937 examples of uplifting in sentences

Where the wand had reposed writhed a ghastly worm, which, as Pan's glance fell upon it, glided towards him, uplifting its head with an aspect of defiance.

Touch them with your rosy fingers, Wake them with your pleasant tread, Push away the leaf-brown covers, Over all their faces spread; Tell them how the sun is waiting Longer daily in the skies, Looking for the bright uplifting Of their softly-fringed eyes.

It is characteristic that Berkeley, in his Prospect of Planting Arts and Learning in America, does not indulge the fancy that the wilderness is of itself uplifting; it requires, he assumes, the aid of human culture and wisdom,"the rise of empire and of arts,"to develop its potentialities.

He pledged his word of honor as a gentleman to provide the letters,a laudatory, an uplifting letter, from every citizen in town whose testimony would be of weight; also a half-column of fit praise in the next issue of the Argus, twelve copies of which Potts should freely carry off with him for judicious scattering about the fortunate town in which his journey should end.

The future of even the sparrow is in higher hands than ours, and we know not what a day may bring forth," said Mr. John Heron, grimly, and with an uplifting of his heavy brows.

And the sight was an astonishment and an uplifting, that indeed there was so mighty a thing in all the earth.

And all this did I think very swift to myself, and had a glad uplifting of the heart, as you do perceive; so that I went forward upon my journey, with a great stride, and did scarce fear any strange thing that all the Country did hold, in that moment.

The smoky haze of an Oregon August hid all the length of its lesser ridges and left this mighty summit based upon uplifting dimness.

These aspirations to the face of the great gods 37 have gone up; on my destiny steadfastly have they determined; at the wishes of my heart and the uplifting of my hand, Istar, exalted Lady, 38 hath favored me in my intentions, and to the conduct of (my) battles and warfare hath applied her heart.

This ill-starred venture was then apparently in the full tide of prosperity, and promised to be a great lever in the uplifting of the submerged race.

4. I am convinced moreover that this is a subsidiary question, and that our main efforts must be directed towards reaching and uplifting the purely Indian submerged.

Up to this stage the great social scheme of General Booth for uplifting the "sunken tenth," has been, so to speak, "in the air."

The music was like a fragrant atmosphere to the drama, softening and refining what was harsh, giving a needed stress here and there, and investing the whole story with a subtle and uplifting charm.

One cannot read the drama without a thrill, without a clutching at the heart, at its marvellous meaning, its uplifting and ennobling lessons.

TO SIDNEY LANIER MAX EASTMAN '05 Thy name is not the highest in thy art, Though music sweet thou singest in thy songs That unto thee alone of all belongs, Uplifting Love in every burdened heart; Thou hast not left us perfect poetry; But thou hast left by far a greater thing, A poem such as man did never sing Thine own brave life, a lifelong victory.

The light that came with it would be cheerful and uplifting, but it would disclose their covert, at least in part, and St. Luc might lead both French and Indians in one great rush.

" "Above the pines the moon was slowly drifting, The river sang below, The dim Sierras far beyond uplifting Their minarets of snow.

I had brought back instead an impression heroic, uplifting, altogether inspiring.

It is one of the things that make me sorry to feel that our own country is evidently going to avoid a movement which might have been at once healthy and uplifting.

As a side-line, she made a specialty of trying to uplift the masses, and her husband furnished the raw material for the uplifting, as he paid his men less and worked 'em harder than any one else in Chicago.

My poor conscience, are you still struggling in the fallacy of free will? For at least a hundred thousand years man has rendered this planet abominable and ridiculous with what he is pleased to call his intelligence, without, however, having learned that his life is merely the breaking of the peace of unconsciousness, the drowsy uplifting of tired eyelids of somnolent nature.

There was a rapt and far-off look in her eye, as if she were looking beyond the present pain to a brighter future for the race with which she was identified, and felt the grandeur of a divine commission to labor for its uplifting.

Till, not incensed though put to proof, The Ass, uplifting a hind hoof, Salutes the Mastiff on the head; 550 And so were better manners bred, And all was calmed and quieted.

It needed no second glance to tell me what object lay beneath that cloth, uplifting it in ghastly outline!

The bond between them had strengthened, until it had become to each a bond of strength indeed, mighty and uplifting.

937 examples of  uplifting  in sentences