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214 examples of  unwell  in sentences

214 examples of unwell in sentences

"My husband, Sir Henry Studley, is very unwell, and I want you to come to see himcan you?will you?"

She is extremely unwell.

We understand, that almost immediately after he had quitted him, on Monday, his majesty observed to sir William Knighton, that Mr. Canning appeared very unwell, and that he was in great alarm for him.

" The Scholar Tsang was once unwell, and calling his pupils to him he said to them, "Disclose to view my feet and my hands.

When unwell, and the prince came to see him, he would arrange his position so that his head inclined towards the east, would put over him his Court robes, and draw his girdle across them.

Hector Macallaster was unwell, and it was a month before he was able to go; but the first day he could he crawled up the hill to the Ruins, and then up the little winding stair to Willie's nest.

The wife was unwell, but she was moving about the house.

"Are you unwell, dear Mr. Effingham?" "Nono'tis impossible!

" Their residence in the capital was very disagreeable, all being cooped up in the Jews' quarter, and obliged to subsist on victuals cooked by these people, which made certain of them unwell, for some of the Barbary Jew's food is very indigestible.

Dr. Johnson has been very unwell indeed.

The Colonel, however, wrote to his wife the impossibility of his quitting his uncle while he continued so unwell, and it was settled that the bride should join him, under the escort of Lord William.

1851-2. Martha Yeardley continued very unwell during the autumn, and by the end of the year her disorder assumed a more alarming form.

I really do trust that our charming French friend is not unwell.

M. de Tocqueville, who was unwell, and who was noticed to be pale and leaning on the sill of a window, received from a soldier a piece of this bread, which he shared with M. Chambolle.

The choice of the aperient, or the dose, or the exact condition of the health of the infant, or whether it is an aperient at all that is required, are points entirely overlooked: a little medicine is thought necessary, because the child appears unwell, and a purgative, or a little white powder, is forthwith given.

In health the countenance of a thild is expressive of serenity in mind and body; but if the child be unwell, this expression will be changed, and in a manner which, to a certain extent, will indicate what part of the system is at fault.

It will thus frequently happen, that a few days before the mother is going to be unwell, the infant will become fretful and uneasy; its stomach will throw up the milk, and its motions will be frequent, watery, and greenish.

The next day Emma, calling on Miss Bates, learned that Jane, who, was at present too unwell to see her, had just accepted a post as governess, obtained for her by Mrs. Elton, and that Frank Churchill had been summoned to return immediately to Richmond in consequence of Mrs. Churchill's state of health.

"I sent for you," said he, in a grandiloquent tone, when I had completed my examination of the beetle, "I sent for you that I might have your counsel and assistance in furthering the views of Fate and of the bug" "My dear Legrand," I cried, interrupting him, "you are certainly unwell, and had better use some little precautions.

In reality, Maria Teresa had been unwell for some time; but the suspicions of the serious character of her complaint, which she secretly entertained, she had never revealed to Marie Antoinette; and at last the end followed too quickly on the first appearance of danger to allow time for any preparatory warnings to be received at Versailles before the fatal intelligence arrived.

" "Non non" said Verty, smiling; "but I am a little unwell, ma mere.

"Mr. Rushton is unwell, and can't transact business to-day," said Roundjacket, softly, for he was thinking of the poor afflicted heart "within;" then he added, "you may call to-morrow, sir," The visitor went away, wondering at "Judge Rushton" being sick; such a thing had never before occurred in the recollection of the "oldest inhabitant."

Mr. Rushton is unwell, and wishes to be quiet.

" "Unwell?" said the boy, "you don't mean sick?" "Not precisely, but indisposed.

The Doctor will not forgive me because I tell him when I am unwell that I had rather die of the disease than of the remedies.

The Protestants (generally) hardly leave the ports, where they have excellent houses, wives, families, go home whenever self or wife is unwell, &c. I passed an American missionary's house yesterday.

At Chelmsford my son was attacked with slight sickness, and being a little unwell did not attend his brother's funeral.

Sarah Gailey, struggling with the complexities of the Cedars, away in Hornsey, was unwell and gloomily desolate.

I should have gone in any case, after her letter this morning saying how unwell she is.

Adj. diseased; ailing &c v.; ill, ill of; taken ill, seized with; indisposed, unwell, sick, squeamish, poorly, seedy; affected with illness, afflicted with illness; laid up, confined, bedridden, invalided, in hospital, on the sick list; out of health, out of sorts; under the weather

The Duke says he was really unwell, and in fact was taking physic all the time he was with him.

I have been so unwell the last two days I have been unable to do any public business.

I felt rather unwell when I went out for my ride this morning," she answered with a frantic attempt at excuse.

