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221 example sentences with  unwinding

221 example sentences with unwinding

" In the wide flare of the swinging lamp, revealing Mrs. Scogin's parlor of chromo, china plaque, and crayon enlargement, sofa, whatnot, and wax bouquet embalmed under glass, Mrs. Burkhardt stood for a moment, blowing into her cupped hands, unwinding herself of shawl, something Niobian in her gesture.

He produced a measuring tape as he spoke, and started to unwind it, walking rapidly towards the house as he did so.

Then he sighed and shrugged his shoulders, and began slowly to unwind a handkerchief which he had tied about his right hand, disclosing several cuts on his knuckles.

Tobey was busy unwinding a long lariat that bent the captive nearly double and secured him firmly to the panting horse.

Nay, one God made and rules: He shall unwind The tangled skein; the hidden law disclose, Whereby so many sinned in thought and deed.

Nay! let him now unwind his magic spells, Or fall our vengeance on his guilty head.

backmy anguish shall unwind the charm!

What a tangle and what an unwinding!

But a hooped skirt with a history, touching and teaching, is no theme for flippancy; so, by your leave, I will unwind my story tenderly, and with reverential regard for its smooth turns of sequence.

He fumbled in his sleeve and drew forth a roll of brown paper covered with heavy Chinese characters unwinding it from a strip of bamboo.

Unwinding the wire and bending the free end into the form of a rude hook, the man attached this last to the cord of his bedside lamp at a point, located by sense of touch, where a minute section of electric light wire had been left naked by defective insulation.

"You don't look much like your pictures, my friend," he said, unwinding the scarf that he was wearing round his neck.

It takes him a long time to unwind it, and he accomplishes the task with many slow gyrations of his enormous rough head.

I was meditating a lecture on the causes of conjugal happiness, but I seem to have stumbled upon a knot in the very first unwinding of the thread of my discourse."

The fable of Arachne was to compliment this new art of spinning and weaving, supposed to surpass in fineness the web of the Spider.] Inlays the broider'd weft with flowery dyes, 70 Quick beat the reeds, the pedals fall and rise; Slow from the beam the lengths of warp unwind, And dance and nod the massy weights behind.

V. evolve; unfold, unroll, unwind, uncoil, untwist, unfurl, untwine, unravel; untangle, disentangle; develop.

Hence, by a chain of induction I need not unwind, he tends to conservatism generally.

one after one its terrible coils unwinding, the grisly monster glided away from my body; and the last sounds that struck my sense of hearing were the"Ya illahi samp!"

In such cases he or they must wisely and warily unwind themselves, unsettle his affections by those rules above prescribed, quin stultos excutit ignes, divert his cogitations, or else bravely bear it out, as Turnus did, Tua sit Lavinia conjux, when he could not get her, with a kind of heroical scorn he bid Aeneas take her, or with a milder farewell, let her go.

Their ghostly fathers can so readily apply remedies, so cunningly string and unstring, wind and unwind their devotions, play upon their consciences with plausible speeches and terrible threats, for their best advantage settle and remove, erect with such facility and deject, let in and out, that I cannot perceive how any man amongst them should much or often labour of this disease, or finally miscarry.

Clerambault found him busy unwinding the wrappings with which the readers of centuries had covered over the original thought of a Chinese philosopher.

It seemed a harder business to untie the knots than to tie them, but at length it was done, and the unwinding process began.

Teddy's face was hot and red, and the spectacle of him trying to unwind the line from the struggling and exasperated farmer was so irresistibly comic to Nancy that she burst out laughing.

It was like a lover attracting him, a magic thread which fastened yonder was unwinding itself to his eye.

But we had to go about three miles along the trail to bring home the things I had to leave behind when Father had his accident," said Katherine, as she stood beside the stove slowly unwinding her wraps.

That moment would be when the string was wound up, and was turning, to unwind.

Men of action exhaust their energies in doing, and are usually impatient of the slow process of unwinding the tangled skein of events which at the moment they had been compelled to cut with the sword.

She looked all about at the unwinding view up Winterbottom Roadso familiar to Ken, who was trying to see it all with fresh eyes.

I guess that's one reason why I haven't been away; I haven't had life enough to want to unwind red tape.

The machine can make a bundle about 200 yards long, which can be removed off the bobbin without unwinding with the greatest facility.

The iconoclasts, with the zeal of neophytes, destroyed every vestige of the magnificent marae, and, unwinding the many coverings of Oro, carried to the king the huge log which had been the national god for ages.

