69 examples of unfading in sentences

In beauty each of them at once appeared venerable as soon as it was built; but even at the present day the work looks as fresh as ever, for they bloom with an eternal freshness which defies time, and seems to make the work instinct with an unfading spirit of youth.

To decorate the walls with unfading pictures, Nicholas founded an establishment for mosaic work, where sixty pictures were commanded, each demanding, after all artistic labor, the mechanical labor of two men for four years.

True Charity, a plant divinely nursed, Fed by the love from which it rose at first, Thrives against hope, and, in the rudest scene, Storms but enliven its unfading green; Exub'rant is the shadow it supplies, Its fruit on earth, its growth above the skies.

But that Ally was the most to be pitied there was also no denying, for she could remember with unfading vividness being the centre of love, the one special darling in one home, and now she hadn't even one home, and was nobody's darling.

The martyrs are objects of unfading veneration, because they died for Christianity.

At a period of further advancement, but with little accession of strength, it not only sustained with honor the most unequal of conflicts, but covered itself and our country with unfading glory.

They seem to me very happy along whose gallery the sunlight streams to their very feet, striking all the pictured walls into unfading splendor.

Far beyond the furthest sky, Never seen by mortal eye, Heaven in dazzling beauty lies, An unfading paradise.

But it was little Story, the quarter-back, who won unfading glory.

Here, when the barb'rous northern race, Dire foes to every muse, and grace, Had doom'd the banish'd arts to roam The lovely wand'rers found a home; And shed round Leo's triple crown Unfading rays of bright renown.

The fascination of it, however, admits of no denial, even on the part of those newly making its acquaintance; while those who in childhood or youth roam over its wild fells, and feel the spell of its brooding mystery, retain in their hearts for all time an unfading remembrance of its magic charm.

But the unfading artificial retina which has looked upon them retains their impress, and a fresh sunbeam lays this on the living nerve as if it were radiated from the breathing shape.

This thought once form'd, all counsel comes too late, He flies to press, and hurries on his fate; Swiftly he sees the imagined laurels spread, And feels the unfading wreath surround his head.

The Aonian grove with rapture would I tread, To crop unfading wreaths for William's head, But that my strain, unheard amidst the throng, Must yield to Lockman's ode, and Hambury's song.

Should signs of mortal feud be found; Why seek with such vain gauds to wean Our thoughts from holier relics 'round? More fitting emblems here abound Of glory's bright, unfading wreath; Conquests, with purer triumphs crowned; Proud victories over Sin and Death!

The ensuing letter, though very short, discloses one or two instances connected with a subject of unfading interestthe death of Mary Queen of Scots.

She was far from being a democrat not only in her social ideas but also in her political ideas; unless a religious meaning is given to the closing lines of her ode to General Washington, she was a decided royalist: "A crown, a mansion, and a throne that shine With gold unfading, Washington!

"Thus, on deceitful Aetna's Flow'ry side Unfading verdure glads the roving eye, While secret flames with unextinguish'd rage Insatiate on her wafted entrails prey, And melt her treach'rous beauties into ruin.

But the smell is in my nostrils, Through blossoms red or gold, Of my own green flower unfading, A bitter smell and bold.

The poets are generally well affected to sleep: as men who think with vigour, they require respite from thought; and gladly resign themselves to that gentle power, who not only bestows rest, but frequently leads them to happier regions, where patrons are always kind, and audiences are always candid; where they are feasted in the bowers of imagination, and crowned with flowers divested of their prickles, and laurels of unfading verdure.

Sit with them awhile, and they will gather for you the unfading flowers of joy and lovegood sir!

With its mist and rain, this abominable weather aided his thoughts still more, by reinforcing the memories of his readings, by placing under his eyes the unfading image of a land of fog and mud, and by refusing to let his ideas wander idly.

The empyreal waste, where happy spirits hold Beyond this concave heaven, their calm abode; And fields of radiance, whose unfading light Has traveled the profound six thousand years, Nor yet arrived in sight of mortal things.

[i] 490 Unfading recollections!

I learned, for the first time, that poetry may be committed to imperishable marble, and steeped in unfading colors.

69 examples of  unfading  in sentences