4410 examples of uniforming in sentences

It was the body of a young man, large and strongly built, dressed in the uniform of an ensign of our navy.

I've seen him go on the stage in a general's uniform with carpet slippers and no hat, which everyone knew must be contrary to the regulations of the Arabian army, in which he was supposed to hold his commission.

This incident grew out of an attack on a New York spectator by Ty Cobb while in uniform and the immediate suspension of the player for an indefinite period.

"It will suit me as well as any other place," responded Dave, slipping off his blouse, folding it neatly and putting it aside, his uniform cap following.

Wherever the young midshipmen went many of the English workmen and shopkeepers raised their hats in friendly salute of the American uniform.

will be about right, sir," replied the tender's skipper, touching his cap at sight of the American Naval uniform.

"You didn't get aboard any too soon, gentlemen," remarked the officer of the deck, eyeing the three middies keenly as they came up over the side, doffing their uniform caps to the colors.

Yet he must, at all times, show all possible respect for the uniform that he wears and the great nation that he represents.

"At least, we're going down in the ocean, and we wear the American Naval uniform.

"Oh, but you're not in uniform!" was her first disappointed comment.

"But Dave, didn't you at least bring along a uniform, so that we could see what it looks like?" "I didn't," replied Dave, soberly, then added, quizzically: "You've seen the district messenger boys on the street, haven't you?"

"But I can't get my mind off that uniform of yours that you didn't bring home.

Surrounding these huge buildings were some sixty small dwellings of the bungalow type, for the use of the workmen, built of rough boards, but neat and uniform in appearance.

Dr. Wyville Thomson writes ("Nature," March 20, 1873): "For the first two or three hauls in very deep water off the coast of Portugal, the dredge came up filled with the usual 'Atlantic ooze,' tenacious and uniform throughout, and the work of hours, in sifting, gave the very smallest possible result.

This was his boy's friend: that thought filled and warmed his heart so utterly that he forgot his hand rested on a Federal uniform.

The landlord contributes the training, and the government gives the recruit her uniform and fifteen shillings a week to cover her board and lodging.

Compliance requirements are not uniform and it takes a considerable effort, much paperwork and many fees to meet and keep up with these requirements.

Compliance requirements are not uniform and it takes a considerable effort, much paperwork and many fees to meet and keep up with these requirements.

The deserters were astonished to see these unfamiliar looking persons, speaking a strange tongue and wearing a uniform which they had never seen before.

The Italian Parliament pedantically laid down a uniform period of six months.

Their uniform was similar to that of the Italian Infantry, but their collars were red, yellow and blue, and they wore a cockade of the same three colours on their hats.

But this high-flown style went out of fashion as the great mass of mankind became more informed of each other's feelings and concerns, and as a nearer intercourse taught them that the real course of human life is a conflict of duty and desire, of virtue and passion, of right and wrong; in the description of which it is difficult to say whether uniform virtue or unredeemed vice would be in the greater degree tedious and absurd.

The Flathead Indian squeezes the child's skull between two boards till it shapes itself into a kind of gambrel-roof against the rain,the readiest way, perhaps, of uniforming a tribe that wear no clothes.

"Because the same individual conjunctions do not preserve a uniform signification.

You can't erect an army by uniforming and drilling a few hundred thousand clerks and farmers.

4410 examples of  uniforming  in sentences