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419 example sentences with  urchins

419 example sentences with urchins

It is no wonder then that the urchins scrawled upon the walls of the town, "C.G. is a jolly good feller".

The Policemen scattered, while a crowd of ragged urchins colected about me.

Such are the corals; those corallines which are called Polyzoa; those creatures which fabricate the lamp-shells, and are called Brachiopoda; the pearly Nautilus, and all animals allied to it; and all the forms of sea-urchins and star-fishes.

The valves of the shell-fishes are commonly adherent; the long spines of some of the sea-urchins, which would be detached by the smallest jar, often remain in their places.

Bivalve and univalve mollusca seem to be rare at the greatest depths; but starfishes, sea urchins and other echinoderms, zoophytes, sponges, and protozoa abound.

The sea urchins of the deep sea, while none of them are specifically identical with any chalk form, belong to the same general groups, and some closely approach extinct cretaceous genera.

The coming of the carriage was a signal to a swarm of small black urchins to scramble, grinning and delighted, to the wide lawn.

" He's tickled by the urchins' eulogies, Who praise him as the master of chicane.

"Meanwhile from street and lane a noisy crowd" Of vagabonds and urchins, shouting loud, Gathered around the poor, bedraggled squealer, Until at length there came a stout Rye peeler; Who forthwith told the belle her cries to cease.

Then on the day after the wedding, in the presence of many friends who had come to offer their congratulations, a stout nurse, bearing the two chubby little ones, made her appearance; and these rosy urchins, springing forward, shouted affectionately, "Maman!

There never was heard a much lustier shout As the apples and oranges tumbled about; And urchins, that stand with their thievish eyes Forever on watch, ran off each with a prize.

It was that marriage was, for himand for them all, the serried Frenchesa great matter, a goal to which a man of intelligence, a real shy, beautiful man of the world, didn't hop on one foot, didn't skip and jump, as if he were playing an urchins' game, but toward which he proceeded with a deep and anxious, a noble and highly just deliberation.

Eftsoons the urchins to their tasks repair; Their books of stature small they take in hand, Which with pellucid horn securรจd are; To save from finger wet the letters fair: The work so gay, that on their back is seen, St. George's high achievements does declare; On which thilk wight that has y-gazing been Kens the forth-coming rod, unpleasing sight, I ween!

Boys and girls, The vacant and the busy, maids and youths, And urchins newly breechedall pass him by: 65 Him even the slow-paced waggon leaves behind.

and while they tumbled one over another in their needless haste to fly, he would rise carefully from his seat, while the aged mute, with downcast face, went on rowing, and rolling up his brown fist and extending it toward the urchins, would pour forth such an unholy broadside of French imprecation and invective as would all but craze them with delight.

He has broken sadly of late, and the street urchins are ever at his heels.

The sunset was dimmed by the smoke of burning prairies, the air was full of the ashes of grass and reeds, ragged urchins were lugging home sticks of cordwood, and when a bit of coal fell from a cart in front of Kookoo's old house, a child was boxed half across the street and robbed of the booty by a blanchisseuse de fin from over the way.

All were eager to take part in it, all hastened to the triumphal gathering, from the white-haired old men to the urchins who still sucked their thumbs.

But as for the young folks, the youths and maidens, the urchins and the little girls, they, it was thought, might well be left to seat themselves as their fancy listed.

They could hear their own hearts beating in the breasts of the fair-haired urchins who already laughed with ecstasy at the sight of the cakes and pastry on the table.

to the astoundment of the young urchins, my contemporaries, who, not being able to guess at its recondite machinery, were almost tempted to hail the wondrous work as magic!

p the baby from squirming on to the floor, the plate from upsetting, and to feed the hungry urchins who stood in a row with open mouths, like young birds, was past my comprehension.

Lancelot could not help, even at the risk of detection, investing capital enough in sugar-plums and gingerbread, to furnish the urchins around with the material for a whole carnival of stomach- aches; and he felt a great inclination to clear the fairing-stall in a like manner, on behalf of the poor bedizened sickly-looking girls round, but he was afraid of the jealousy of some beer-bemuddled swain.

