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71 example sentences with  unharness

71 example sentences with unharness

He was no sooner unharnessed than he undertook the congenial job.

After unharnessing the dogs, the Boy stood an instant looking enviously at them as he thawed out his stiff hands under his parki.

"Don't you like the way, after the worst sort of day, when you stop, he just drops down in the snow and rolls about a little to rest his muscles, and then lies there as patient as anything till you are ready to unharness him and feed him?" "and if you don't hurry up, he saves you the trouble of unharnessing by eating the traces and things.

"Don't you like the way, after the worst sort of day, when you stop, he just drops down in the snow and rolls about a little to rest his muscles, and then lies there as patient as anything till you are ready to unharness him and feed him?" "and if you don't hurry up, he saves you the trouble of unharnessing by eating the traces and things.

"He was arrested on the spot; so that it wasn't he who drove this mare home, unharnessed her, put her back in her stall, locked the stable-door and hung up the key in its place in the kitchen.

" "Unharnessed the horse, drew up the cutter, locked the stable-door, and, entering the house, hung up the key where it belonged."

The open stable door reminded me of my duty, and driving in, I quickly unharnessed Jenny and put her away.

And so the question hung poised, and I was expecting to see her dismissed from the stand, when the district attorney settled himself again into his accustomed attitude of inquiry, and launched this new question: "When you went into the stable to unharness your horse, what did you do with the little bag you carried?"

"No, sir." "Then or when you unharnessed your horse, or afterward, as you passed back to the house?" "No, sir."

One bad one she had was to start for the stable the minute one of the traces was unfastened when we were unharnessing.

He took down his precious hamper, unharnessed his two horses, covered them with rugs and gave them their corn.

But just after nightfall they got in, and he was content to leave unharnessing the horses and baiting them to Simon, Mrs. Cork's son.

"I'll send Hucks over to get him, although we might as well knock him in the head," he said as he unharnessed the ancient steed.

In a moment the dog-cart had rattled off, with a parting curse from the squire to the servants, who were unharnessing the horses.

The horses were unharnessed, watered and secured with their heads to the trough until they had eaten their meagre allowance of corn and oats, and then were hobbled out to grass.

He descended with a good grace, and told his passengers to get down, while the coachman unharnessed his horses and went away shaking his cloak.

They unharnessed the horses, which the carter led away, and they turned the cart round without upsetting it across the wide roadway of the faubourg.

At one side of this, Morse built the fire while Beresford unharnessed the dogs and thawed out a mess of frozen fish for them.

Gayly dressed voyageurs and trappers, singing old river songs that had been handed down to them from their fathers, unharnessed the dogs and dragged the cariole into town.

To his dissertation Mrs. Willoughby listened with great good-nature, endeavouring all the while to feel interested; while her husband kept uttering his "by all means," "yes," "certainly," "you're quite right, Woods," his gaze, at the same time, fastened on Joel Strides, and Pliny the elder, who were unharnessing their teams, on the flats beneath, having just finished a "land," and deeming it too late to commence another.

Could you remember what you were, Unharnessed and untouched by spur, These youngsters that you drive away Would be your comrades here to-day.

It was with difficulty when, after her confinement, she paid her visit to Paris to return thanks at Notre Dame and St. Geneviรจve, that the citizens could he prevented from unharnessing her horses and dragging her coach in triumph through the streets.

I heard them unharness the horse, lock the cemetery, and go away.

When he had helped to unharness Robin and had given him some hay, had changed his cassock and unpacked his box, from which he took a dozen little packages of things bought on his visit to the city, it was the very time that the birds assembled in the branches to tell each other about the day.

So I clapped my hat on my head, declared that the mare must be unharnessed immediately, and started for the door.

I unharnessed the mare, and watered and fed her; I climbed up into the loft and put down a rackful of hay; I let the cows out into the pasture and set up the bars.

I detest unharnessing a muddy horse in the rain!

unfetter &c 751, untie &c 43; loose &c (disjoin) 44; loosen, relax; unbolt, unbar, unclose, uncork, unclog, unhand, unbind, unchain, unharness, unleash; disengage, disentangle; clear, extricate, unloose.

In the yard of the coach office a few old stage-coaches, which still plied between the town and the mountain villages, were standing unharnessed; and under the thick shade of the plane trees at the doors of the cafes, the customers, who were to be seen from seven o'clock in the morning, looked after them smiling.

It was with the greatest trouble that we unharnessed the cart and pushed it back on to the road, while our two considerate beasts took a mud bath.

Before we had time to unharness the mules the storm burst, and the rain descended in perfect torrents, accompanied by clouds of sand and vivid lightning.

The Amazons are being unharnessed as I come up.

It takes less time afterward to fit them to the teams, and to harness and unharness.

The driver was stunned and the sick Carl had himself to revive the man, untie the baggage from the roof, unharness the horses, put everything in place again, and drive the postilion to the next station.

