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274 example sentences with  uniquely

274 example sentences with uniquely

This plan leaves, of course, a residue of considerable biographical and critical value; but it is believed that to all who really love and appreciate him, Charles Lamb's "Best Letters" are those which are most uniquely and unmistakably Charles Lamb's.

There is something uniquely vicious about people who care nothing for children's happiness.

Either they have been very uneasy people or he has been uniquely antagonistic.

The man who carved them must have tightened up his courage to the sticking point many a time during the completion of these uniquely-unbeautiful figures.

But it was in the ranks of the general public that one found most amusement; seldom did a sale pass off undistinguished by at least one incident uniquely revealing or provocative.

" We must now hasten to a close, delightful as it would be to linger over so attractive a theme, and to dwell upon the personality of one who so uniquely represents the mind, as he has so remarkably influenced the thought, of his age.

Throughout Mr. Ruskin's worksand they are amazingly manifolda strong and intense purpose runs, given to the highest and noblest ends; and though their author at times wearies his reader by his diffuseness and his digressions, and to some is almost fanatical in his reverence for art, he is ever imaginative and eloquent, and has created for us a new, instructive, and uniquely fresh and thoughtful body of art-literature.

The sunrises in the Catskills are rendered uniquely beautiful by the peculiar formation of the ground, and from the same reason the thunder storms are often thrilling in character and awful in their magnificence.

The uniquely full view which may be had of the trend of serious crimes among the Virginia slaves is due to the preservation of vouchers filed in pursuance of a law of that state which for many decades required appraisal and payment by the public for all slaves capitally convicted and sentenced to death or deportation.

" "'But consider,' proceeded my tempter, 'the woman who is exactly the complement of yourself, a woman marvellously and uniquely fashioned to round you off and supply your deficiencies, and use your superfluities.'

Hitherto he has held his own, with the great writers of his era, but it has been in virtue, as I have attempted to show, of a contribution to the literary possessions of mankind which is as uniquely limited in amount as it is exceptionally perfect in quality.

It also preserved its predominantly Russophone environment, with a uniquely accented dialect of Russian being spoken in the city.

It is believed to now nest uniquely on Henderson island.

McWhorter argues that what truly unites all AAVE accents is a uniquely wide-ranging intonation pattern or "melody", which characterizes even the most "neutral" or light African-American accent.

Bricks can give a uniquely rustic look to your house, and you will definitely fall in love with your new or old, but renovated home.

Bush, her endorsers say, is uniquely suited for the moment.

Classes also built a uniquely dedicated audience for the company.

Despite the economic headwinds, we're uniquely positioned to capture merger opportunities with enhanced scale, better efficiency, and improved earnings power to create shareholder value.

Ford is uniquely positioned to take on this role,โ€ said Senate Leader Phil Berger, R-Rockingham.

For example, in the comics, Spider-Gwen is given her web shooters by Janet Van Dyne (also known as Wasp), and they uniquely use moisture from the air to create her webs.

Having worked with them in the Joe Beef Group, they were uniquely qualified to tell me if I was losing my bananas.

Heโ€™s also a smooth ball handler, a good rebounder for his size, and a confident playmaker whose on-court savvy โ€“ and, yes, star power โ€“ is the result of a uniquely circuitous route to the NBAโ€™s doorstep.

Heโ€™s uniquely positioned to understand all facts and circumstances relevant to the situation, from the negotiations with the league to the negotiations with the networks and beyond.

Although I was never on stage with these actors, our relationship was uniquely inspiring and special to me.

I can imagine a future where IBMโ€™s uniquely powerful AI effort, Watson, is partially focused on assuring the proper support and care for these veterans and that this effort will eventually spread to the IBM population at large.

India is uniquely positioned in the Quad, in that it is its only member outside the US โ€œhub-and-spokeโ€ alliance system in Asia.

Instead of inviting Portlanders to lead their own uniquely themed bike rides during the month of June, Pedalpalooza is collecting ideas for different themes for every day of the month.

Interactive entertainment is uniquely positioned to dominate in this coronavirus moment.

In the era of nonstop-updated Instagram stories, sharing these little vignettes of your life with just one person can feel uniquely intimate and special.

In this, he sees the Navy Reserve as uniquely capable to fill the growing demand.

Or was it uniquely a product of a monstrous yet charismatic leader bending the streams of history in his wake?