"Come on, Dame Linkon, and take your bath," cried some idle urchins, waiting at the water in anticipation of rare sport.

The urchins and older persons began to cry: "Hold back, Dame Linkon; make them earn their fees.

yelled three or four urchins, dashing up to the spot.

I think our own eyes will prove it: they are the same shapes, and of the same substance; but as a still surer proof, we find exactly the same fossils in them; sponges, choanites (which were something like our modern sea-anemones), corals, and "shepherds' crowns" as the boys call the fossil sea-urchins.

* * * * * Some of our street urchins are quite bucking up in their education.

A loud cry from the urchins that squatted round the purlieus of the camp, with a growl of friendly recognition from the ragged dogs, brought the women to the entrance of the camp.

The Osage girlsand many of them were exceedingly prettywere congregated near the edge of the stream, in which dozens of little urchins were bathing.

The outgoing tide exposed starfish and sea-urchins, and the children tried to catch the flakes of foam which the wind blew away.

The urchins peeped at him through the cracks in the walls and threw stones that fell on his miserable bed, where he lay gasping with catarrh, with long hair, inflamed eyelids, and a tumour as big as his head on one arm.

Learn of him, you diminutive urchins, how to behave yourselves in your vocation: take not up your standings in a nut-tree, when you should be waiting on my lord's trencher.

Afterwards Will Summer, addressing the performers, says to them: "Learn of him, you diminutive urchins, how to behave yourselves in your vocations," &c.

Rip's daughter took him home to live with her; she had a snug well-furnished house, and a stout cheery farmer for a husband, whom Rip recollected for one of the urchins that used to climb upon his back.

Some dirty urchins saw me, And soon they raised my dander, Crying, โ€œMother, quick!

You might also find Sea-urchins half-dead, washed into the rock-pools.

But now every one, even the mischievous urchins, seemed to sense that something unusual was about to take place.

Brass pots were being scoured in the doorways; babies sprawled in the sun; a smell of cooking sweetmeats filled the air; a band of small urchins in the roadway, wearing the sham accoutrements of war, was prancing blithely to the song of "Lang-taraf-Tippalaerlee," and as their leader pulled up to give me a grave and perfect salute I recognised the son of old Bahadur Rai.

I have often remarked your lordship with admiration, talking big and blustering loud, so as to frighten urchins who were about half your lordship's size, when you had no precise meaning in any thing you said.

urchins, huger brainstone corals, round and gray, and

Among them were curious flat cake-urchins, with oval holes punched in them, so brittle that, in spite of all our care, they resolved themselves into the loose sand of which they had been originally compact; and I could therefore verify neither their genus nor their species.

Upon a carved old oak cupboard, which held the clothes of the family, were arranged various rare shells and stones, curious sea-urchins and other treasures of the sea, and in the centre, the chief ornament of the house and the pride of Polly's heart, a ship, carved and rigged by Duncan himself, and preserved carefully under a glass shade.

There were harps of all sorts and shapes; some of the Welsh urchins had even Jews-harps between their teeth.

Then there are the regimental babalogue, the soldiers' children, sturdiest and toughest of Anglo-Indian urchins,affording, in their brown cheeks and crisp muscles and boisterous ways, a consoling contrast to the oh-call-it-pale-not-fairness, and the frailness, and premature pensiveness of the little Civil Service.

[Illustration: He could only snap chalk in a preoccupied way and listen to his Heart's Desire.] [Illustration: Piggy was piling up the primary urchins in wiggling, squealing piles.]

He was little the worse for wear when he chased the last swarm of primary urchins into his father's cow lot, fastened them in, and went at them one by one with a shingle.

Belgravia's drawn her blinds, and let her window-boxes run to seed; Street-urchins play in porticoesno powdered menial there to heed; Now fainter grows the lumbering roll of luggage-cumbered omnibus: Bayswater's children all are off upon their annual exodus.

It is so fickle that it forms wanton attachments for every one it meets,for urchins, idlers, loafers, mechanics, permits them all sorts of familiarities, so that when, like a truant, it comes wandering back, it is no longer the same, but a new creature, which you must learn again to know.

