35 examples of unofficially in sentences

I could have gone and stayed unofficially with a cousin, but he thought that wouldn't do.

Godensky would guess that, too: and he would have perhaps informed the police, very cautiously, very unofficially and confidentially, that he suspected Maxine de Renzie of being a political spy in the pay of England.

We will, unofficially, allow the news of their sorry state to get out of country and into the Dutch papers.

Now Bahadur Rai would be returning, and, as I recalled the man, I wondered how he would take the news of Bibi, his capricious wife, for I had heard (unofficially) that she had no intention of leaving the lines of the 2nd Battalion, or the dashing young Naik Indrase.

"On Jan. 3rd I was informed unofficially by Mr Wood (Admiralty Secretary) that the addition of the Magnetic Ground was sanctioned.

Received a private letter from Colonel Macdonald at Tabriz, with copies of letters received by him from a gentleman he had sent to Teheran on hearing of the massacre of the Russian mission; and from another gentleman, travelling unofficially, who first heard the report between Tabriz and Kamsin.

On August 1 the German Ambassador unofficially asked England to remain neutral on condition that Germany would not violate Belgian neutrality.

I was told to see Baron von Mumm Schwartzenstein, who was officially designated by Von Jagow to handle neutral correspondents, and who, unofficially, I have reason to believe, is connected with the Secret Service.

In the meantime I have in conversation unofficially called the attention of Mr. Fox, the British minister at Washington, to this complaint, and he has given me an assurance that he will immediately address a representation on the subject to the governor of New Brunswick requesting, unless there shall be some very extraordinary reasons against it, that Mr. Greely may be set at liberty.

That was why the Weekly Fact (unofficially called the Anti-Potterite) was started.

At first she practised it privately and unofficially, with a few chosen friends, for it was something very sacred to her.

Unofficially, we believe, he has occasionally done some drilling.

" "Who are you?" asked I, not knowing what to make of such an unofficially speaking person in such a place.

"Speaking unofficially," he said, "there are two possibilities.

Andstrictly unofficially, between you and meI shan't hesitate to do it!" He contrived a smile out of the depths of his despondency.

Unofficially, I think I can speak for Loring and the Boston people.

Unofficially he is known as O.C. Split Infinitives.

Everything in England is done unofficially, casually, by conversations and cliques.

The sword-swallower next them was already busy, and the Homme Sauvage, a hirsute person, whose unprofessional mien was both kind and peaceable (as Yvonne had discovered unofficially last night), was roaring horribly, at two sous the head, in his enclosure near by.

We left Naguilian early in the morning and stopped for lunch at a little place properly called Sablán, but unofficially known as "The Bells."

Close upon six hundred professors, who represent officially or unofficially every school or thought, teach ten or twelve thousand students, who draw from every Mohammedan community, west and east between Manila and Morocco, north and south between Kamchatka and the Malay mosque at Cape Town.

"I would like to ask you unofficially, Miss Barrington," he said at parting, "if you are one to whom responsibility is agreeable?

On this, all through the summer, negotiations were carried on unofficially between the Prince of Augustenburg and the Prussian authorities.

At the end of a friendly visit he was stepping into his canoe when his unofficially appointed executioner stepped quietly forward, levelled his double-barrelled gun, and shot "Lizard" dead.

Agents of the Government abroad, regarding the signature of that treaty as a political occurrence of some importance, obtained, unofficially, copies of it, and transmitted those copies to the Department of State, as other intelligence is communicated for the information of the Government.

35 examples of  unofficially  in sentences