1103 examples of unusually in sentences

Doubtless that vivid dream was also making quite an impression on the mind of the boy; for Max found him unusually docile and thoughtful.

Sophie and her friend had often heard Randal talk, for he was an accomplished raconteur, but that night he exerted himself, and was unusually brilliant and entertaining, as if upon his mettle.

" The November rains were unusually heavy that year, and confined us to the house.

The season was unusually mild; the hunting was scarcely ever interrupted, and Marie Antoinette, who now made it a rule to accompany her husband on every possible occasion, sometimes did not return from the hunt till the night was far advanced, and found her health much benefited by the habit of spending the greater part of even a winter's day in the open air.

During the ensuing rainy season, after an unusually lively party, the Inca got soaked, had a chill, and was laid low.

He liked to hear such military terms of the orderly room from those pretty lips, and he would have replied with something unusually affectionate, and therefore exceedingly precious, but that, as husband and wife reached their own door, they found standing there to greet them the pale wasted face and attenuated figure of Tom Ryfe.

Lady Bearwarden, grave and unusually silent, watched her husband with a sad, wistful air, that goaded Tom to madness.

It was said that these memorialists feared that a colored college so near to Yale might cause friction between the two student bodies, and that the school might attract an unusually large number of undesirable Negroes.

In the faded sunshine of the unusually warm winter afternoon, with its vistas of gold-dusty air, and its noise of playing children and on-surging trolleys and trucks and all the minute life of the saloons and the storeswomen hanging out of windows to get the recreation of watching the confused drama of the streets, neighbors meeting in doorways, young men laughing and chatting in clusters about lamp-postsJoe toiled valiantly and happily.

The mechanical department is unusually copious, and there are some abstracts in the chemical, which are of high value.

It had an unusually good bugler, and his sounding of "taps" on those soft, starlit nights remains with me as one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard.

Among the thousands of bills of sale which the present writer has scanned, in every quarter of the South, many have borne record of exceptional prices for men, mostly artisans and "drivers"; but the few women who brought unusually high prices were described in virtually every case as fine seamstresses, parlor maids, laundresses, hotel cooks, and the like.

We must not have King Midas represented as an example of success; he was a failure of an unusually painful kind.

Howard's tones, never low, were unusually loud this morning, and people turned around to laugh at the blushing child.

It was a warm morning after a night of tempest, and the beach was strewn with seaweed after an unusually high tide.

So unusually severe has been the weather, that the deer and hares in the mountains near, came nearly starved and tamed down by hunger, into the villages to hunt food.

Sept. 30thYou speak of indulging unusually, of late, in your natural vivacity and finding it prejudicial.

There was no sleep for hours this night, though of late, she had been sleeping unusually well....

Here is a work, a translation, which is more likely than most to get its deserts, because its circle of critics will be unusually large.

She could see there was something different, and then she saw that he was hurrying unusually and then that he limped.

These mares were unusually good animals, as an ordinary beast would have cost only five or six pounds.

Its church has a central tower and spire, built over unusually low E.E. arches, with a groined vault.

An accredited anecdote makes Bacon's father inimical to too lavish an outlay in the kitchen; but a far more profuse housekeeper might have been puzzled to dispense with special help, where the consumption of viands and the consequent culinary labour and skill required, were so unusually great.

Chaucer's Cook was a personage of unusually wide experience, having, in his capacity as the keeper of an eating-house, to cater for so many customers of varying tastes and resources.

He became first manly, more manly than the average man, as is often the case with those who have an unusually long boyhood.

1103 examples of  unusually  in sentences