"Hurrah for Grant!" cried a stripling shrill; Three urchins joined him with a will, And some of taller stature cheered.

As the marchesa passes slowly by, wan-faced womencolored handkerchiefs gathered in folds upon their heads, knitting or spinning flax cut from the little field without upon the mountain-sideput down the black, curly-headed urchins that cling to their lapsrise from where they are resting on the door-step, and salute the marchesa with an awe-struck stare.

Never was there enough, even of the coarsest food, to satisfy the boys, and the urchins, fresh from home, were left to fare as they might.

From doorways and window sills their lounging elders watched these Liege urchins as they waged their mimic fight with wooden guns and wooden swords; but, while we looked on, one boy of an inventive turn of mind was possessed of a great idea.

The fruit is a little hard yellow crisp fruit, with a big stone inside, and very sweet; when it is ripe, the village urchins throw sticks up among the branches, and feast on the golden shower.

Other dusky urchins figure away with lumps of chalk on the floor, or on flat pieces of wood to serve as copy-books.

The urchins may be seen in the morning driving long strings of emaciated looking animals to the village pasture, which in the evening wend their weary way backwards through the choking dust, having had but 'short commons' all the day on the parched and scanty herbage.

It is like snatching from them the crosses they have won, and delivering them into the hands of the shameless street urchins, who will cry, "A hero!

Pleasant white wooden bridge, with its row of urchins dropping flints upon the noses of elephantine trout, or fishing over the rail with crooked pins, while hapless gudgeon come dangling upward between stream and sky, with a look of sheepish surprise and shame, as of a school-boy caught stealing apples, in their foolish visages.

Pleasant new national schools at the bridge end, whither the urchins scamper at the sound of the two o'clock bell.

He then crossed himself with one hand, while with the other he flourished his whip, among a crowd of gaping urchins and slavering crรฉtins, to clear the way for those he guided.

Uncle Isham now took his position by the side of his oxen, and started them; and slowly creaking, Aunt Patsy's vehicle moved off, followed by the two boys on mules, three colored women and two girls on foot, and by two little black urchins who were sometimes on foot, but invariably on the tail of the cart when they could manage to evade the backward turn of Uncle Isham's eye.

I have little doubt that this was an instance of that organized system of depredation of which I have before spoken, and that the man who took so active a part at the first, was at the bottom of the business; and, in fact, the tutor and employer of the predatory urchins.

In the course of five weeks William Halket put his foot on the old pier of Leith, on which some very old men were standing, who had been urchins when he went away.

The plantation was large, heartsome, faced the sun, swarmed with little black urchins, with plenty to eat, and nothing to do.

Sometimes she set it on the ledge That it might not be quite forlorn Of wind and sky, where o'er the edge, Some gaudy petal, slowly borne, Fluttered to earth in careless scorn, Caught, for a fallen piece of morn From kindling vapors loosely shorn, By urchins ragged and wayworn, Who saw, high on the stone embossed, A laughing face, a hand that tossed

The poor man was spending most of his dinner-hour on the threshold of his small school-house amidst the rocks because some unruly or idle urchins were 'kept in.'

The next to arrive on the scene was Suliman, grinning with delight because he had won all the money of the other urchins, but brimming with news in the bargain.

He had rather heavy weather among the well-knit, grubby-knuckled urchins of the town, and would have been thoroughly disheartened but for one happy chance.

It was the low tide succeeding sunrise, and the water over the reef was a few inches deep, so that I could see the marine life of the wall, the many kinds of starfish, the sea-urchins, and the curious bivalves which hide with their shell-tips just even with the floor of the lagoon, and, keeping them barely even, wait for foolish prey.

And wash'd my forehead cool, And sat among the urchins young That evening in the school!

Ragged, stupid, big-eyed urchins they were, altogether different from the keen Paris boys.

And the sayings of street urchins endure with singular tenacity.

How urchins, searching at day's decline

Some ragged urchins kept running around them and following them, until they took refuge in an ornamental little white temple at the end of the avenue.