Her excuse was that she felt unwell; therefore one of the maids brought her some dinner on a tray.

"Oh, decidedly unwell!"

Turner was unwell, and on arriving at a branch of Crow river, about one hundred miles northwest of Fort Snelling, he found himself unable to swim.

The higher classes and well-to-do farmers show much consideration for high-priced well-conditioned animals, but when they get old or unwell, and demand redoubled care and attention, they are too often neglected, till, from sheer want of ordinary care, they rot and die.

"I hurried up to my room and put the photographs away; then I went down to see whether I could find Sir Alfred Jarnock; but Mr. George Jarnock, who met me, told me that his father was too unwell to rise and would prefer that no one entered the Chapel unless he were about.

On the fifth day (Jan. 24, A.D. 41), feeling unwell after one of his gluttonous suppers, he was indisposed to return to the shows, but at last rose to do so at the solicitation of his attendants.

We are both very unwell, and under affliction for poor Emma, who has had a very dangerous brain fever, and is lying very ill at Bury, from whence I expect a summons to fetch her.

But I have been very unwell and nervous of late.

Yours ratherish unwell C. LAMB.

We find, in one of his letters to Blackwood, dated Wimbledon, May 22, 1819, the following: "I have been unwell with bile and rheumatism, and have come to a little place here, which I have bought lately, for a few days to recruit.

M., from Melrose, for Mr. L. X. for a certain personage on whom we called one day, who lives a slight distance from town, and who was then unwell.

DEAR MURRAY, In consequence of my sister-in-law, Annie Scott, being taken unwell, with frequent fainting fits, the result no doubt of over anxieties of late, I have been obliged to let my wife and children depart by tomorrow's steamer without me, and I remain to attend to Sir Walter thro' his land progress, which will begin on Friday, and end, I hope well, on Wednesday.

He expected to forward his map and special report within one week from the date of his last letter, but a letter of December 10, from another person, informs me he had been unwell, but would forward them within a week from that time.

You must be quite unwell, and I don't know but that I ought to stay here and take care of you.

[10] Scotch for unwell.

I have been unwell to-day in some degree, so that I have not been able to go out all day.

This, added to the noisome odors arising from the canals, affected his health, for he complains of feeling more unwell than at any time since he left home.

My last letter to you was from Venice just as I was about to leave it, quite debilitated and unwell from application to my painting, but more, I believe, from the climate, from the perpetual sirocco which reigned uninterrupted for weeks.

For instance, in a letter to his brother George, of January 22, 1838, he says: "We received the machine on Thursday morning, and in an hour we made the first trial, which did not succeed, nor did it with perfect success until Saturdayall which time Professor M. was rather unwell.

Since that time every one, from the prince to the meanest servant, leaves the palace as soon as they feel themselves unwell.

I felt very unwell today, which was the more unpleasant, as the caravan started in the evening.

" "How long has he been unwell?" demanded Judith, with difficulty repressing her anger.

'Duke Radford did not come in from the store until it was nearly time for night school, so Katherine saw very little more of him, except at a distance, for that evening; but he was so quiet and absorbed that Mrs. Burton asked more than once if he were feeling unwell.

Mr. Lamar is detained at his home in Mississippi by sickness; Mr. Carpenter is confined to his room by sickness; Mr. Conkling has been unwell; I do not know how he is this morning; and Mr. Garland is chairman of the Committee on Territories, which has a meeting this morning that he could not omit to attend.

Though on such a poor pasture, the mare was very fat; she had never been unwell before this attack.

She is quite unwell this morning; has not even got up yet;" and leading the way upstairs, he ushered Mrs. Ellis into the bedroom.

The next day he was too unwell to leave his bed; and Bernardo, with his whole family, who loved the young man, and were anxious to discover and remove the cause of his misery, came to see and console him.

As East had said, the regular master of the form was unwell, and they were to be heard by one of the new masters, quite a young man, who had only just left the university.

"You are not unwell, Madame Caterna?" "No, Adolphe, not yet; but if this continues, I am afraid" "Well, Caroline, we had better go on deck.

I also notice with what attention Monsieur Caterna looks after his wife, and encourages her to make up for the time lost when she was unwell on board the Astara.

It appeared that he had been unwell during the evening, and at half past ten o'clock at night, being attacked more severely, he left for a few moments, expecting to return.

It appeared that he had been unwell during the evening, and at half past ten o'clock at night, being attacked more severely, he left for a few moments, expecting to return.

Indeed he felt so unwell that the need for some slight restorative became pressing.

Joe is very unwell, he has a cough, (he was never strong you know,) and the doctor says he is very much afraid his lungs are diseased.

