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1198 example sentences with  uplifting

1198 example sentences with uplifting

What congregations need most is not altogether formal sermons, but thoughtful, helpful talks containing a fresh, uplifting, and spiritual outlook over life, with a practical bearing on the occasions and duties of life.

But every word of that prayer was meant for the uplifting of my heart.

Something imperceptible, but sweet and comforting, steals over him,an uplifting atmosphere of attention, sympathy, affection.

Business is, at the roots, a way of making nations; of developing the resources of a country, of handling its industries, of protecting its commerce, of enlarging its institutions, of uplifting its training, aspirations, and ideals.

The Railroad Young Men's Christian Associations are said to be a good economic investment, as well as an uplifting moral influence.

Above all, it was a real, solid happinessan uplifting pleasure, to believe he was utterly devoted to her.

Then Roger grasped that strong, uplifting hand, and stood upon his feet, yet spake he no word; and presently they went on along the road together.

The manner of uplifting was to select a certain number of mill girls whom it was deemed well to help, approach them on the subject, and, if they appeared amenable, pay a substitute to take charge of their looms while those in process of being uplifted attended a meeting of the Club.

There seems to be an understanding that people do not need uplifting so much during hot weather.

Miss Lydia did not invite the young men employed about the mill, not having as yet undertaken their uplifting; and feeling quite inadequate to cope with the relations between them and the mill girls, which would be something vital and genuine, and as such, quite foreignif not inimicalto her enterprise.

Yielding to this temptation, he strode forward, chased away the Brahmins with an air of authority, and, uplifting his countenance to heaven, recited the appellations of seven devils.

Where the wand had reposed writhed a ghastly worm, which, as Pan's glance fell upon it, glided towards him, uplifting its head with an aspect of defiance.

Rightly does Creasy rate this important battle so highly, for it meant the final uplifting of the Teuton, and with him the English-speaking races of a later time.)

It is meet and right that this pilgrimage should be begun with thoughts of St Thomas, and especially of what we owe to him, for the first few miles of the way upon what we need not doubt was of old the Pilgrims' road, is anything but uplifting, crowded though it be with memories, most of them of course far later than the Canterbury pilgrimage.

Touch them with your rosy fingers, Wake them with your pleasant tread, Push away the leaf-brown covers, Over all their faces spread; Tell them how the sun is waiting Longer daily in the skies, Looking for the bright uplifting Of their softly-fringed eyes.

ALL PULL TOGETHER The spirit of these seven organizations is uplifting in the broadest sense of the word.

It is characteristic that Berkeley, in his Prospect of Planting Arts and Learning in America, does not indulge the fancy that the wilderness is of itself uplifting; it requires, he assumes, the aid of human culture and wisdom,"the rise of empire and of arts,"to develop its potentialities.

The crisp air cut her glowing cheeks; her blood leaped along her veins; she breathed deeply, a great, uplifting elation bore her along.

Or there may be an insufficiency of standard pressure in the alimentary tract, and we have the ascetic, mal-nourished, striving, uplifting type.

He pledged his word of honor as a gentleman to provide the letters,a laudatory, an uplifting letter, from every citizen in town whose testimony would be of weight; also a half-column of fit praise in the next issue of the Argus, twelve copies of which Potts should freely carry off with him for judicious scattering about the fortunate town in which his journey should end.

The title of the work with which she began her task of uplifting our masses was "Gaskell's Compendium of Forms," a meritorious production of amazing and quite infinite scope, elegantly illustrated.

The future of even the sparrow is in higher hands than ours, and we know not what a day may bring forth," said Mr. John Heron, grimly, and with an uplifting of his heavy brows.

There was a faint uplifting of the brow.

Or rather, by the upheaving force which causes earthquakes, when it acts in a single shock, cracking the earth's crust by an explosion; but which acts, too, slowly and quietly, uplifting day by day, and year by year, some portions of the earth's surface, and letting others sink down; as in the case of the valley of the Jordan and the Dead Sea, which is now 1,300 feet below the level of the Mediterranean.

"My Gwendolaine," Torm answered quickly, moved By an uplifting impulse in his soul, "For you are mine, whomever you may love, I know that Sir Sanpeur did speak the truth; You have not sinned in deed; and though you sinned In purpose, it was more my fault than yours; I drove you to it, and would fain atone.

Truly, the human race progresses by two uplifting energies: War and labor.

They give us an idea of associated and common labor, which then becomes the great uplifting energy, because, unlike war, it does not carry within itself a disdain or violation of the rights of others.

When we hear of members rising on opposite sides of the House, we think of them but as dimly discernible to their opponents, and uplifting their voices, so as to be heard afar; whereas they sit closely enough to feel each other's spheres, to note all expression of face, and to give the debate the character of a conversation.

But since ye deignd so goodly to relent To me your thrall, in whom is little worth, That little that I am shall all be spent In setting your immortal prayses forth: Whose lofty argument, uplifting me, Shall lift you up unto an high degree.

