104 examples of uninitiates in sentences

3. Explain to (a) the initiate, (b) the uninitiate some piece of mechanism, or some phase of a human activity or interest, which you know at first hand and regarding which technical (or at least not generally understood) terms are employed.

In Hanover, as well as in the Swiss canton of St. Gall, the same plant is offered to uninitiated persons with a request to pluck one of the pods.

Being only three, perhaps you might have clapped a D. at the corner, and let it have past as a printer's mark to the uninitiated, as a delightful hint to the better instructed.

As she was nearly a stranger in the streets of Venice, labyrinths that offer greater embarrassment to the uninitiated than perhaps the passages of any other town of its size, she gladly availed herself of the offer.

The slower a bullet or a shot approaches, the more noise it makes; and, the sound continuing longer than is generally imagined, the uninitiated are apt to imagine that the dangerous missile is travelling on an errand directly towards themselves.

Often it is hard to separate the initiate from the uninitiate, even by those most expert.

It is not called Oyster Pond, as the uninitiated would be very apt to get it, but Oyster Pùnd, the last word having a sound similar to that of the cockney's 'pound,' in his "two pùnd two."

Meanwhile, it must be remembered that this gulf-weed has not, as some of the uninitiated fancy from its name, anything to do with the Gulf Stream, along the southern edge of which we were steaming.

If you have not passed most of your days among the Connecticut hills, you pay little attention to that "green-eyed monster," who considers it a part of his duty to prepare the uninitiated for the good time coming.

Mischief still sat triumphant therein, and not a day passed but some poor uninitiated was brought to test the merits of that gift.

It is always difficult for the uninitiated to select what is likely to be a good dog from the nest.

The uninitiated may be informed that Dalmatian puppies are always born pure white.

To the uninitiated the victim seems to have eaten of "insane roots that take the reason prisoner"; while the illuminate too often looks upon the stems and flowers of language, the highest achievements of thought and poesy, as mere handles by which to pull up the grimy tubers that lie at the base of articulate expression, shapeless knobs of speech, sacred to him as the potato to the Irishman.

Bigotphones, I must explain to those readers who are uninitiated, are delightfully simple contrivances fitted with reed mouthpiecesexact representations in mockery of the various instruments that make up a brass bandbut composed of strong cardboard, and dependent solely on the judicious application of the human lips and the skilful modulation of the human voice for their effect.

A small jewel box contained various valuable rings, one or two pendants and a string of matched pearls which even to uninitiated eyes spelled a fortune.

On the drapery before them were figured the images of the sun, moon, and starsthe inexplicable bearthe mystic temple, built by the hand of Hiramand other symbols, of which the uninitiated knew nothing.

SHOT-MAKING Most uninitiates, especially Squash Racquets players who are adroit at and/or addicted to that game, believe Squash Tennis offers nothing but prolonged "slam bang" rallies and a boring "sameness."

His crudeness is, to the uninitiated, almost pitiful.

If he chose, he could explain to you the meaning of contango, and even of that mysterious term to the uninitiated, 'backwardation.'

As there appears to be some confusion with regard to the exact nature of the programme scheme for the forthcoming Naval Autumn Manoeuvres, the following sketch, gleaned from recent inquiry on the subject made at Whitehall, may, if he can manage to follow it, possibly serve to enlighten the uninitiated outsider.

So it is in the religious Mysteries of the African Yao; a selfish man, we shall see, is spoken of as 'uninitiated.'

Mr. Macdonald says about the initiator (a grotesque figure): 'He delivers lectures, and is said to give much good advice ... the lectures condemn selfishness, and a selfish person is called mwisichana, that is, "uninitiated.

To the stranger it is an infliction; but, bad as the bean is to the uninitiated, it is a luscious morsel compared with the flavorless cod-fish ball which lodges in the throat and stays therea second Adam's applefor lack of something to wash it down.

In Bacchic glee they file toward Fate, Moloch's uninitiate; Expectancy, and glad surmise Of battle's unknown mysteries.

This explanation will enable the otherwise uninitiated reader to understand the reason why Ludlow had hoped the coming squall would aid his designs on the chase.

104 examples of  uninitiates  in sentences