140 examples of unwinding in sentences

" In the wide flare of the swinging lamp, revealing Mrs. Scogin's parlor of chromo, china plaque, and crayon enlargement, sofa, whatnot, and wax bouquet embalmed under glass, Mrs. Burkhardt stood for a moment, blowing into her cupped hands, unwinding herself of shawl, something Niobian in her gesture.

" Tobey was busy unwinding a long lariat that bent the captive nearly double and secured him firmly to the panting horse.

So delightsome these toys at first, they could spend whole days and nights without sleep, even whole years in such contemplations, and fantastical meditations, which are like so many dreams, and will hardly be drawn from themwinding and unwinding themselves as so many clocks, and still pleasing their humours, until at last the SCENE TURNS UPON

What a tangle and what an unwinding!

" He fumbled in his sleeve and drew forth a roll of brown paper covered with heavy Chinese characters unwinding it from a strip of bamboo.

Unwinding the wire and bending the free end into the form of a rude hook, the man attached this last to the cord of his bedside lamp at a point, located by sense of touch, where a minute section of electric light wire had been left naked by defective insulation.

"You don't look much like your pictures, my friend," he said, unwinding the scarf that he was wearing round his neck.

I was meditating a lecture on the causes of conjugal happiness, but I seem to have stumbled upon a knot in the very first unwinding of the thread of my discourse.

Clerambault found him busy unwinding the wrappings with which the readers of centuries had covered over the original thought of a Chinese philosopher.

It was like a lover attracting him, a magic thread which fastened yonder was unwinding itself to his eye.

But we had to go about three miles along the trail to bring home the things I had to leave behind when Father had his accident," said Katherine, as she stood beside the stove slowly unwinding her wraps.

Men of action exhaust their energies in doing, and are usually impatient of the slow process of unwinding the tangled skein of events which at the moment they had been compelled to cut with the sword.

" She looked all about at the unwinding view up Winterbottom Roadso familiar to Ken, who was trying to see it all with fresh eyes.

The machine can make a bundle about 200 yards long, which can be removed off the bobbin without unwinding with the greatest facility.

The iconoclasts, with the zeal of neophytes, destroyed every vestige of the magnificent marae, and, unwinding the many coverings of Oro, carried to the king the huge log which had been the national god for ages.

It will be seen that by this system two of the sides of the parallelogram are capable of elongating or contracting through the unwinding and winding of the silken thread on the drums of the two cog wheels, which latter, gearing with each other, allow of the escape of but the same length of the two threads.

The leader then starts the line winding around and round the room into a spiral and then unwinding itthe well-known gymnasium class stunt which carried through in a sprightly way is bound to make everybody feel better acquainted.

Moreover, each "unwinding" of the karmic coil takes place in a new environment, in a world more highly organized by reason of the play upon it of the collective consciousness of mankind.

The child was swathed none too heavily in clean cotton comforters; it was crying frantically, and its hands, as Brown's encountered them in the unwinding, were cold and blue.

Her principal works are "The Keepsake," "Unwinding the Skein," "In Silk Attire," and "The Bride's Bouquet.

In the process of unwinding, the eggs dropped away and floated to a little distance.

"It's nothing particular," said Peter, unwinding it slowly from his hand, and humbly giving it up.

He had sprung alongside of Clara, and was already unwinding her lashings.

I could see to the right of me the crowds in the Nevski, that had looked like the continual unwinding of a ragged skein of black silk, break their regular movement and split up like flies falling away from an opening door.

I could see it, with my mind's eye, unwinding its huge tails through the watery-oozing channels of the town, like some pale-coloured snake, crawling through the misty labyrinths of a marsh.

140 examples of  unwinding  in sentences