488 examples of uppermost in sentences

The three boxes had been placed in the form of a pyramid directly under the banana, which hung about eighteen inches above the uppermost box.

Almost immediately he climbed up as far as the second box, but although he could reach the banana only from the uppermost box, he deliberately shoved it off to the ground and sat down upon box 2.

Skilfully approaching the subject which next to Carolina Langdon had been uppermost in his mind during his visit, Norton asked the Senator-elect on joining him if he did not believe that the entire South would benefit if the plan to establish a naval base on the gulf was successfully carried through.

He is as likely to use it wrong end uppermost as in any other manner.

The canoe still lay there as I had last seen her in the night, ribs uppermost, the paddles, or rather, the paddle, on the sand beside her.

It was a still, cloudy, sultry evening, after one of those dull, oppressive days when all the bad blood in a man seems to be uppermost in his veins.

Of these 505 only 289 were different The precise proportions in which the 505 were distributed in quadruplets, triplets, doublets, or singles, is shown in the uppermost lines of Table I.

" "That's the right sentiments, sironly keep such feelings uppermost, and we shall do right down well.

Yet are the wings of his pride for ever clipt; and yet a virtuous predominance of filial grief is so ever uppermost, that you may discover his thoughts less troubled with conjecturing what living opinions will say, and judge of his deeds, than absorbed and buried with the dead, whom his indiscretion made so.

A second thereafter they lay so, flaming eyes staring into their doubles; then suddenly the uppermost man broke free, arose.

But doctrinal preaching need not be antiquated or belated, it may be fresh, it may be couched in the language in which men were born, it may use for its illustrations the images and figures and analogies which are uppermost in men's imagination.

He seldom, if ever, alluded to them, unless reminded by some direct question; but the unfortunate beings who had persevered in reformation, and manifested gratitude, were always uppermost in his thoughts.

" "But the ball game with Husted is on Saturday," said Larry, giving voice to the thought uppermost in his mind.

There, in place of the commission against the heretics, lay the pack of cards with the knave of clubs uppermost!

At last I succeeded in getting uppermost, when I let him go and ran into the sea, and swam out; but being much exhausted, and the only chance of my life was to return to the shore, I landed again fully expecting to be knocked on the head.

But in a moment Albert's better feeling was uppermost.

That good motives were uppermost, I will not say.

There was no end to the questions about the road we had to answer, for this was uppermost on their minds, and we tried to tell them and show them how we must get along on our return.

Just as we were ready to leave and return to camp we took off our hats, and then overlooking the scene of so much trial, suffering and death spoke the thought uppermost saying:"Good

Twist the ends of the paper lightly together above the fringe, and stand the potatoes in a vegetable dish with the cut end uppermost.

Fill the shells with the mixture, place cut side uppermost, in a pudding dish, and brown in the oven.

Beat up three or four eggs, pour them into an omelet pan, and sprinkle a little white sugar over them while frying, hold a salamander or hot shovel over the uppermost side of the omelet, as it must only be fried on one side.

It was not the mystery, now fathomed, nor the struggle, now ended, that was uppermost in my mind and heart, but memories of a girl who had mocked me with delicious girlish laughter, who had led me away that I might see her transformed into another, more charming, being.

And as for old Rome, she vindicates more than ever her title to the epithet Eterna, by her similitude to those nursery toys which, throw them about as you will, still with infallible certitude come down heads uppermost.

Hope and despair were fighting together in his soul, and at that time despair was uppermost.

488 examples of  uppermost  in sentences