion had assigned me an unenviable part in the piece.

Then, indeed, in a most unenviable state of mind, she repined at the disgrace which Theo had brought upon them, and charged Maggie repeatedly to keep it a secret from Mrs. Jeffrey and Anna, the first of whom made many inquiries concerning the family, which she supposed of course was very aristocratic.

His bearers would have fought, but Cicero forbade them, and one Herennius has the unenviable notoriety of being his murderer.

Englishmen have never been charged with a want of spirit; on the contrary, they are proverbially "plucky," and yet the House is never disgraced by those shameful brawls which have given to our legislative assemblies, state and national, so unenviable a reputation throughout the civilized world.

" In Parliament Ireland is beginning to suffer from a rival in unenviable notoriety.

Add the stress of sighted failure of our whole plan, and anyone must find the circumstances unenviable.

He was weary of the contest, and eager for the termination of the tragic drama in which he played so unenviable a part.

He replied that he had, and thought them very shocking; the writer must have a very unenviable mind, &c., and then, having thus sacrificed to propriety, after a moment's pause he added, "But if you ask me if they are like poor Newman, I am bound to saya photograph.

If he had adhered to the letter of his instructions from England, the position of the Loyalists would have been a most unenviable one.

Between Tate, Shadwell, Eusden, and Pye lies the unenviable distinction of being the worst of the laureates of England.

And we shall be placed in a very unenviable position if Sir Gilbert Carstairs turns up with a perfectly good explanation of all this mystery.

A specimen of this will be often referred to in the course of this account, being that which has attained such an unenviable degree of notoriety in the Poultry.

HAWKINS, SIR JOHN, an English navigator and admiral, born at Plymouth; was rear-admiral of the fleet sent against the Armada and contributed to its defeat; has the unenviable distinction of having been the first Englishman to traffic in slaves, which he carried off from Africa and imported into the West Indies (1530-1595).

56 examples of  unenviable  in sentences