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235 examples of  unlearn  in sentences

235 examples of unlearn in sentences

So that with much ado I was corrupted and made to learn the dirty devices of this world, which I now unlearn, and become, as it were, a little child again that I may enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The proposition that life may, and does, proceed from that which has no life, then, was held alike by the philosophers, the poets, and the people, of the most enlightened nations, eighteen hundred years ago; and it remained the accepted doctrine of learned and unlearned Europe, through the Middle Ages, down even to the seventeenth century.

"Go to!" cried he, "art young and all unlearned as yetheed not my gibes and quirks, 'tis ever so my custom when steel is ringing, and mark me, I do think it a good custom, as apt to put a man off his ward and flurry him in his stroke.

" "Why then, is thy lesson yet unlearned?" said she.

" My friends, these may seem deep words to somedoubtless they are, for they are the words of the Bibleso deep that plain, unlearned people can make no use of them, and draw no lesson from them.

"Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus. . . .

Then he was able, ignorant and unlearned man as he was, to stand up before the high priests and rulers of his nation, and to say, simply and firmly, without boasting, without defiance, "Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye.

It was that courage which enabled our forefathers,and not the great men among them, not the rich, not even the learned, save a few valiant bishops and clergy, but for the most part poor, unlearned, labouring men and women,to throw off the yoke of Popery, and say, "Reason and Scripture tell us that it is absurd and wrong to worship images and pray to saints,tell us that your doctrines are not true.

It has made poor unlearned men heroes and deliverers of their countrymen from slavery and ignorance.

Gerarde informs us, "How the idle drones, that have little or nothing to do but eat and drink, have bestowed some of their time in carving the roots of briony, forming them to the shape of men and women, which falsifying practice hath confirmed the error amongst the simple and unlearned people, who have taken them upon their report to be the true mandrakes."

Can we unlearn the arts that pretend to civilize, and then burn the world?

The work teems with unjust, incorrect opinions; is full of crass ignorance and grotesque exaggerations, which lead the unlearned astray, injure Germany's cause, and annoy those who know betterso far as they do not excite ridicule.

What is she anywaybut an unlearned, ignorant country girl, who has been in the city and gathered a few silly notions, and when she goes home she shows off before her rustic friends.

"I think you'll do, Pansy; at any rate, you'll have nothing to unlearn, and that's a great deal.

And that "Lucy" book hidden in her desk was the cause of it; she had taken it out for just one delicious moment, and the moment had extended itself into an hour and a half, and the spelling lesson was unlearned and the three hard examples in complex fractions unworked.

If, in short, our children could spend two years in a good kindergarten, they would not only bring to the school those elements of knowledge which are required, but would have learned in some degree how to learn, and, in the measure of their progress, have nothing to unlearn.

The kindergarten aims in no way at making infant prodigies, but it aims successfully at putting the little child in possession of every faculty he is capable of using; at bringing him forward on lines he will never need to forsake; at teaching within his narrow range what he will never have to unlearn; and at giving him the wish to learn, and the power of teaching himself.

"' 'He used to quote, with great warmth, the saying of Aristotle recorded by Diogenes Laertius; that there was the same difference between one learned and unlearned, as between the living and the dead.

'It cost me,' he continues, 'more to unlearn the habits, manners, and principles which I then imbibed, than would have served to qualify me for any rรดle whatever through life.'

' 'We have it on the highest authority,' said Vieuxbois, 'that pictures and music are the books of the unlearned.

He has much to learn; and a little to unlearn.

It has also seemed to me that in an age of transition in opinions, there may be somewhat both of interest and of benefit in noting the successive phases of any mind which was always pressing forward, equally ready to learn and to unlearn either from its own thoughts or from those of others.

Leonardo Donato had been in possession of the supreme ducal authority but a few weeks, not long enough to unlearn the tone of command and the quick power of decision which had distinguished him as ambassador, when he had been chosen with the unanimous approval of this august assembly, to conciliate the court of Rome in the hour of the Republic's great emergency.

There was Aristoteles, a very distinguished writer, of whom you have heard,a philosopher, in short, whom it took centuries to learn, centuries to unlearn, and is now going to take a generation or more to learn over again.

