42 examples of unpeopling in sentences

The whole land is bare and unpeopled, the very earth scarcely covering the rock that lies beneath it, and with which the country abounds, in places rising out of the soil in wave-shaped ridges.

Ay, that's civil,and if he do not desist, I'll unpeople Spain

Now that I was nearer to it, I found it not so unpeopled as I thought.

We are placed in the midst of a vast, unpeopled circle, whose radii measure a thousand miles.

It must be centuries before the now unpeopled land of western Kansas and Colorado can be crowded.

Who was this remarkable boy, and how on earth did he come to possess such a magical lodge up here in the unpeopled wilderness?

Unpeopled she the towns of Picardy? Left she the wives of England husbandless?

A distinguished navigator of our own time has compared the appearance of these bergs, after their regularity of shape is lost, and they begin to assume the fantastic outlines that uniformly succeed, to that of a deserted town, built of the purest alabaster, with its edifices crumbling under the seasons, and its countless unpeopled streets, avenues and alleys.

At length, proud prince, ambitious Louis, cease To plague mankind, and trouble Europe's peace; Think on the structures which thy pride has razed, On towns unpeopled, and on fields laid waste; Think on the heaps of corps and streams of blood, On every guilty plain, and purple flood, Thy arms have made, and cease an impious war, Nor waste the lives intrusted to thy care.

Nor was that host More numerous of old, which the great king Poured out on Greece from all the unpeopled East; That bridged the Hellespont from shore to shore, And drank the rivers dry.

They flock in crowds, unpeopling half a world: But when the day of battle calls them forth To charge the well-trained foe, a band compact Of chosen veterans; they press blindly on, In heaps confused, by their own weapons fall, A smoking carnage scattered o'er the plain.

that blasts 190 The huntsman's hopes, and desolation spreads Through all the unpeopled kennel unrestrained.

The owner mourns The unpeopled rivulet, and gladly hears The huntsman's early call, and sees with joy The jovial crew, that march upon its banks In gay parade, with bearded lances armed.

No step retreating, on the sand impress'd, Invites the visit of a second guest; No refluent fin the unpeopled stream divides, No revolant pinion cleaves the airy tides; 235 Nor handed moles, nor beaked worms return, That mining pass the irremeable bourn.

And I partake not of it, but within me I bringe and beare more mysseryes then would Unpeople your whole kyngdome.

If the species of lions, bears, and tigers multiplied to a certain excessive degree, they would not only destroy the species of stags, bucks, sheep, goats, and bulls, but even get the mastery over mankind, and unpeople the earth.

Have we escaped the French fashions of à-la-mode watering-places, to be fastidious amid wigwams and unpeopled shores?

I once saw along the Mediterranean in Italy or France the fastness of a line of nobles, set away up on a lonely hill, glowering, gloomy, and unpeopled, the refuge, mayhap, of the mountain goat, the abiding-place of bats and other creatures of the night.

Between the Ohio and the Great Lakes, directly north of the Appalachian confederacies, and separated from them by the unpeopled wilderness now forming the States of Tennessee and Kentucky, dwelt another set of Indian tribes.

Unless we were willing that the whole continent west of the Alleghanies should remain an unpeopled waste, the hunting-ground of savages, war was inevitable; and even had we been willing, and had we refrained from encroaching on the Indians' lands, the war would have come nevertheless, for then the Indians themselves would have encroached on ours.

The settlement of Kentucky was a much more adventurous and hazardous proceeding than had been the case with any previous westward extension of population from the old colonies; because Kentucky, instead of abutting on already settled districts, was an island in the wilderness, separated by two hundred miles of unpeopled and almost impassable forest from even the extreme outposts of the seacoast commonwealths.

Let those who denounce and deplore this harsh unpeopling come and stand upon the cold, bleak summit of one of these Sutherland mountains.

We are told that the Sultan Mahmoud, by his perpetual Wars abroad, and his Tyranny at home, had filled his Dominions with Ruin and Desolation, and half unpeopled the Persian Empire.

The savage lord of an unpeopled land.

We are in the park nowour own unpeopled, silent park, where none but the deer can see us; and yet he has not offered me the smallest caress; not once has he called me "Nancy;" he, to whom hitherto my homely name has appeared so sweet.

42 examples of  unpeopling  in sentences