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1103 examples of  unusually  in sentences

1103 examples of unusually in sentences

It was an unusually cold night and the colored people were dumped into the middle of the street and there allowed to remain.

Among the passengers were many citizens of the United States and Canada, and there was an unusually large proportion of women and children on board, the families of men who had been drawn into the maelstrom of war.

The attack opened with strong reconnoitering parties advancing, wherein was noted an unusually large proportion of officers.

" I allowed the hostile vessel to close so nearly that Endo could read through his glass the characterspurposely, I thought, made unusually largeof his Sovereign's peremptory passport.

The neutral Press of the world and an unusually large section of the German Press, immediately pronounced Austria's position to be indefensible and untenable.

Doubtless that vivid dream was also making quite an impression on the mind of the boy; for Max found him unusually docile and thoughtful.

He mounted the stairs smartly without stopping to rest, went with a step unusually light and quiet to his chamber and sat by the window opening upon the rusty balcony.

The other seemed to be unusually modest, for he pulled quickly away.

Frank declared that he wondered at the beast taking to smoked pork; he could not remember any similar circumstance in all his hunting, and concluded that possibly the wildcat must have been unusually hungry.

The sun seemed unusually warm this morning, so Will declared that he meant to tramp over to the lake and try a little fishing, since they would have small opportunity to do any of this when the cold winds came again.

Somebody gave me a shove!" snapped Bluff, beginning to shiver, in spite of the fact that the air seemed unusually warm, though the sun had disappeared behind dark clouds.

But, you see, the day has been unusually close and muggy.

Apicius, who ought to be the patron saint of epicures, made a voyage to the coast of Africa on hearing that lobsters of an unusually large size were to be found there, and, after encountering much distress at sea, met with a disappointment.

For some reason the great fleet of icebergs which drifts south of Cape Race every summer moved down unusually early this year.

General Huerta coveted this horse, and one day, after an unusually lively carouse at general headquarters, he sent a squad of soldiers to bring the horse out of Villa's corral to his own stable.

Saligao Sunday, the 1st of July, was an unusually bright day for the normally dull, wet, cloudy rainy season.

Sophie and her friend had often heard Randal talk, for he was an accomplished raconteur, but that night he exerted himself, and was unusually brilliant and entertaining, as if upon his mettle.

The young men, unusually awkward in their grandfathers' knee-breeches, flapping vests, and swallow-tail coats, footed it bravely with the buxom girls who were the prettier for their quaintness, and danced with such vigor that their high combs stood awry, their furbelows waved wildly, and their cheeks were as red as their breast-knots, or hose.

The major was unusually social and inquisitive, and while the soldiers fought their battles over again the girls listened and took notes, with feminine wits on the alert to catch any personal revelations which might fall from the interesting stranger.

" The November rains were unusually heavy that year, and confined us to the house.

When he returned he was unusually silent, and, riding home, he said thoughtfully: "I saw Laban's brand this afternoon.

At supper, Marston was apparently in unusually good spirits.

Marston thought, and, perhaps, not erroneously, that Sir Wynston suspected something of the real state of affairs, and he was, therefore, incensed to perceive, as he thought, in his manner, very evident indications of his being in unusually good spirits.

He was not a superstitious man, but, in the visions which haunted him, perhaps, was something which made him unusually excitablefor, he experienced a chill of absolute horror, as, standing at the farther end of the room, with his face turned towards the entrance, he beheld the door noiselessly and slowly pushed open, by a pale, thin hand, and a figure dressed in a loose white robe, glide softly in.

" "You are very kind, Sir Stephen," said Howardhis slow drawl unusually quickenedfor he, too, was touched, though he would have died rather than have admitted it, by the warmth of Sir Stephen's reception of his son.

"If I can snare them without being too intrusive," assented Collins, who, since the success of his stratagem of the afternoon before, had been in an unusually complaisant mood.

I did not even stop to take off my make-up, for though the play was an unusually short one, and all the actors and actresses had followed my example of prompt readiness for all four acts, it lacked twenty minutes of twelve when I was dressed.

The season was unusually mild; the hunting was scarcely ever interrupted, and Marie Antoinette, who now made it a rule to accompany her husband on every possible occasion, sometimes did not return from the hunt till the night was far advanced, and found her health much benefited by the habit of spending the greater part of even a winter's day in the open air.

" "They were old hands at the business, that's sure," remarked Frank, when the officer paused to catch his breath; for he was talking unusually fast in his desire to give them all the particulars in as brief a space of time as possible.

Recognizing their friend and master as he walked up and down the gravel path, they came down, fluttered about him, making an unusually loud noise, and the tomtits, the fourteen of the nest, whose feathers were still not quite grown, essayed their first spirals about the pear-trees and their first cries in the open air.