Like Shakspeare, Homer is a kind of Bible to both the learned and unlearned among all peoples and ages, one of the prodigies of the world.

They were not pedants, but men of immense genius and genuine learning, who blended the profoundest principles of moral wisdom with the most fascinating narrative,men universally popular among learned and unlearned, great artists in style, and masters of the language in which they wrote.

They made their appearance between the second and third centuries, and, if Tertullian tells the truth, they consisted of "the simple and the unlearned."

As Priests were famous among the Egyptians; Magi among the Chaldeans, and Gymnosophists among the Indians; so Musicians flourished among the Grecians: and therefore EPAMINONDAS was accounted more unlearned than THEMISTOCLES, because he had no skill in music.

For all people are naturally born with such a judgement of true and allowable Rhetoric, that is, of what is decorous and convenient to be spoken, that whatever is grossly otherwise is usually ungrateful, not only to the wise and skilful part of the congregation, but shall seem also ridiculous to the very unlearned tradesmen

He realized the perfection which sacred eloquence attained, but to which Pagan art has vainly aspired,a charm and a wonder to both learned and unlearned,the precursor of the Bourdaloues and Lacordaires of the Roman Catholic Church, but especially the model for "all preachers who set above all worldly wisdom those divine revelations which alone can save the world.

The so-called Mandeville's Travels was one of the few works that the unlearned of that age could understand and enjoy.

They have so much to unlearn: children and working men have so little.

He must unlearn much of that knowledge which has, perhaps, constituted hitherto his chief title to superiority.

This much was to my advantage; I learned none of that deceitful rubbish taught in schools, and so had nothing to unlearn when I awakened to my true lovemathematics, higher mathematics and higher geometry.

[cause oneself to forget] unlearn; efface &c 552, discharge from the memory; consign to oblivion, consign to the tomb of the Capulets; think no more of &c (turn the attention from) 458; cast behind one's back, wean one's thoughts from; let bygones be bygones &c (forgive) 918.

Despotism is in our view a perpetual war of a few upon the many; and we must unlearn some of the earliest lessons that our mothers taught us and our fathers illustrated in their lives, before we can cease to sympathize with the assertors of their rights against the force or the fraud of their fellow-men.

I had much to unlearn, but I have likewise learnt much.

And as those that are bunglers and unskilful in any art take more pains to do nothing, because they are in a wrong way, than those that are ready and expert to do the excellentest things, so the errors and mistakes of his religion engage him in perpetual troubles and anxieties, without any possibility of improvement until he unlearn all and begin again upon a new account.

To unlearn the evil was the answer, according to Diogenes Laertius, Antisthenes gave, when he was asked what branch of knowledge was most necessary; and we can see what he meant.

The debased and the virtuous, the foolish and the wise, the learned and the unlearned, the selfish and the unselfish receive alike the benediction of his tranquil thought.

They do not pin the reader to a dogma, which he must afterwards discover to be inexact; they do not teach him a lesson, which he must afterwards unlearn.

Can we unlearn the arts that pretend to civilize, and then burn the world?

It is comprehensive, it is explicit, it is poignant and intelligible, as I should suppose, to learned and unlearned.

In a lifetime of 40 years the high school man will earn $20,000 more than the unlearned laborer.

As I know from painful experience, there is much to unlearn in what one has picked up by the light of Nature.

What a Joy must it be to the unlearned Operator to find that these Words, being carefully collected and writ down in Order according to the Problem, start of themselves into Hexameter and Pentameter Verses?

I must confess, the Motto is of little Use to an unlearned Reader, for which Reason I consider it only as a Word to the Wise.

But as for my unlearned Friends, if they cannot relish the Motto, I take care to make Provision for them in the Body of my Paper.

Certainly the true End of visiting Foreign Parts, is to look into their Customs and Policies, and observe in what Particulars they excel or come short of our own; to unlearn some odd Peculiarities in our Manners, and wear off such awkward Stiffnesses and Affectations in our Behaviour, as may possibly have been contracted from constantly associating with one Nation of Men, by a more free, general, and mixed Conversation.

I can't help thinking when I see them how glad I am that my sons are better employed at Andover than beating the streets or drums; that they are laying in a good store of useful knowledge against the time to come, while these poor boys, many of them, at least, are learning what they will be glad by and by to unlearn.

