165 examples of unrealities in sentences

How silly are those persons who oppose words to things, as if words were not things at all but air-born unrealities!

First of all, you have rid yourself of the notion that words are dead things, unrealities worthy of no more than wooden and mechanical employment.

She tried to remind herself of some of the unpleasant things that neighborhood gossip said of Rance Belmontof Mrs. Corbett's dislike of himbut in the charm of his presence they all faded into vague unrealities.

Its unreality consists in the fact that there was never any real need for it; and the more we grasp the truth of the all-embracingness of the ONE Good, both as Cause and as Effect, on all planes, the more the experience of its opposite will cease to have any place in our lives.

Nevertheless, in the embarrassing dilemma in which Jones would presently be involved, the story would be sure to bear the stamp of unreality to any uninterested hearer.

They abound in unrealities: their whole manner is defaced with would-be cleaverness, with antitheses, epigrams, paradoxes, forced expressions, figures and tricks of speech, straining after originality and profundity when they are merely repeating very commonplace remarks.

' 'But on the stage, by gaslight, in the midst of unrealities,' argued Lesbia.

There was really little she could tell these clever young people, who amazed and attracted her by their reality,the unrealities of "intensity" and "modernity" and the rest had, of course, already begun in London,but she represented to them the sparkle of the new beauty and truth they loved.

Now to this dual loneliness Lorrimer had climbed, and Dickie felt, rather gratefully, that life had reached up to the aching unrealities of his existence.

For weeks it had hung on the edge of consciousness, but he had turned from it with the heart's instinctive clinging to the unrealities by which it lives.

She tried to check herself, to summon up a glittering equivocation; but his face, his voice, the very words he used, were like so many hammer-strokes demolishing the unrealities that imprisoned her.

Imitative essays in its style kept appearing for two hundred years after it, till Wordsworth and other poets who knew the country drove its unrealities out of literature.

To put it philosophically, she made the mistake of avoiding all realities, and yet marrying herself to the hardest of realities, a working man; so it was inevitable that she should go back at last to the region of shadows and mate with that ghostliest of all unrealities, the non-working man.

No unrealities now: I cannot bear them.

He could see it dimly, running into the clearing like a black line beginning far off between the bordering trees; but as he looked, the darkness deepened, the mists thickened, and a look of unreality came over familiar objects.

Out in the open and over the clearing, the mists from the swamp mingling with the darkness gave everything a look of fantastic unreality yet wilder than it had worn earlier in the night.

He had fevered memories of going over side on a stretcher; he was dimly aware of an appalling weakness, which grew hourly, then an agreeable indifference enveloped him, and for a long time he lived in a land of unrealities, of dreams.

Their jerrymandered electoral methods are like wool in their ears, and the rejection of Tweedledum for Tweedledee is taken as a "mandate" for Tweedledee's distinctive brand of political unrealities.... Is this an incurable state of things?

This feeling is increased by the fact that a candidate has constantly to repeat the same arguments, and to stimulate in himself the same emotions, and that mere repetition produces a distressing sense of unreality.

Some have taught the unreality of pain, but the logic of life has spoiled their plausible philosophizing.

A man may carry many hallucinations with him to the grave, but a belief in the unreality of pain is hardly likely to be one of them.

He was tortured by a vague sense of the unreality of this relief that had come so suddenly to put an end to all perplexities.

Their most perplexing unrealities kept the mind restless and almost eager for some supplementary manifestation; so that, when the Star of Bethlehem shone out in the sky of Palestine, there were men looking heavenward with expectant eyes at midnight.

There may be much more mischief in the delicate unrealities of a fashionable preacher, or in many a smooth sentimental treatise on the religious affections.

But all the great novelists of the two last generations indulged themselves and their readers in these unrealities.

165 examples of  unrealities  in sentences