First, Defoe was a jack-at-all-trades, as well as a writer; his interest was largely with the working classes, and notwithstanding many questionable practices, he seems to have had some continued purpose of educating and uplifting the common people.

The white people should see that something clean and uplifting could come out of Niggertown.

He will discover the nature of the bond which unites him to his fellow-citizens, and from this perception will spring that regeneration of the national life from which alone is to be expected the uplifting of England.

He is one of the subtlest analysts of the human mind, the most original and impassioned poet of his age, and one of the most hopeful, inspiring, and uplifting teachers of modern times.

Even in his social and moral exhortations, tinctured as they are with medievalism, and however much we may here again disagree with him, he had much that was uplifting and inspiring to say to his time,a time that had great need of his apostolic counsellings and his fervent inculcations of morality, industry, religion, and humanity.

And the sight was an astonishment and an uplifting, that indeed there was so mighty a thing in all the earth.

And all this did I think very swift to myself, and had a glad uplifting of the heart, as you do perceive; so that I went forward upon my journey, with a great stride, and did scarce fear any strange thing that all the Country did hold, in that moment.

And truly this is but a natural desiring and human, and the cause proper to the uplifting of manhood.

And she then to make me to be quiet, and to keep my hands downward from her hair, because that the uplifting did prove overmuch to me; and she took my great hands then, and did threaten how dreadful she use me, if that

But the thing that I do have upon my heart doth be that dear and uplifting Power of Love, which I to set forth in this mine own story; for, in truth, I to have known love, and to need death when that I be parted from Mine Own.

For who shall say how much or how little we then to go forward unto loveliness; and I at this point to tell you that I do have a wondrous hope of beauteous things, and of sweet and mighty Uplifting and Furtherance unto that Glad World which we have beheld the shores of, when that we had stood in holiness with the Beloved.

And we then to watch alway as we journeyed, and to see how that the vague shudderings of light did grow in the distance of the night, and did merge and become known presently in a strange uplifting and falling of a far away blue flame.

At the end of the Farewell Pilgrimage, he realised with one grand uplifting of his soul in thanksgiving that he had indeed caught up the errant attempts of Arabia to remodel its unsatisfying faith, and had made of them a triumphant reality, in which the conception of Allah's

Till, not incensed though put to proof, The Ass, uplifting a hind hoof, Salutes the Mastiff on the head; 550

The beauty of the scene was strangely uplifting.

I don't know what at some periods of my life I should have done without these blessed sympathizers and outlets and uplifting friends.

This ill-starred venture was then apparently in the full tide of prosperity, and promised to be a great lever in the uplifting of the submerged race.

The earnest gaze of the dying soldier met more, perhaps, in its uplifting; for Frank Scherman had a look, in this instant of enacting, that he had never got before in all his practicings.

Before the frost is gone, and while the newborn season is yet too weak to assert itself by actually uplifting anything, it can at least let fall these blossoms, one by one, till they wave defiance to the winter on a thousand boughs.

You talk about inspiration and uplifting the public, and all that, and you want to do it in six months.

He quickly recalled his robes and suppressed his grin, contenting himself with a beatific expression which must have been very uplifting to the congregation.

For the first time I saw a woman who knew what I knew, felt what I felt, and was strong in purpose and power to accomplish our common aim,the uplifting of the fallen, the employment of the idle, and the purification of society.

There was something catching, comforting, uplifting in the spectacle of that overbrimming content.

For all over the flimsy wooden houses, the wretched palings, the galvanized iron roofing, the ugly verandas, hang gorgeous draperies of the giant acacias, the brilliant flamboyantes, the bountiful, yellow allamanda, the generous breadfruit, and the uplifting glory of the cocoanut-trees, while magnificent vines and creepers cover the tawdry paint of the faรงades and embower the homes in green and flower.

How shall we, Whom the stars draw so, and the uplifting sea? Answer, thou Secret Heart!

There is little to be said for the artificial uplifting of animal spirits, yet few could take great exception to so rare an outburst in a long run of quiet days.

And so on and go on, said he, and these uplifting thoughts had a fine effect upon everyone.

He saw that it was the most effective means of uplifting the race and leading mankind to accept God's mastery over their minds and lives.

Here was news coming; and the Baronet stood up looking at the door, on which presently came a hurried rapping; and before he had answered, in the midst of a long thunder-clap that suddenly broke, rattling over the house, the good woman opened the door in great agitation, and cried with a tremulous uplifting of her hands.

And whenever it does this there is no preaching which is so thrilling and uplifting and mighty as the preaching which deals with the great fundamental doctrines.

"The education of girls is of the most vital importance for the uplifting of the colored people of the South.

ALLEN, HAROLD B. Come over into Macedonia: the story of a ten-year adventure in uplifting a war-torn people.

The light that came with it would be cheerful and uplifting, but it would disclose their covert, at least in part, and St. Luc might lead both French and Indians in one great rush.

The organ gave forth notes just as harmonious and perfect, but the music lacked the brilliancy and uplifting power that had hitherto characterized it.

