71 examples of unmakes in sentences

Women cannot only make and unmake empires but they DO make or fail to make harmony at home.

"Well, he believes himself a bigger man than any emperor, for he makes and unmakes kings.

To this question, said Dr. Johnson, I could have replied, thatin the first placethe idea of a CREATOR must be such as that he has a power to unmake or annihilate his creature.'

But the praetorian guard, that makes and unmakes emperors, has been tasting the sweets of tyranny ever since Marcus Aurelius died.

" "Well, isn't that better than risking your neck trying to make and unmake emperors?"

It is not what a man does not, but what he does that makes him or unmakes him.

" "There are schools for the sons of noblemen in which he will forget it," said the friar bitterly; "where they teach disloyalty to princes and unmake men to make machinesand the mainspring is at Rome.

But, whichever way they make it, they wish they had made it the other; so they unmake it directly.

alternation &c (periodicity) 138; inversion &c 219; recoil &c 277; retreat, regression, retrogression &c 283; restoration &c 660; relapse, recidivism &c 661; atavism; vicinism^; V. revert, turn back, regress; relapse &c 661; recoil &c 277; retreat &c 283; restore &c 660; undo, unmake; turn the tide, roll back the tide, turn the scale, tip the scale.

It has been overturned solely by the invasion of an ambitious foreign power, the Czar of Russia; who can no more legitimately make or unmake a governor of Hungary, than General Santa Anna, if in your late war he had forced his way to Washington, could have unmade President Taylor.

The tyrants have no power to unmake history, and to silence the feelings of the nation.

After many remarks directed to the passions, without proposing in specific terms a single provision of their newly projected Constitution, without laying their finger upon a single grievance, without urging a single argument tending to shew that a Constitution does not exist, the address unmakes itself-it unmasks the Convention-it unmasks these patriotic Delegates, and discovers the true cause of this Jacobinic meeting.

He felt a growing regard, an affection, for this unassuming old man before him, who did not know and probably would be slow to understand the hypocrisy, the cunning trickery of lawmakers who unmake laws.

It has only to unmake it, and to allow the distinctions it held apart to merge again into the stream of change.

The concourse of atoms that made will, in process of time, unmake it, in order to make others, ad infinitum, of all possible sorts.

For it is not philosophers who make language, though they often unmake it.

The principal object seems to be to make or unmake a President.

I neither made these thoughts, nor can unmake them.

For all that a man has, that must I bring to the image I shape, that my making may live when time unmakes me and death dissevers me from the figure I make in this world of men.

I hated mine; so that I had never, except in a stealthy visit every day to unmake it, lest Martha should discover the secret of my nightly absence, entered the ill-omened chamber.

Thou taught by fate to know Jehovah's plan, Thet man's devices can't unmake a man.

"The social spirit, the love of regard and of praise," said he, "have raised up in France a tribunal at which all men who draw its eyes upon them are obliged to appear: there public opinion, as from the height of a throne, decrees prizes and crowns, makes and unmakes reputations.

The voters of the Union, who make and unmake constitutions, and upon whose will hang the destinies of our governments, can transmit their supreme authority to no successors save the coming generation of voters, who are the sole heirs of sovereign power.

If there were a God, he would rather entreat Him, and that he would do humbly enough, to unmake him again.

The art of nursing, as now practised, seems to be expressly constituted to unmake what God had made disease to be, viz., a reparative process.

71 examples of  unmakes  in sentences