Or would his deployment of populist rhetoric make him uniquely well placed to win back formerly Democratic states that Trump managed to carry in 2016?

Sanders argues that he, uniquely, is positioned to generate such broad enthusiasm among hitherto disenfranchised or disengaged voters that a tidal wave of support for the Democratic ticket will sweep Trump out to sea.

Still, like Googleโ€™s other devices, the Pixel Buds 2 blend the companyโ€™s hardware, software, and services in an effortless, delightful, and uniquely Google-y way.

โ€œThe appellate world is kind of uniquely structured and adaptable to this kind of crisis because itโ€™s basically a paper review,โ€ Ehmann says.

As cases increase at an alarming rate in much of the United States, the reliance on an overwhelmed unemployment system โ€” the next infusion of money perpetually subject to the โ€” leaves Americans uniquely exposed to a deepening crisis of joblessness.

โ€œThe coronavirus is a uniquely stressful event," said Dean Pearson, NABโ€™s head of behavioural and industry economics.

The ferry committee have also highlighted that to suggest a utility bill will indicate a primary residence is inappropriate, as these are available to all households, not uniquely principle homes.

The film is a leap forward in the art of "live capture" which transports its audience into the world of the Broadway show in a uniquely intimate way.

The man who approaches Dorothy in this particular hotel bar meets a violent โ€” and frankly grotesque โ€” end, and what follows is one of the most uniquely fun and campily gory books in my recent memory.

The publishers called it a โ€œmindful, humorous, musical, and uniquely entertainingโ€ book.

The real danger to our uniquely successful system of government is Nancy Pelosiโ€™s delusions of grandeur.

There was something uniquely satisfying about โ€™s footballing persona.

These are uniquely bilateral issues, and should remain so.

โ€˜ โ€œโ€ฆ The spread of this insidious viral pandemic particularly, though not uniquely, threatening to the elderly with underlying comorbidity, establishes a solid foundation upon which a derogation becomes not merely justified but essential.โ€

The X1 is the littlest of SUVs in the BMW lineup, and itโ€™s a close relative to the less practical but uniquely styled X2.

โ€œTimnath is uniquely positioned to assist our small business community,โ€ board member Aaron Pearson said in a prepared statement.

โ€œWeโ€™re uniquely positioned with many smaller communities surrounding us and relying on Mitchell as a regional hub.

We're uniquely situated where we can grow as much forage as you can in eastern Nebraska, and we can pay a fraction of the rent."

โ€œWhat I have seen of our U of L family is that we are uniquely able to rise to a challenge and overcome it.

Whereas all arms of government have a responsibility in this regard, the legislature is uniquely placed to drive the reform process.

With bright bubblegum pink boxes holding uniquely flavored donuts inside and a website that calls itself โ€œyour happy place,โ€ the business has built its reputation on being a quirky and inclusive shop with a late night crowd.

โ€œWith our partners, Quake Europe is uniquely positioned to fuel application development in 5G for media and entertainment and connect the opportunities in NRW to our Los Angeles program in the United States and the world.โ€

Yes, itโ€™s a uniquely American tradition to turn on the television early Thursday afternoon, and watch the Lions muck their way through a game against some usually superior foe.

ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY'S RESEARCH VISION:The University of Calgary is uniquely positioned to find solutions for key global research challenges.

But the words collected here are uniquely yours.

Catch the brass ring on Pride of Canada Carousel, which features 44 uniquely Canadian, rideable sculptures crafted from recycled objects by Canadian artists Patrick Amiot & Brigitte Laurent.

Continuing the tradition of the Protostars and Planets series, this latest volume uniquely integrates the cross-disciplinary aspects of this broad field.

Cultivars are identified by uniquely distinguishing names.

Each project is uniquely suited to commemorate the province's role in the First World War in a diverse and meaningful way and create a legacy that reaches long beyond the commemorative period.

Each release is dedicated to a single composer and uniquely combines full-length audio documentaries with a selection of their most important works.

Each unit is named after a village: St. Jacobs, Elmira, Elora and Fergus, and each is uniquely decorated, using materials sourced locally.

Explain why you as an author are uniquely qualified to write this book.

Fresh lime juice is combined with vodka to create a uniquely cleansing extract.

Fresh out of the University of St. Andrews, Dr. Jack was uniquely qualified to tackle the provinceโ€™s challenges with his background in mathematics and physics and his passion for astronomy.