He thanked us in turn for the many pleasant memories we had revived in those pages, "but," said he, "they have filled me with indignation, too, at the repeated insults offered to women so earnestly engaged in honest endeavors for the uplifting of mankind.

(5) for demonstrating the uplifting influence of Christ upon that sex which has been so disastrously ignored and repressed in India, and for proving that the best is none too good for Indian womanhood.

As I was unable to obtain reliable information concerning them on which to base legislation for their control and uplifting, I proceeded to get such information for myself by visiting their territory, much of which was then quite unexplored.

Stupid boor that he was, he could not have explained the terrifying effect which this wild music and those tense, uplifting faces had upon him, but he would have given anything to be back in his mother's kitchen, with the lamp lit and the dark, unfamiliar night shut out.

To women this uplifting, these open doors, mean more than to men.

The richest, fullest development of life flows through the better social relations, and from times of old has been uplifting."

As a side-line, she made a specialty of trying to uplift the masses, and her husband furnished the raw material for the uplifting, as he paid his men less and worked 'em harder than any one else in Chicago.

For at least a hundred thousand years man has rendered this planet abominable and ridiculous with what he is pleased to call his intelligence, without, however, having learned that his life is merely the breaking of the peace of unconsciousness, the drowsy uplifting of tired eyelids of somnolent nature.

" Rabbi Ben Levi closed the sacred book, And rising, and uplifting his gray head, "Give me thy sword," he to the Angel said, "Lest thou shouldst fall upon me by the way.

Nay, wind, I hear you, desperate brother, in your might Whistle and howl; I shall not tarry long, And though the day be blind and fierce, the night Be dense and wild, I still am glad and strong To meet you face to face; through all your gust and drifting With brow held high, my joyous hands uplifting, I cry you song for song.

The woman looked at Jone with a venerative uplifting of her eyebrows.

On 29 September 2009, the Pakistani Prime Minister, while addressing a huge gathering in Gilgit-Baltistan, announced a multi-billion rupee development package aimed at the socio-economic uplifting of people in the area.

There was in that sense a kind of uplifting grandeur.

According to Kim, the music will be shared soon for anyone who needs "some uplifting."

By uplifting our leaders, the left out and the overlooked, we can bring about solutions that elicit systemic change both in New Orleans and around the country and ultimately make a safer, more equitable America.

Consuming vitamin rich foods and specific immunity uplifting items such as turmeric, almonds, etc can really help ensure our bodyโ€™s natural defence mechanism.

Hearing the actual survivors brings an uplifting promise for the possibilities of tomorrow.

He said: โ€œRunning through the occasion is the central message of good over evil, hope over despair, knowledge over ignorance, an uplifting message that I believe we can all take to our hearts.โ€

Although spending mandatory time at home with the kids has thrown our daily routines for a loop, some celebrity families are making the most out of self-isolation by filming uplifting dance routines and sharing them on social media.

โ€œI believe in the power of prayer, and it has been uplifting to hear that so many people are praying for me,โ€ she said.

And every time I hear of your name, theyโ€™re always uplifting you.

Itโ€™s an arguably more poppy take on The Chatsโ€™ original that somehow ends up feeling kind of uplifting?

Ogbonna urged the new executives to work for the welfare of members and uplifting of the unionโ€™s goals and aspirations in the FCTA.

Part of a multifaceted image campaign, the uplifting 60-second piece communicates the breadth and scope of CGTNโ€™s international news coverage.

San Dimas reached out to its two most excellent graduates who took some time to offer an uplifting message to the class of 2020.

The top priority was for economic justice more than uplifting the level of religious observance, a struggle we still see in our fold today.

To celebrate the countryโ€™s Independence Day, each year the President of Israel opens his home to people of all walks of life and personally meets them for a brief selfie sesh, accompanied by an uplifting speech.

Together, the two have a life-changing road trip in this charming, uplifting indie drama.

Trying to find positives through quarantine may seem out of reach, but some have found the extra time they get to spend with friends and family uplifting.

Uplifting: the couple's struggles make way for a more powerful, feelgood message.

Everyone will leave with powerful and uplifting techniques to improve their mental well being.

Free Days with George is an uplifting, inspirational story about the healing power of animals, and about leaving the past behind to embrace love, hope and happiness.

Hiking through the lush green forests of Vancouver Island is a beautiful and uplifting experience on the Holland Creek Trail, the Morden Colliery Trail and several others in the local area.

In the funny, uplifting and poetic feature, (1990), he won his first on-screen starring role as Dr. Maurice Bicke, the real-life superintendent of a 19th-century insane asylum who meets Walt Whitman (Rip Torn).

Levinson said watching the reaction of students, who frequently mob survivor speakers and hug them at the end of a symposium, is uplifting.

Sustainability Awareness Week helps fulfill our promise to the uplifting of the whole people.

The oil refreshes the body with an uplifting fragrance that clears the mind and provides a sense of well-being.