Yvonne came to my room and told me that Mrs. Ispenlove was here, and was either mad or very unwell, and would I go to her?

I told them that the colored men had been employed on the breastworks of the Rebels, and we needed their aid,that they would be required to do only such labor as we ourselves had done,that they should be treated kindly, and no one should be obliged to work beyond his capacity, or if unwell,and that they should be furnished in a day or two with full soldiers' rations.

Aimwell pretends to be very unwell, and as lady Bountiful's hobby is tending the sick and playing the leech, she orders him to be removed to her mansion.

I paid a second visit to the residence of the latter at Flushing, but regret to say, I found him too unwell to enjoy company.[A] His sons are anxiously desirous of furthering the abolition cause on every suitable occasion.

I have been very unwell and low-spirited.

I wish I could put into words all the blessed thoughts I had last week about God's dear will: it was a week of such sweet content with the work He gave me to do; naturally I hate nursing, and losing the air makes me feel unwell; but what can't God do with us?

"Unwell; not well, indisposed, not in good health.

'I am sorry Mrs. Bolton is unwell.

The next morning at four o'clock he began to feel unwell, but did not wish to disturb others, so called no one until about half past six.

' 'Why, indeed, Plantagenet,' replied Venetia, 'I was very unwell when George visited us; but I really have quite forgotten that I ever was an invalid, and I never mean to be again.

A lady asked if he was unwell.

John is recovering; Eliza is still unwell, but I will leave them in the Lord's hands.

I was benefitted among the dear people; but my body was much wearied when I returned home, and the folio wing day I was very unwell: yet my mind was peaceful.

'I am not going to meet my class to-day, my mother is so unwell; yet I feel a struggle as to the path of duty: but surely in this case duty and affection are one.

However, being unwell, she went home to bed; but could not sleep, in consequence of what her mother had said: so she rose at five the following morning, and went to see her mother again.

That night the negro Sam complained of feeling unwell, and threw his massive form into his hammock, in the hope of becoming better after a short rest.

de then petitioned that we might, on account of our health, (for we were both really unwell,) be permitted to go home for the night, accompanied by guards if it were thought necessary.

de has been unwell for some days, and I could not help giving a hint to a relation of her's whom we found here, and who has frequent supplies of bread from the country, that the bread we eat was peculiarly inimical to her; but I gained only a look of repulsive apprehension, and a cold remark that it was very difficult to get good bread"et que c'etoit bien malheureux."

Still she felt unwell, and seriously burdened by this festive attire, which harmonized so little with her feelings, and was so far from becoming to her figure, for she was only a few weeks from her confinement; but with her gentle and yielding disposition she did not venture, even in thought, to murmur at the compulsion imposed upon her by her step-father's command.

But still she kept looking at her guest so pitifully, sighing so significantly, and shaking her head so sadly, that at last he lost all patience, and asked her, somewhat brusquely, if she was unwell.

Then, before I could reply, he continued: "I have often thought of that expression; it is a good one; it means to say gloomy, depressed, mentally unwell, physically ill perhaps.

One who cannot separate his functions distinctly is unwell and, necessarily, miserable.

"Unwell?" said Tiffles.

On the night that Washington's illness first became serious his secretary narrates that "Between 2 and 3 o'clk on Saturday morning he [Washington] awoke Mrs. Washington & told her he was very unwell, and had had an ague.

I have been very unwell, but I am better now."

"Yes, I have been long unwell, but now I have leave to start in one week, John.

Then I was ill, aching in every limb and seeing everything, as I always did when I was unwell, mistily and with uncertainty.

(Silvestro is her steward.) "Is the noble young Lady Enrica unwell?" asks the persevering sindaco, gazing earnestly through the window.

While I was in Germany I read a lengthy and solicitous letter from Pastor Winter, of Bruch, addressed to Admiral von Tirpitz, who had just retired for the ostensible reason that he was unwell, but whose illness was patently only diplomatic.

At length I gave up the search in despair, and on my way back encountered Master Philippe leaning against a tree, and looking exceedingly helpless and unwell.

Lady Archfield came to her on the first day, and showed her motherly kindness, and Lucy was with her as much as was possible under the exactions of young Madam, who was just sufficiently unwell to resent attention being paid to any other living creature.

My clear Dr. AlexanderSince I had the pleasure of your most agreeable visit, and its accompanying conversation, I have been very unwell and hardly left the house.

It happened one day, in or about the year 1827, that poor Pickle, during the absence of his master, was taken unwell; and the watchful guardian immediately warned the Marquis of the sad fact, and of the progress of the disease, which lasted three daysfor which he sent the three following laconic despatches: Yester, May 1st, 18.