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55 examples of  unthankful  in sentences

55 examples of unthankful in sentences

Blow-hole isn't so s-s-melly as these s-s-kins!' "You better be glad you've got a whole skin of your own and ain't smellin' brimstone," said the Colonel, pouring a little more whisky down the unthankful throat.

I am astonished when I look at my own heart, by which alone I can judge the hearts of others, to see how unthankful one is.

But I am unworthy of such a spiritual blessing, who remain so unthankful a creature for those earthly ones I have enjoyed, because I have them no longer.

If I may say so without offending, I earnestly wish that you would permit me, by resigning your gifts, to retain in my own eyes the right to keep my secret without seeming undutiful or unthankful.

Our Lord Jesus, who spoke, not to philosophers or Scribes and Pharisees, but to plain human beings, weeping and sorrowing, suffering and sinning, like us,told them to be perfect, as our Father in heaven is perfect, by being good to the unthankful and the evil.

And now, unthankful, seek you to disgrade And tear the plumes that Sylla's sword hath won?

So unthankful, so odious is the task of reforming in Morocco and many other countries.

An unthankful viper, an unthankful viper, that will sting the man that revived him.

An unthankful viper, an unthankful viper, that will sting the man that revived him.

"I have seen every thing; I have known every thing; I have forgotten every thing;" and Mirabeau, not unthankful for the protection which her magnanimity thus throw around him, was eager to make atonement for his past insults and injuries.

I cannot walk the city's sultry streets, But the wide porch invites to still retreats, Where passion's thirst is calmed, and care's unthankful gloom.

'We are bidden,' he said, 'to do good to the unthankful and the evil,' which seemed enough for him.

Adj. ungrateful, unmindful, unthankful; thankless, ingrate, wanting in gratitude, insensible of benefits. forgotten; unacknowledged, unthanked^, unrequited, unrewarded; ill- requited.

His disposition is never but shamefully unthankful, for unless he have all he hath nothing.

Sleepe then, and I am pleazd far off to sit Like to a poore and forlorne Sentinell, Watching the unthankful sleepe that severs me From my due part of rest deere love with thee.

Ill-bestowed benefits, ingratitude, unthankful friends, much disquiet and molest some.

Be not unthankful.

"And though all the schools of Galenists, with a wicked and unthankful pride and scorn, detest it in their practice, yet in more grievous diseases, when their vegetals will do no good," they are compelled to seek the help of minerals, though they "use them rashly, unprofitably, slackly, and to no purpose."

"For in a thousand, good there is not one; All be so proud, unthankful, and unkind, With flinty hearts, careless of other's moan.

In the other extreme or in defect, march those impious epicures, libertines, atheists, hypocrites, infidels, worldly, secure, impenitent, unthankful, and carnal-minded men, that attribute all to natural causes, that will acknowledge no supreme power; that have cauterised consciences, or live in a reprobate sense; or such desperate persons as are too distrustful of his mercies.

O envious and unthankful men to think otherwise!

he said, "and I've six things to be thankful for and nine to be unthankful for" One thing for which I think you might feel "unthankful" is your lamentable lack of near relations.

he said, "and I've six things to be thankful for and nine to be unthankful for" One thing for which I think you might feel "unthankful" is your lamentable lack of near relations.

I have, I own it, an Ambition of exempting my self from the Number of unthankful People:

One thing only we grudge to mankind: when a hero, unthankful, Boasts of our gifts as his own, stiffnecked, and dishonours the givers, Turning our weapons against us.

He is unthankful for his blessings, and Heaven's vengeance descends on him.

" When I got up to my little room and said my prayers, I thought over Joe's advice and knew that it was right, and yet my mind was in such a disturbed and unthankful state, that for a long time I lay awake, not thinking over my sins, but still mourning that Joe and Mrs. Joe and I were all common.

But if you think as money can make compensation to me for the loss of the little child what come to the forge,and ever the best of friends-" O dear, good Joe, whom I was so ready to leave, and so unthankful toI see you again to-day, and in a very different light.

Then I reproached myself with my unthankful temper, and how I had repined at my solitary condition; and now what would I give to be on shore there again!

What is the reason, sir, that you seem unthankful and averse to my kindness?

Mr. Falkland seemed extremely disturbed at this information, and exclaimed on me with acrimony, as an unthankful and unnatural villain.

4when men 'shall be disobedient to parents, unthankful, boasters, heady, high-minded, despisers of those who are good, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.'

That was, in St. Paul's eyes, God's plainest witness of Himselfthe sign that God was Love, making His sun shine on the just and on the unjust, and good to the unthankful and the evilin one word, perfect, because He is perfect Love.

And so those young things, after an unthankful and exhausting day's toil, are not going to attend meetings unless these can be made attractive to them.

The wastes, storms, and floods, the unthankful, sandy, moory country, must of themselves make the people more serious, more enterprising, more capable of contentment than in the south, where Nature is not so like a step-mother, nay, has flattered her favourites, thereby rendering them light-minded, indolent, and desirous of enjoying.

But still, I cannot but believe that if we do go on in prosperity, careless and unthankful, we are running into danger; we are likely to bring down on ourselves some sorrow or anxiety which will teach us, which at least is meant to teach usfrom whom all good things come; and to know that the Lord has given, when the Lord has taken away.

In fact I am overwhelmed with mercies, and dreadfully stupid and unthankful for them.

Unavailing and mutual reproaches, for unthankful and pitiless negligence, waste themselves in newspaper paragraphs, elegies, and funeral processions; the debt to genius is then deemed discharged, and a new account of neglect and commemoration is opened between the public and the next who rises to supply his room.

And now, even now, That we have well-nigh finish'd the hard toil, The unthankful, the curse-laden toil of weapons, With faithful indefatigable arm Have roll'd the heavy war-load up the hill, Behold!

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So unhappy are we in our reflections, so forgetful of what good things we receive ourselves, and so unthankful for our deliverance from these calamities that others endure.

It is true, I an ungrateful, unthankful dog, that I am.

Still I am but a dwarf in growth, yet will I not be unthankful for what I am.

In a passage in the seventh Book of the Prelude, he describes, in lines a little prosaic but quite true, how he sat, saw, and heard, not unthankful nor uninspired, the great orator "While he forewarns, denounces, launches forth Against all systems built on abstract rights.

" But Gotzkowsky himself was to have occasion to remind unthankful Leipsic of her professions of gratitudenot to call on her to perform reciprocal favors, but to protect himself against calumny and unfriendly suspicions.

SIR, 'Your Ingratitude for the many Kindnesses I have done you, shall not make me unthankful for the Good you have done me, in letting me see there is such a Man as you in the World.

I have, I own it, an Ambition of exempting my self from the Number of unthankful People:

Everything seems to come at once, though, perhaps, it is unthankful to say so.

I should see I had to do with a gentleman; and any courtesy I should confer on him, he would not be unthankful; for he hated ingratitude of all things.

You forget the arrest, that I passed by: But this it is to be civil to unthankful persons; 'tis feeding an ill-natured dog, that snarls while he takes victuals from your hand.

She bids you then, at least, restore that gold, which she, too lavishly, poured out on you, unthankful man.

Unthankful villain, hold!

When did you ever find me unkind, unthankful, unfaithful?

How could any human being enter into a loving communion with that great Friend whose love is always brooding over our race, who is seeking to do us good and not evil all the days of our lives, who is kind even to the unthankful and the evil,and not be a lover of his fellow men and a servant of all their needs?

Could a youth, and one 540 In ancient story versed, whose breast had heaved Under the weight of classic eloquence, Sit, see, and hear, unthankful, uninspired?