He is also a dedicated educator who uniquely teaches courses from the diploma to graduate level and focuses on practical methods that translate directly into industry practice.

He said that the teaching that God measures people by their goodness, by their actions, is uniquely Jewish.

I have a positive attitude and I assimilate easily while maintaining a balI'd like to think that I am uniquely qualified because I guarantee an enjoyable and safe time while your little ones are in my care.

In the modern day, it is commonly thought of as a uniquely activity, although there are around 150 morris sides in the United States.

It also uniquely explores the concept of human occupation as it relates to transition and coping surrounding a parental divorce or separation.

I thought the content was uniquely encrypted for each PVR box and so could only be played back on the box that wrote it.

It is a uniquely-formulated Southcott design adapted for the area.

And Perry Como has proved time and time again that he is uniquely gifted when it comes to expressing sincerity and understanding.

It is my hope we can transfer the lessons learnt in the fight against HIV/AIDS to other communicable diseases, as part of a targeted disease elimination strategy that can uniquely contribute to the sustainability of our valued health care system."

It is unknown what will happen if a BACnet device ID is used non-uniquely, but I think it is safe to say that it cannot be good.

It is usually stated Every positive integer greater than 1 can be written uniquely as the product of primes.

Itโ€™s a fruit that resembles a kind of huge squished watermelon with spikes, but it has a flavour and texture uniquely its own.

It uniquely identifies the class of input for which information is returned.

Let (xi,y) be a point in O (So xi in Ai, uniquely defined).

Mr. Garfield uniquely provides that bridge."

AOL invented and uses a special โ€œchrome mailโ€ format to combat fraud by uniquely identifying official correspondence from the company.

Our law school is uniquely placed to think about the intersection of public policy and legal issues and the obligations of leadership.

Several long-term changes in the stratosphere have been detected, associated (though possibly not uniquely) with the ozone changes.

Tcl variables created by are uniquely named and automatically unset by the garbage collector when the representing object is no longer in use.

As such, we uniquely understand the concerns and needs of real estate lawyers in Canada and remain deeply committed to protecting the role of the lawyer in the real estate transaction.

The metaphors have some sort of life to them that speaks uniquely, but itโ€™s not about being pretty or grand.โ€

The microprobe is uniquely suited to the non-destructive testing of both pigments in paint and ceramics, to assess potential toxicity owing to the presence of Pb-bearing species.

Then, with โ€˜The Understandingโ€™, we wanted to move slightly off-centre and experiment more - without losing what is uniquely identified as Roฬˆyksopp.

The protein is uniquely effective in capturing virus particles and neutralizes the virus, specifically binding to the HIV envelope.

The "Read Up On It" program not only successfully encourages children to read, by promoting Canadian literature, it also helps to develop a uniquely Canadian sense of identity.

There are always the necessities of seating, a deck/dining area, shelter from the sun like an awning or umbrella; but it's the finishing touches that make it your own and uniquely you.

The Ryerson Student ID Number is a nine digit number that uniquely identifies students to faculty and program administrators at Ryerson University.

The species in this genus have uniquely winged, rounded glumes.

The volta was a uniquely intimate and vigorous renaissance dance much enjoyed by Elizabeth 1. These two voltas were from Byrd's settings for keyboard.

Think about what makes you uniquely qualified for this position and how you can address the employerโ€™s needs, and come up with a succinct way to deliver that information.

"Through its membership in the Health Boards Association for Newfoundland and Labrador, the Faculty of Medicine is uniquely positioned to facilitate and develop province-wide health research networks."

Two other discovered CSIs are uniquely shared by different vertebrate species and by either one (Ciona intestinalis) or both tunicate (Ciona and Oikapleura) species, but they are not found in Branchiostoma or other animal species.

Based on the experience from these case studies, the Round Table has concluded that there is a role for ecological fiscal reform in Canada and that it is uniquely appropriate for the challenge of implementing sustainable development.

We embrace the opportunity to shape the product design, communication and distribution of Rebecca Minkoff eyewear in excitingly new, intuitively connected, and uniquely relevant ways.โ€

With the team in the Cone Laboratory, Lucas was a key figure in developing PET with a Germanium-68 generator and with Krypton-77 uniquely produced by the physicists and radiochemists at McGill's Foster synchrocyclotron.