The small figure on the carpet, which had not for one moment ceased its contortions, now consented to unwind its limbs and stand upright; and in this position assumed definite form as a slender slip of a girl, about twelve years of age.

The variation was chiefly due to the angular strain set up when unwinding from the reel.

This strain varied according to the point of unwinding.

It will be seen that by this system two of the sides of the parallelogram are capable of elongating or contracting through the unwinding and winding of the silken thread on the drums of the two cog wheels, which latter, gearing with each other, allow of the escape of but the same length of the two threads.

The leader then starts the line winding around and round the room into a spiral and then unwinding itthe well-known gymnasium class stunt which carried through in a sprightly way is bound to make everybody feel better acquainted.

Our conductor had already made up his mind what to do: he proceeded to unwind his long narrow turban composed of cotton cloth, and called to his comrades to do the same; by joining these together they formed a kind of rope by means of which we gradually lowered each other, till at last a party ten in number were safely landed on the ledge.

The sequence of events resultant on its "unwinding" would be the destiny of the persona destiny determined, necessarily, by past action.

Moreover, each "unwinding" of the karmic coil takes place in a new environment, in a world more highly organized by reason of the play upon it of the collective consciousness of mankind.

The child was swathed none too heavily in clean cotton comforters; it was crying frantically, and its hands, as Brown's encountered them in the unwinding, were cold and blue.

Her principal works are "The Keepsake," "Unwinding the Skein," "In Silk Attire," and "The Bride's Bouquet.

In the process of unwinding, the eggs dropped away and floated to a little distance.

The woman who had brought up the procession, found a place in the far corner, and began to unwind the comforter around her neck.

"It's nothing particular," said Peter, unwinding it slowly from his hand, and humbly giving it up.

By the dim light of the binnacle I could just see the coil of rope unwind as it left his hand; but I could not see where it fell; I knew that there would be no time for another throw; and it seemed to me that my heart did not beat again until I heard from the bow of the sloop a cheery shout of "All right!

He had sprung alongside of Clara, and was already unwinding her lashings.

I could see to the right of me the crowds in the Nevski, that had looked like the continual unwinding of a ragged skein of black silk, break their regular movement and split up like flies falling away from an opening door.

I could see it, with my mind's eye, unwinding its huge tails through the watery-oozing channels of the town, like some pale-coloured snake, crawling through the misty labyrinths of a marsh.

George turned the boat's head toward this place, and, thrusting his hand into his pocket, drew out a "trolling-line," and, dropping the hook into the water behind the boat, began to unwind the line.

While giving utterance to this tirade, Mr. Bainrothe was slowly unwinding a string from around the roll of papers he had laid on the table, and which he now proceeded to spread somewhat ostentatiously before me, still mute and impassive to all his advances as I continued to be.

"Funny thing," he said as he began to unwind, "he was here a moment ago.

In short, the object is merely the loose end of the psychic ball of twine which the psychometrist proceeds to wind or unwind at will.

To reach clairvoyantly a thing, scene, or person in this way is akin to the unwinding of a ball of yarn, when you hold the loose end in your hand.

Cas9 does this by unwinding foreign DNA and checking whether it is complementary to the 20 basepair spacer region of the guide RNA (the spacer region RNA).

Adults, drop in and pick up a ceramic mug and paint for Unwind Time.

Call it a bad, capitalistic coping mechanism, but since I canā€™t go to a spa or MIA in the woods until further notice to unwind, I do what I can.

Cook, potter, decorate your home and do whatever it takes to help you unwind.

ETF investors have begun to take profit in recent days, suggesting that momentum-based market players are unwinding their long positions.

Even as cities are slowly breathing back to life, many are still turning to their balconies for momentary respite, whether it is unwinding after a long day at work or for intimate get togethers.

Experts are split on whether your local swimming pool would be a safe place to unwind during hot summer days.

From much-loved state parks to far-flung tent villages, mom-and-pop campgrounds to island getaways, these 25 spots are perfect for kindling a fire, rolling out a sleeping bag, and unwinding in the Maine outdoors.

He said unwinding the infrastructure created over the last 51 years will be a ā€œgreater lossā€ and pitched for changes in systems including giving shares to the top management to ensure it has a skin in the game.

However new infections and fatalities have fallen steadily in May and the country is unwinding some of the most rigid lockdown restrictions introduced anywhere on the continent.