On the way back to the circus, where they were soon to give their evening performance, Joe was unusually quiet.

"But I'll instruct the ticket takers to be unusually careful.

He had, as told in a previous volume, entitled "Joe Strong, the Boy Fish," perfected himself in this sort of work, and could remain submerged for an unusually long time.

Some of them, like "The Swan" and "The Storm Spirit," are unusually beautiful.

A great series of reforms had been peaceably effected without revolution; the kingdom was unusually prosperous; so that Queen Victoria, William's niece, the daughter of his brother the Duke of Kent (whose previous death had made Victoria heir-apparent to the throne), entered upon her illustrious reign under hopeful auspices, June 21, 1837.

As a farmer he was unusually successful, making agriculture lucrative even with slave-labor.

His body being opened, two of the valves of the aorta were found to be ossified; the air cells of the lungs unusually distended; one of the kidneys consumed, and the liver schirrous.

His stature was unusually high, and his person large and well proportioned, but he was rendered uncouth in his appearance by the scars which his scrophulous disease had impressed upon him, by convulsive motions, and by the slovenliness of his garb.

It is true that, for a music-hall song, "Tipperary" was unusually fresh and original.

The utmost, therefore, that Sir T. Byam Martin desired to establish was that, on a single occasion in an unusually protracted continuance of war, the strength of our merchant service enabled it to reinforce the navy up to the latter's requirements; but its doing so prevented it from giving much help afterwards.

'The breadth and acuteness of Nelson's intellect,' says Mahan, 'have been too much overlooked in the admiration excited by his unusually grand moral endowments of resolution, dash, and fearlessness of responsibility!'

The reader ought to be reminded that Joanna d'Arc was subjected to an unusually unfair trial of opinion.

In cases where a mother's memory has been unusually dear to a son, this vocal memento of her, locked into the circle of his own name, gives to it the tenderness of a testamentary relique, or a funeral ring.

The hammer-cloth happened to be unusually gorgeous; and partly on that consideration, but partly also because the box offered the most elevated seat, and undeniably went foremost, it was resolved by acclamation that the box was the imperial place, and, for the scoundrel who drove, he might sit where he could find a perch.

It is impossible for Florentine cloistersor indeed any cloistersnot to have a certain beauty, and these are unusually charming and light, seen both from the loggia and the ground.

In the photographs No. 246a Depositionis unusually striking, but in the original, although beautiful, it is far less radiant than usual with this painter.

During the ensuing rainy season, after an unusually lively party, the Inca got soaked, had a chill, and was laid low.

At the time of our visit they were mostly empty, although their roofs, of unusually heavy thatch, seemed to be in good repair.

We found the walls to be heavy, massive, and well buttressed, the doors to be unusually large and the whole to show considerable "industry and solicitude.

The other night she was brushing her hair, unusually silent and evidently thinking deeply.

At Reate, a vast rock was seen to fly about; the sun appeared unusually red and blood-like.

Practical economy in the management of public affairs can have no adverse influence to contend with more powerful than a large surplus revenue, and the unusually large appropriations for 1837 may without doubt, independently of the extraordinary requisitions for the public service growing out of the state of our Indian relations, be in no inconsiderable degree traced to this source.

But at that moment the Dazzler lifted into an unusually large sea, and, as she cleared the summit, caught a heavy snort of the gale at the very instant she was righting herself to an even keel.

Indeed, it was remarked that at this fatal season the sunsets were unusually splendid.

He liked to hear such military terms of the orderly room from those pretty lips, and he would have replied with something unusually affectionate, and therefore exceedingly precious, but that, as husband and wife reached their own door, they found standing there to greet them the pale wasted face and attenuated figure of Tom Ryfe.

Lady Bearwarden, grave and unusually silent, watched her husband with a sad, wistful air, that goaded Tom to madness.

It was said that these memorialists feared that a colored college so near to Yale might cause friction between the two student bodies, and that the school might attract an unusually large number of undesirable Negroes.

The "Diary of Master William Silence" tells us that the quiet little hamlets presented an unusually gay appearance on these memorable occasions.

She was a little entranced, herself, partly with fatigue for she had put in, one after the other, two unusually laborious days, but partly no doubt with her own magic, with this almost convincing simulation of a home which she and her assistants had produced.

In 1895 an unusually active agitation for the suppression of the trade resulted in the appointment of a parliamentary commission, of which Lord Brassey was chairman.

Though only six weeks old, the little Theodore had grown rapidly, and Mammy Jane declared was already quite large for his age, and displayed signs of an unusually precocious intelligence.

Another, and unusually plausible, form of attack, is to demand that all land not now bearing trees shall be thrown out of the National Forests.

By nine o'clock everybody was yawning, and if the village blacksmith, the postman, and the bell-ringer had not left by that time, they were in an unusually dissipated frame of mind.

