51 examples of uprisings in sentences

To these discontents and angry uprisings the government was haughty and cold, looking upon them as revolutionary and dangerous, and putting them down by sheriffs and soldiers, by coercion bills and the suspension of the Act of habeas corpus.

Such an assertion may seem to run counter to the common idea of Hungary as the home of liberty and the vanguard of popular uprisings against despotism, and it is certainly incompatible with the arrogant claim of Magyar Statesmen that "nowhere in the world is there so much freedom as in Hungary."

" "But, Señor Simoun, such measures might provoke uprisings," objected Don Custodio, rather uneasy over the turn the affair had taken.

"Uprisings, ha, ha!

They have put down a dozen Indian uprisings on the plains, and only a few months ago were sent for to keep order in Chicago during the railway strikes.

The uprisings in Dalmatia and in Spain were in a short time quelled.

There have been revolts and bloody wars, caused by Polish uprisings, time and time again, and the Poles will never be satisfied until their unhappy country is once more united.

Only their great fear of uprisings similar to the French Revolution had driven them to act together in crushing the French Republic, and the empire voted by the people, which had followed it.

All through the first half of the 19th century, there were uprisings and struggles among these people.

The military leaders who really ruled Austria, were in favor of crushing these attempted uprisings with an iron hand.

From the beginning of the British occupation of India there had been frequent local uprisings caused by discontent or conspiracy, but the East India Company, and the officials of the British government who supported it, had perfect confidence in the loyalty of the sepoysthe native soldiers who were hired to fight against their fellow countrymen for so much pay.

They testify that in all popular discontent and uprisings they have exerted a powerful influence for peace and order and for the support of the government.

I don't remember if they was in any uprisings or not.

I never heard of no uprisings.

These uprisings have besides stimulated to an encouraging degree the forming of an intelligent public opinion upon the problem of the immigrant, and a wholesomely increased sense of responsibility towards the immigrant.

At the bottom of Cuba's several little uprisings, and at the bottom of its final revolt in 1895, lay the same cause of offence.

In 1802 there were capital convictions of fourteen insurgent or conspiring slaves in six scattered counties of Virginia; and panicky reports of uprisings were sent out from Hartford and Bertie Counties, North Carolina.

For excitement, the frequent Indian uprisings, and more frequent Indian scares, afforded abundant material upon which the young enterprising and adventurous spirits of the day could work off their surplus energies.

The spring uprisings of the Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri Rivers are due largely to the lack of forests at their headwaters.

There was uprisings like I'm telling you but the colored folks didn't have nothing to go in a gun if he had one.

Between the Indians and the white men peace nominally reigned, but rumors were flying of impending uprisings, and the Red Man's smouldering hate was soon to burst into the flame known as Lord Dunmore's War.

Of course, like any man of sensibility, he was bound by the chains that deeper impulses forge, but he had never been hampered by any restraints directed at his ordinary uprisings and downsittings.

" "Then cease thy uprisings."

She passed from flower to flower, endeavouring to 'suage the uprisings of Cupid.

"While," says Dr. Lindsay, "the social tumults and popular uprisings against authority, which are a feature of the close of the Middle Ages, are usually and rightly enough called peasant insurrections, the name tends to obscure their real character.

51 examples of  uprisings  in sentences