68 examples of unharness in sentences

He was no sooner unharnessed than he undertook the congenial job.

The Boy seemed not to relinquish the hope of stirring the tired Colonel to enthusiasm. "Don't you like the way, after the worst sort of day, when you stop, he just drops down in the snow and rolls about a little to rest his muscles, and then lies there as patient as anything till you are ready to unharness him and feed him?" "and if you don't hurry up, he saves you the trouble of unharnessing by eating the traces and things.

"He was arrested on the spot; so that it wasn't he who drove this mare home, unharnessed her, put her back in her stall, locked the stable-door and hung up the key in its place in the kitchen.

And so the question hung poised, and I was expecting to see her dismissed from the stand, when the district attorney settled himself again into his accustomed attitude of inquiry, and launched this new question: "When you went into the stable to unharness your horse, what did you do with the little bag you carried?"

"I'll send Hucks over to get him, although we might as well knock him in the head," he said as he unharnessed the ancient steed.

They unharnessed the horses, which the carter led away, and they turned the cart round without upsetting it across the wide roadway of the faubourg.

I heard them unharness the horse, lock the cemetery, and go away.

When he had helped to unharness Robin and had given him some hay, had changed his cassock and unpacked his box, from which he took a dozen little packages of things bought on his visit to the city, it was the very time that the birds assembled in the branches to tell each other about the day.

970. unfetter &c 751, untie &c 43; loose &c (disjoin) 44; loosen, relax; unbolt, unbar, unclose, uncork, unclog, unhand, unbind, unchain, unharness, unleash; disengage, disentangle; clear, extricate, unloose.

It was with the greatest trouble that we unharnessed the cart and pushed it back on to the road, while our two considerate beasts took a mud bath.

Before we had time to unharness the mules the storm burst, and the rain descended in perfect torrents, accompanied by clouds of sand and vivid lightning.

It takes less time afterward to fit them to the teams, and to harness and unharness.

The driver was stunned and the sick Carl had himself to revive the man, untie the baggage from the roof, unharness the horses, put everything in place again, and drive the postilion to the next station.

Billy, the second boy, fraternized with Betty at once; and after learning all the mysteries of the coach pockets, helping Caesar to unharness, and superintending the fetching of an extra large log for the fireplace, he roasted chestnuts in the ashes as they sat around the chimney-piece, and told Betty thrilling stories of the attack on Danbury by the British.

The other, however, seemed to have a great effect upon her, as she exclaimed, hurriedly, "Tell Reuben not to unharness the horsesI must go to Francisville immediatelydear Mrs. Hinton is very ill, and not expected to recover.

He was so called because he wore "no shirt of mail," but went to battle unharnessed.

With the good judgment of a farrier's daughter, she promptly unharnessed him.

Miss Fouracres asked him to unharness and stable the pony, and whilst this was being done Mr. Ruddiman stood by, studiously observant.

" Mulqueen was not yet at the stable and Danny helped unharness the animal, which, as soon as relieved of the shafts, hung its head between its legs, evidently all in.

Unharness the horses, Lizaveta, we won't go outthere was no need to deck yourself like that.

And my trip to Soissons? "Don't unharness!"

"Why, we will unharness him first," said Jonas, "and then draw the sleigh back out of the way.

Camp then; the wagons were parked as usual in a hollow square; the half-starved animals were unharnessed and allowed to fly at the abundant grass; the cramped and wearied travellers threw themselves on the ground with delight.

Whenever we arrived at a station, I would unharness the horses and help hitch up the fresh ones, and would speak broken German with the postilions as though I were a Frenchman.

The order, 'Hans, you may unharness!' always makes one sad.

68 examples of  unharness  in sentences