Billy, the second boy, fraternized with Betty at once; and after learning all the mysteries of the coach pockets, helping Caesar to unharness, and superintending the fetching of an extra large log for the fireplace, he roasted chestnuts in the ashes as they sat around the chimney-piece, and told Betty thrilling stories of the attack on Danbury by the British.

He drove the cart to the stable and unharnessed the horse himself, as all the grooms were out scouring the country, and then went upstairs unobserved and locked himself in his room, for he did not care to have the others know that he had given out so early in the chase.

Supper was nearly ready when they got back to Roaring Water Portage, but there were two or three customers in the store, and Katherine went to help her father with them, while Miles unharnessed and fed the four dogs.

Some of the others had unharnessed the dogs, while Phil carried out their supper.

They unharnessed them, so that they might stand more quietly, and then fastened them to trees by the side of the road.

The other, however, seemed to have a great effect upon her, as she exclaimed, hurriedly, "Tell Reuben not to unharness the horsesI must go to Francisville immediatelydear Mrs. Hinton is very ill, and not expected to recover.

I rushed at once to Clark, who was stooping among the dogs, unharnessing: and savagely pushing his shoulder, I exclaimed: 'That beast accuses me of murdering David Wilson!'

When the travellers arrive at their night quarters, and the dogs are unharnessed, they are left to burrow on the snow, where they please, and in the morning are sure to come at their driver's call, when they receive some food.

Above a sea of threatening arms and brandished sticks and angry faces rose the figures of two German soldiers, with carbines slung across their backs, mounted on work-horses which they had evidently hastily unharnessed from a wagon.

They unharnessed the horses, and with college cheers and yells triumphantly drew their president all the way from the Academy of Fine Arts to his home, a distance of two miles.

He was so called because he wore "no shirt of mail," but went to battle unharnessed.

With the good judgment of a farrier's daughter, she promptly unharnessed him.

Forde and Keohane led round on comparatively hard ground well to the right, and the entangled ponies were unharnessed and led round from patch to patch till firmer ground was reached.

We unharnessed the ponies at the top of Ski slopeWilson guided them down from rock patch to rock patch; the remainder of us got down a sledge and necessaries over the slope.

The dogs were unharnessed and tied up to the chains; they are all looking remarkably fitapparently they have given no trouble at all of late; there have not even been any fights.

We lost a good deal over a mile by these halts, in which we unharnessed and went on the search for signs.

Miss Fouracres asked him to unharness and stable the pony, and whilst this was being done Mr. Ruddiman stood by, studiously observant.

Sancho tacitly admits the fact, by invoking "blessings on the head of the man who had saved him the trouble of unharnessing her."

When Mr. and Mrs. Waring were out, David took the horse to the barn and unharnessed in the dark.

The sun, red as maple leaf in autumn, was level with the earth when How Landor pulled up beside the low sloping bank, and, the girl watching from her observation seat in the old surrey, unharnessed and watered the team and hobbled them amid the tall frost-cured grass to feed.

The horses being unharnessed, we sent the drivers with one of them forward to look for help, and Hesketh and Jane proceeded to make tea while I sat by the roadside and sketched.

"But we must wait until evening," Tommy said, "until Corp is unharnessed; we must not hurt the feelings of Corp by going back to the Den without him."

Mulqueen was not yet at the stable and Danny helped unharness the animal, which, as soon as relieved of the shafts, hung its head between its legs, evidently all in.

The horses were unharnessed, and twelve of the most powerful workmen crowded around the pole.

And when the horses, that they had at first determined to withhold from him, were at last, at his earnest and repeated solicitation, provided, the people unharnessed these horses from his carriage, in order that they might take their places, and accompany him to the gates of the city with this demonstration of their love.

When he reached home he had the horses unharnessed, and, very sad and shaken, went to his room accompanied by the government clerk.

Unharness the horses, Lizaveta, we won't go outthere was no need to deck yourself like that."

"Don't unharness!"

"Why, we will unharness him first," said Jonas, "and then draw the sleigh back out of the way."

Camp then; the wagons were parked as usual in a hollow square; the half-starved animals were unharnessed and allowed to fly at the abundant grass; the cramped and wearied travellers threw themselves on the ground with delight.

BER`SERKER, a Norse warrior who went into battle unharnessed, whence his name (which means bare of sark or shirt of mail), and is said to have been inspired with such fury as to render him invulnerable and irresistible.

Whenever we arrived at a station, I would unharness the horses and help hitch up the fresh ones, and would speak broken German with the postilions as though I were a Frenchman.

The order, 'Hans, you may unharness!'

Upon reaching their destination, the horse was unharnessed and permitted peacefully to graze while the men fished for an hour or two.

โ€œNot minding the dire consequences of an unharnessed youth population, our leaders seem satisfied with using the youths as carnon fodders.

So long as the haying proceeded, he harnessed the horses in the morning; he unharnessed them at night; I drove the team; he pitched the hay.

This results in the unharnessed potential energy of the proton electrochemical gradient being released as heat.