The old are too old to learn, or, rather, to unlearn what have been the habits of their lives.

Not yet have I, in sooth, my freedom wrought; Could I my pathway but from magic free, And quite unlearn the spells of sorcery, Stood I, oh nature, man alone 'fore thee, Then were it worth the trouble man to be!

A raw, untried youngster has a lot to learn and unlearn when he hits this tall timber.

What is meant by states of life, and their changes, is very well known to the learned and the wise, but unknown to the unlearned and the simple; wherefore it may be expedient to premise somewhat on the subject.

He has after all, and it is not the least nor lowest item in his praise, been the severest of his own critics, and has not been too proud either to learn or to unlearn in the work of maturing his genius and building up his fame.

Under one great law of mutual dependence and mutual responsibility, all are placedthe strong as well as the weak, the rich as much as the poor, the learned no less than the unlearned.

Not that it was all the result of deliberate art; in a way it was in the air, and quite unlearned peoplejournalists and pamphleteers and the like who wrote unconsciously and hurriedly to buy their supperpartook of it as well as leisured people and conscious artists.

If Marian ever learns thatwhich she may, although I am neither able nor willing to teach it to hershe will not thank those who gave her so much falsehood to unlearn.

Man or woman, black or white, rich or poor, scholar or unlearned, there is no respect of persons with Him.

The French, after their bold seizure of the island in the name of liberty for the earnest friars, and sealing their brave conquest in the blood of the obstinate Polynesian who had hated to learn a new liturgy and to unlearn his old Protestant songs, feared that the dispersion of the people upon their little plantations, to which they were greatly attached, would make their Frenchifying a long task.

Though you lack the special savour Of the product of the churn, Still the difference in flavour I'm beginning to unlearn.

You will have to unlearn those little 'plain dinners' and makeshifts of yours.

Then, again, I am afraidfor it is as well to speak honestlylest you should unlearn certain old habits of yours, and forget to give your own little dinners.

"'How much would it cost to unlearn it?'

If you like to put it so, the chief object of education is not to learn things; nay, the chief object of education is to unlearn things.

The chief object of education is to unlearn all the weariness and wickedness of the world and to get back into that state of exhilaration we all instinctively celebrate when we write by preference of children and of boys.

Sitting there, to Priapus, the gracious one, pray That the lore he has taught me I soon may unlearn: Say I'll give him a kid, and in case he says nay To this offer, three victims to him will I burn; A kid, a fleeced ram, and a lamb sleek and fat; He will listen, mayhap, to my prayers upon that.

I feel every day how much there is to learn, how much to unlearn, and that no genuine experience is to be despised.

The learned are to hold the true doctrine; the unlearned are to be taught its morally beneficial contrary.

A great deal is to be undone and unlearned, if we put off the important hour to a late period in life.

The time has been, I've studied love-lays in the English tongue, And been enamour'd of rare poesy: Which now I must unlearn.

There haughty dunces, whose unlearned pen 30 Could ne'er spell grammar, would be reading men.

Some of his persons are vicious, and some virtuous; some are unlearned, or (as Chaucer calls them) lewd, and some are learned.

There it would lie all winter, and in spring the mass of ice to which it was attached would probably break off and float away with it to the south, gradually melting until it allowed the rock to sink to the bottom of the sea, or depositing it, perchance, on some distant shore, where such rocks are not wont to liethere to remain an object of speculation and wonderment to the unlearned of all future ages.

Wherefore, in Galileo's time, we might have helped to proscribe, or to burnhad he been stubborn enough to warrant cremationeven the great pioneer of inductive research; although, when we had fairly recovered our composure, and had leisurely excogitated the matter, we might have come to conclude that the new doctrine was better than the old one, after all, at least for those who had nothing to unlearn.

Still, I'm finding it hard to get it through my head that practically everything I learned is false and must be unlearned.

"You cannot make a whole people all at once talk in a different tongue from that which it has been used to talk in: you cannot force it to unlearn the words it has learnt from its fathers, in order to learn a set of newfangled words out of [a grammar or] a dictionary."Ib., i, 650.