Marmaduke's loud conversation was irksome in the street, and it was now clear that he was unusually excited.

An unusually large and rare form with triangular, lanceolate, and pinnatifid pinnules, having blunt, oblong segments.

In the faded sunshine of the unusually warm winter afternoon, with its vistas of gold-dusty air, and its noise of playing children and on-surging trolleys and trucks and all the minute life of the saloons and the storeswomen hanging out of windows to get the recreation of watching the confused drama of the streets, neighbors meeting in doorways, young men laughing and chatting in clusters about lamp-postsJoe toiled valiantly and happily.

The mechanical department is unusually copious, and there are some abstracts in the chemical, which are of high value.

It had an unusually good bugler, and his sounding of "taps" on those soft, starlit nights remains with me as one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard.

Among the thousands of bills of sale which the present writer has scanned, in every quarter of the South, many have borne record of exceptional prices for men, mostly artisans and "drivers"; but the few women who brought unusually high prices were described in virtually every case as fine seamstresses, parlor maids, laundresses, hotel cooks, and the like.

We must not have King Midas represented as an example of success; he was a failure of an unusually painful kind.

Howard's tones, never low, were unusually loud this morning, and people turned around to laugh at the blushing child.

It was a warm morning after a night of tempest, and the beach was strewn with seaweed after an unusually high tide.

So unusually severe has been the weather, that the deer and hares in the mountains near, came nearly starved and tamed down by hunger, into the villages to hunt food.

Sept. 30thYou speak of indulging unusually, of late, in your natural vivacity and finding it prejudicial.

There was no sleep for hours this night, though of late, she had been sleeping unusually well....

Here is a work, a translation, which is more likely than most to get its deserts, because its circle of critics will be unusually large.

She could see there was something different, and then she saw that he was hurrying unusually and then that he limped.

These mares were unusually good animals, as an ordinary beast would have cost only five or six pounds.

The poet was a humpbacked dwarf, a thorough, but rather haughty, Spanish gentleman, poet and wit, who wrote in an unusually pure Spanish style; a man of the world, too, who came to Spain in or about the year 1622, and held the very well-paid office of reporter to the Royal Council of the Indies.

He grew unusually talkative and sentimental, in a few minutes.

"We had an unusually silent breakfast the next morning.

While Alice had been unusually nice to every one, Dorothy felt that Alice was forcing herself to appear natural and happy.

In the afternoon, while we knew not the doom which had been fixed for us, the captain was engaged with several of his men in gambling, in hopes to get back some of the five hundred dollars, they said, he lost but a few nights before; which had made his unusually fractious.

While in many parts of England the crisis of 1864 was unusually severe, in other countries it was of little moment.

But they are not quite independent, and some lenders take whatever sums they can collect on maturing long-time obligations and loan them on short terms at high rates of interest, or buy goods, whole enterprises, bonds, and stocks, at the unusually low prices temporarily prevailing.

A poem of unusually rich metaphors is presented, with the title "A Song of the Mexicans, after the manner of the Otomis."

This species was a long, slim, blue-furred bear with unusually large teeth and very long claws.

All the canyon and the great green gulf below were unusually fresh and beautiful.

But the morning was unusually still and sound carried far.

Its church has a central tower and spire, built over unusually low E.E. arches, with a groined vault.

The interior is well proportioned and gains an air of great spaciousness from an unusually lofty chancel.

An accredited anecdote makes Bacon's father inimical to too lavish an outlay in the kitchen; but a far more profuse housekeeper might have been puzzled to dispense with special help, where the consumption of viands and the consequent culinary labour and skill required, were so unusually great.

Chaucer's Cook was a personage of unusually wide experience, having, in his capacity as the keeper of an eating-house, to cater for so many customers of varying tastes and resources.

He became first manly, more manly than the average man, as is often the case with those who have an unusually long boyhood.

As the day grew warm, unusually warm for September, he had taken off both hat and coat and was sitting in his shirt-sleeves, bare headed, serenely chatting.

Day was darkening around her, aided by the sombre shade of the gigantic trees, which formed a grove where she sat, and the music borne along at intervals sounded unusually mournful.

It was the second day that she had not seen the Viscount; for, fearing to attract notice, he had never made his visits unusually frequent, and well versed in intrigue, he had carried on his intercourse with Caroline in impenetrable secrecy.

It was the middle of June, bright, warm, sunny weather; and the young man's spirits was unusually gay, everything around him tending to heighten the delight which the good news he carried had inspired him with.

There is always a group of uniformed Army and Navy officers on the tribune, too, and to-day, of course, as the Army discussions were on the agenda, there was an unusually brave array of gold braid and brass buttons.

Ethelrida trod on air, and looked unusually sweet and gracious.