They collect a few ragged urchins of natives, whom they teach to read and write their own languagethe English tongue being forbidden; and when these children return to their families, they are despised by them, as being effeminate and useless.

The fiery urchins, though both were as large as, and no doubt older than, Tom, were literally "nowhere" in the fight.

Change, not improvement, is the objectwhatever bears a resemblance to the past must be proscribed; and while other people study to simplify modes of instruction, the French legislature is intent on rendering them as difficult and complex as possible; and at the moment they decree that the whole country shall become learned, they make it an unfathomable science to teach urchins of half a dozen years old their letters.

The peasants round the open fire in their huts never tire of repeating the achievements of Yoshitsunรฉ and his faithful retainer Benkei, or of the two brave Soga brothers; the dusky urchins listen with gaping mouths until the last stick burns out and the fire dies in its embers, still leaving their hearts aglow with the tale that is told.

We went down the hill a little further to the lower bottom to camp, while the barefooted, bareheaded urchins followed after to get a further look at the strangers.

He stood surrounded by some forty young specimens of both sexes and all agesfrom rough, stalwart young men, bold and fearless in eye and bearing, down to urchins of five.

In the district of Dรผsseldorf the straw-man burned on Shrove Tuesday was made of an unthreshed sheaf of corn.[301] On the first Monday after the spring equinox the urchins of Zurich drag a straw-man on a little cart through the streets, while at the same time the girls carry about a May-tree.

This action was not noticed; and before the other little urchins had found time for aught more fruitful than regret that they had not done likewise, the gentlemen got into their post-chaise, and were driven to the old mansion.

I thought I should like to plunge him for a little while into the sweet waters of real child-life, and let him learn to shout and stamp and dig and climb, as my little urchins do."

Some of these fragments consist of a succession of terraces, as it were, in which are many little miniature caves, where may still be seen the Shells or Sea-Urchins which made their snug and sheltered homes in these recesses of the Reef.

The most prominent figures there, were two ragged urchins, clothed entirely in bright yellow, each with a skin bundle on his shoulders.

We look for Shells, for Mussels and Barnacles, for Crabs, for Shrimps, for Marine Worms, for Star-Fishes and Sea-Urchins, and we may find here and there a fish stranded on the sand or strangled in the sea-weed.

It is an audience in shirt-sleeves, consisting for the most part of workmen, maid-servants, soldiers, and street-urchins, with a plentiful sprinkling of pickpocketsthe latter in a strictly private capacity, being present for entertainment only, without any ulterior professional views.

I felt like one who had gone out to walk in fresh attire, and been mud-pelted by rude urchins, so that the outward robes, at least, were soiled, and a sense of degradation and uncleanness became the consequence in spite of reason.

But, after all, the dress could be easily changed when opportunity should occur, and all be made clean again, and the mud-pelting forgotten or overlooked, and the urchins punished or dismissed in scorn.

In places where sea otters have returned, like Juan de Fuca Strait, they ate enough sea urchins that the kelp forests grew back.

Some companies hired red abalone divers to collect purple sea urchins and bring them to controlled sea ranches where they could be fed until they were healthy enough to sell for human use.

The sunflower sea star is the only animal that eats large numbers of purple sea urchins.

They either ate or crowded out the red abalone and red sea urchins that humans like to eat.

This excellent habitat has been taken up by other groups of sea urchins.

When purple sea urchins run out of food, they try to eat each other, and then they become dormant, as if sleeping.

Sea urchins and some fish species are critical for the health of reefs, which are facing serious threats due to warming oceans and coral bleaching.

Sea urchins exploded in number after their predator, the Aleutian sea otter, became functionally extinct in the 1990s.

South Coast Sea Urchin Biomass Study To conduct a survey for sea urchins around Ramea Islands to see if enough quantity, appropriate size and desired quality exists for a commercial harvest.

The divers use lift bags: they drag them along, filling them with harvested sea urchins; once full, the diver inflates quickly the attached buoy sending the bag, and the diver, to the surface.

There are instances in the industry now where a fisherman, or a couple of fishermen, can earn as much as $20,000 in just harvesting sea urchins.