87 examples of upa in sentences

the two long lances sank feutred to the charge, the broad shields flashed, glittered and were still again; and from that great concourse a sound went upa hum, that swelled, and so was gone.

Now of a sudden above the hiss of flame, from the valley of Brand a cry went upa shouta roar of fear and amaze and thereafter rose a wild clamour; a babel inarticulate, split, ever and anon, by frantic trumpet-blast.

Then she rose to prepare supper, and Kazan got upa little wearilyand went to the door.

Sir Maurice looked upa dark cloud spot suddenly crossed the planet, and he shuddered at the omen.

" They approached over the mossy turf, and presently Paul looked upa strong face, stern and self-contained; the face of a man who would always have a purpose in life, who would never be petty in thought or deed.

I was afraid you were going to get upa girl I once had in a boat did so and we upset.

She leaned farther out to make sure that the leaves of the small silver maple beneath her window were not turned wrong side upa sure sign of rain.

He is tall, broad-shouldered, very well made, well set upa thorough soldier in appearanceand his manners are most courteous, and full of dignity.

Making a lowly curtsey she drew herself upa queenly figureand holding the hands of Lorenzo and Giuliano, on either side, made her way to where Messer Tommaso Soderini was standing.

Get away with that once an hour, your pay would go upa couple of hundred a week.

But one day an acquaintance of the Winchers' turned upa lady from Boston, who had come to Virginia on a botanizing tour; and from scraps of Miss Wincher's conversation with the newcomer, Undine, straining her ears behind a column of the long veranda, obtained a new glimpse into the unimagined.

She had never sung in a place designed to show offor to show upa singer's quality.

It was generally supposed at the time of his extradition that he had communicated with the Russian Embassy, with a view to giving himself upa foolish proceeding on his part, it would seem, since his whereabouts, indeed even his identity as the forger, had not been suspected.

When we sit down to the pleasant task of cutting opennot cutting upa book, we say, "If this won't turn out something, another will; no matter'tis an essay upon human nature.

Toward ten o'clock a breeze springs upa northwest wind and very favorableand Captain Spade gives an order to the boatswain.

Certainly the scenery is not nearly so impressive as that of the Ferrar, but there are interesting features showing upa distinct banded structure on Mount Elizabeth, which we think may well be a recurrence of the Beacon Sandstonemore banding on the Commonwealth Range.

And Jehovah said, Thou carest for a gourd, for which thou hast not troubled thyself, nor hast thou brought it upa thing that came in a night and hath perished in a night.

" "No! a bullet is too honourable a death for a brigand," cried the angry general: "a cart with the shafts turned upa cord round your neckthat is the fitting reward.

The hot water that cooled the tuyères came into it, some fifty yards upa tumultuous, almost boiling affluent, and the steam rose up from the water in silent white wisps and streaks, wrapping damply about them, an incessant succession of ghosts coming up from the black and red eddies, a white uprising that made the head swim.

A miniature cyclone is whirling it upa column of hay twisting in a circle and rising above the trees.

He died as she came upa big, pallid, red-headed zouave, whose blanket, soaked with blood, bore dreadful witness of his end.

The face of my dream was yet easily called upa swarthy face with bright black eyes and a great brow.

A commercial traveler picked me upa kind fellow, but dn him, he wouldn't leave me afterwardswanted to talk to me all night.

" A prayer went upa champion's.

self is of such size that it is said all the guests at a round-upa festival of note in these barbaric regionscan be easily seated around it.

87 examples of  upa  in sentences