If the heavy periods are just a normal occurrence, it can be linked to stress as well as a lack of self-care - finding no time to unwind.

I imagine so long as it appears both the President and the First Lady are in reasonable condition, these market moves will unwind."

In serious circumstances, the Government may prohibit the transaction, force the unwinding of the transaction or appoint a statutory manager.

It may mean splashing cold water on the face and patting dry before bedtime or putting on an while unwinding with a good book.

Maumoon Musthafa, Resident Manager at Coco Bodu Hithi, said: 'From fruity skin brightening masks to ice cream body scrubs, we hope people can unwind and relax in their own luxurious spa - feeling a world away from current realities'

Phones and laptops are an integral part of our childrenā€™s lives ā€” whether they are preparing for an exam, or using them to unwind in between.

SAB has received consistent feedback from SAB Zenzele shareholders that they want the opportunity to re-invest part of the value from the unwinding of SAB Zenzele into the new empowerment scheme, which will hold shares directly in AB InBev.

That is when corn cattle spreads starting unwinding.

Thatā€™s the power of a weakened balance sheet, and it will take years for Carnival to unwind this damage, if it can at all.

They played these games to unwind or feel excitement and thrill out of their rather mundane routine.

This month, the Roxy Regional Theatre is offering a fun (and free) way to get into the spirit of the season and unwind in the evenings amid the holiday hustle and bustle.

Trading volume is expected to spike, especially during the opening and close of Fridayā€™s session on account of ā€œquadruple witching,ā€ as investors unwind interests in futures and options contracts prior to expiration.

When Donald Trump took over the presidency, much of his policy in the Middle East seemed focused on unwinding the legacy of his predecessor, Barack Obama, whose administration had struck the nuclear accord with Iran and several other powers.

While that short position reflects the negative sentiment swirling around the dollar, it could also fuel gains if a change in the narrative forced investors to unwind those bets all at once.

With an abundance of modern conveniences including tankless water heating, a new air-conditioning system and state-of-the art security and surveillance system, there really is nothing left to do but relax and unwind ā€“ Kauai style.

ā€œWith the furlough scheme unwinding, cash-strapped firms have been forced into difficult decisions about retaining their staff.

Define this macro to 0 if your target supports DWARF 2 frame unwind information, but it does not yet work with exception handling.

Do not use this directive if the unwind records are filled by the compiler.

For a good 15 or 20 years now, we have been sounding the alarm, and the labour unions, and especially womenā€”and for that matter the employers tooā€”have been denouncing the Canadian government's inaction in the face of this great ā€œunwindingā€.

FYI, I am also obsessive about matching colors with self-patterning yarn; I usually have to unwind half a ball of yarn in order to start a second sock at the same place as the first sock.

Have fun with the group at Unwind.

He visualized three zones: the wash zone, the unwind space and the slumber zone.

However, the concept that H.D. investigates is more than a literary processus of characters who adopt different masks and appear at various junctures in a chronological unwinding of history.

In the time of Charles or his son Dan C the house was important to locals as a place to get the news, pick up the mail and perhaps unwind after a hard week in the fields.

In the village Pavlovo proper, the main part of the male population was engaged in weaving, the women were engaged in unwinding silk.

Its walls suggest an unwinding roll of paper, and visitors watch a show on paper's history.

I was so touched that everyone had taken the time to celebrate and to unwind after such a chaotic day.

Often our vacation time is just as busy as the rest of my year but this summer I made a concerted effort to completely unwind.

Stress can elevate glucose levels, so try to take the time to relax and unwind.

The kids, of course, begin to unwind as soon as they arrive and are busy taking up where they left off last vacation ā€“ at the dock with a fishing line or sitting on the deck with an comic.

At rest in 1940, "Ches Carter's Mother" in Greenspond is stretched into a gentle curve in a backyard hammock, perhaps unwinding at the end of a work week, or taking an hour to recover before stepping back into her busy life.

Attending GPRC allowed Boulet to go home and have dinner with his family in the evening and to study and unwind in an environment he was used to.

The slow breath to tenure: Unwinding the university.

This slow unwinding encourages the viewer to experience the painting over time.

We all love to unwind after a long day, and so do our babies.

Whether its time to unwind after work or a tense match, chess is a wonderful way to pass the time.

Winter break is a great time to relax, and taking a trip to the spa for a massage, facial, manicure, or pedicure is the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate yourself for the New Year.