This also is a vulgar error, and chiefly confined to the conversation of the unlearned.

What is wanted in the training of a statesman is the fully conscious formulation and acceptance of those methods which will not have to be unlearned.

But since we cannot unlearn our knowledge, Mr. Chesterton is only telling us to eat caviare on principle.

They may have heard [he says, speaking of the "unlearned in the law"] that the law of England is founded in reason and wisdom.

On this he said, with a tenderness and humility not only most touching, but to me most embarrassing, that "It might be so; what was he to judge of other men; he was old, and things were now looked at very differently; that he knew he had many things to unlearn and learn afresh; and that I must not mind what he had said, for that in truth belief in the heroes of his youth had become part of him."

More was evidently at a loss to discover the {333} author of this work; for, after conjecturing that it might have come from William Tyndal, or George Jaye (alias Joy), or "som yong unlearned fole," he determines "for lacke of hys other name to cal the writer mayster Masker," a sobriquet which is preserved throughout his confutation.

And as in regard to books, both learned persons and unlearned see them with the same eyes, but not with the same understandingfor to the unlearned the mere shapes of letters appear, while the learned discover the sense that lies within those lettersso in respect to affairs in general, we all see what takes place with the same eyes, but not with the same understanding and judgment.

And as in regard to books, both learned persons and unlearned see them with the same eyes, but not with the same understandingfor to the unlearned the mere shapes of letters appear, while the learned discover the sense that lies within those lettersso in respect to affairs in general, we all see what takes place with the same eyes, but not with the same understanding and judgment.

He had his early education at a private country school, and was removed from thence to Merchant Taylor's, where he received his first taste of letters; for he always reckoned that time which he spent at the former school as lost, since he had only contracted bad habits, and was obliged to unlearn what had been taught him there.

Certainly the true End of visiting Foreign Parts, is to look into their Customs and Policies, and observe in what Particulars they excel or come short of our own; to unlearn some odd Peculiarities in our Manners, and wear off such awkward Stiffnesses and Affectations in our Behaviour, as may possibly have been contracted from constantly associating with one Nation of Men, by a more free, general, and mixed Conversation.

This doctrine it is, that so often makes men atheists in Spain, and profligates in England, as soon as they unlearn the national creed: and the school which have done the mischief, moralize over the wickedness of human nature when it comes to pass instead of blaming the falsehood which they have themselves inculcated.

Therefore suffer me, while I try to draw you forth from those pleasant retreats, which it has been our blessedness hitherto to enjoy, to contemplate the condition and prospects of our Holy Mother in a practical way; so that one and all may unlearn that idle habit, which has grown upon us, of owning the state of things to be bad, yet doing nothing to remedy it. Consider a moment.

He's at's Book; peace, Coxcomb, that such an unlearned tongue as thine should ask for him!

The cases, as there stated, convey no shadow of an idea to the unlearned mind.

It is true their tendency is to teach, to cultivate: but in art there is too often as much to unlearn as to learn, and the unlearning is the more irksome task; prejudice, self-gratulation, have removed the humility which is the first step in the ladder of advancement.

The common Hyacinth is known to the unlearned as the Harebell, so called from the bell shape of its flowers and from its growing so abundantly in thickets frequented by hares.

"But what I have learned," he continues presently, in a low voice, that, by a great effort, he succeeds in making calm and steady, "I cannot again unlearn!

At every stage of the building process it was necessary to check, to question, to evaluate, unlearn, tear down, make a new start.

Intelligence, in the limited sphere in which the unlearned man applies it, in the things he knows, may be more powerful, more penetrating, comprehensive, and quick, in him, than in the technically educated man; for he is educated by things, and especially in those matters which touch his own interests, widely shared.

When the stories brought by travellers, ancient and modern, learned and unlearned, pious or sceptical, agree in the main, we have all the certainty that anthropology can offer.

As speculation, all is 'in the air,' and as in such matters the learned and unlearned are on a level of ignorance, science will not discuss them.

We are not bound by old traditions, we have few prejudices to unlearn, and we are able to see merit in more than one school.

Therefore it befell that our eager and credulous scholar unlearned quite as much as he learned, acquiring the wisdoms of our time in the crudest and most liberal commixture with its unwisdoms.