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85024 examples of  uses  in sentences

85024 examples of uses in sentences

This was one of the many uses of a pardner on the trail.

And the method has been that of minute examination of a specimen from the plant or animal world, utterly detached from its surroundings, considered by the docile child in parts, such as leaves, stem, roots, petals, and uses; or head, wings, legs, tail, and habits.

For example, a child may come across a toy aeroplane and wish to make one; he will examine it carefully, think over the uses of parts and proceed to make one as like it as possible: here again is the maximum of consciousness, the essence of thinking.

For these portraits he uses only shadowy gray tints.

There are frequently several alternative uses in which a commodity or service can be employed; and these alternative uses make up a composite demand for the thing in question.

There are frequently several alternative uses in which a commodity or service can be employed; and these alternative uses make up a composite demand for the thing in question.

When, on the other hand, we turn to the apportionment of these factors among different uses, we find relations which are both clear and fundamental.

All his powers are concentrated in the effort to complete and secure his work; just as the insect, in the last stage of its development, uses its whole strength on behalf of a brood it will never live to see; it puts its eggs in some place of safety, where, as it well knows, the young will one day find life and nourishment, and then dies in con

Now the latter, the Priestleyan, uses the word will,not for any real, distinct, correspondent power, but,for the mere result and aggregate of fibres, motions, and sensations; in short, it is a mere generic term with him, just as when we say, the main current in a river.

The true meaning of being 'born again', in the sense in which our Saviour uses the phrase, implies nothing more or less, in plain terms, than this:to repent; to lead for the future a religious life instead of a life of disobedience; to believe the Holy Scriptures, and to pray for grace and assistance to persevere in our obedience to the end.

The author assuredly uses these words to denominate two kinds of ordnance or cannon then used in the Portuguese ships of war.

When in meditation I behold the ruins of old castles and temples, see their neglected and forlorn state, and reflect on the uses to which they are now put, so different from the intentions of those who raised them, my mind always reverts to the events of our own days, when so many of the beautiful edifices erected by our pious and zealous ancestors are either destroyed, defaced, or used for worldly, if not wicked purposes.

Certainly no one can deny that it has its uses; it collects and classifies thoughts in its pigeon-holes and puts them to various purposes, but the idea rarely occurs to it to examine its material and renew the content of thought.

"He uses it as a sort of hunting box in the rabbit shooting season.

This includes the entire group of men in the manufacturing plant in which the machine must be made, the business organization both in this plant and the one in which it is to be used, and, after all this, the greatest obstacle of this kind is to be met in the man who uses the machine.

Books about India by intelligent travellers have their uses, and books by Europeans who have lived for years in the country and studied the people are still more valuable, but it is only a native of India who can really show us Indian life as it is.

Uses of Electricity.%Till Brush invented his arc light and dynamo, the sole practical use made of electricity was in the field of telegraphy.

He tries to ape the man of fashion, gets himself up as a loud swell, and uses "sentimental oaths," i. e. oaths bearing on the subject.

Milton uses the word in Paradise Lost, x. 524.

As an Amphitryon chez qui l'on dine, no one knows better than Ouidà the uses of a recherché dinner.

He uses the word "honorificabilitudinitatibus," and some of his blunders are very ridiculous, as "ad dunghill, at the fingers' ends, as they say" (act v. I).Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost (1594).

Then, suspended by this organ alone, she accelerates her motions to and fro with incredible rapidity, quickly unwinds her tail from the branch by which she is suspended, and with a dart, traversing the air as if winged, alights at a hundred paces distance on a vine, which she instantly uses as a swing.

Had Cuba's coasts been made to order for the purpose, they could hardly have been better adapted to the uses of smugglers.

It is good to sanctify language by setting some of its portions apart for holy uses,at least, by preserving intact the high religious association which rests upon it.

From the second hoeing, or early in May, every work hand who uses it gets an occasional allowance of tobacco, about one sixth of a pound, usually after some general operation, as a hoeing, plowing, etc.

All abusive language or violence of demeanor should be avoided; they reduce the man who uses them to a level with the negro, and are hardly ever forgotten by those to whom they are addressed."

It was a sham thoughtful, sham man-of-the-world pose he assumed; it is an aggressive, conscious, challenging person astride before a fire, and a little distended by dinner and a sense of social and literary precedences, who uses the first person in Thackeray's novels.

It is a thing that has grown up into modern life, and taken upon itself uses and produced results that could not have been foreseen by its originators.

The "Sir" of his harangue was no doubt addressed to myself more than anybody else, but he often uses it in discourse as if he were talking with some imaginary opponent.

The Lord uses sorrow to produce good.

One states that he knows he possessed it at the age of four; another, that he learnt his multiplication table by the aid of the elaborate mental diagram he still uses.

To what uses Taswell Skaggs and John Wyckholme could have put this vast, though splendid waste, the imagination cannot grasp.

Sandal-wood was his aim, a branch of commerce, by the way, which ought never to be pursued by any Christian man, or Christian nation, if what we hear of its uses in China be true.

The Rancocus was far better provided with tools suited to the uses of the land, than was common for ships, her voyage contemplating a long stay among the islands she was to visit.

Crutchely talking of its dimensions and uses.

JOHN I have been meditating this half-hour On all the properties of a brave friendship, The mysteries that are in it, the noble uses, Its limits withal, and its nice boundaries.

FLINT I have uses for those jewels.

the possible uses of such an animal are remarkable!

Unlike those of New York, Pennsylvania forests were acquired and are managed primarily for timber production, although the recreational uses are not overlooked.

The vast importance of preserving our forests is emphasized when one stops to consider the great number of uses to which wood is put.

He cares little for ornament, since there are so few about him to admire display; and all his pride is concentrated in the steed that bears him, the lasso that he can throw with such unerring aim, and the heavy lance that he uses in driving his ferocious cattle, or as a death-dealing weapon when he is called upon to take part in some partisan warfare.

The plain truth is he's a gambler and a thief, and he uses what his father left him to be gambler and thief on the big scale, and so keep out of the penitentiary'finance,' they call it.

If the word try, which the author uses as an example, does not exhibit his "protracted sound of y," there is no word that does: the sound is a mere fiction, originating in strange ignorance.

These adverbs, and the three pronouns, who, which, and what, are the only interrogative words in the language; but questions may be asked without any of them, and all have other uses than to ask questions. OBS.

"Also, instead for consultation, he uses consult.

"Tools and utensils are said to be right, when they serve for the uses they were made.

2.From its various uses, the word That is called sometimes a pronoun, sometimes an adjective, and sometimes a conjunction; but, in respect to derivation, it is, doubtless, one and the same.

EITHER, one of the two, like the pronominal adjective EITHER, is from the Anglo-Saxon Æther, or Egther, a word of the same uses, and the same import. 9. EKE, also, (now nearly obsolete,) is from "Eac, the imperative of Eacan, to add.

On account of the different uses made of the breve, the macron, and the accents, one grammarian has proposed a new mode of marking poetic quantities.

The preposition of which Jefferson uses before about, appears to me to be useless.

She uses the same scent I brought from Vienna for Aniela.

He uses masses of populace in William Tell as in no other of his plays except the Camp of the Wallenstein trilogy.

" The Indian troubles in the Southwest were made particularly serious by the ability of the head-chief of the Creek nation, Alexander McGillivray, the authentic facts of whose career might seem too wildly improbable even for the uses of melodrama.

I will employ it in saying something about this argument Judge Douglas uses, while he sustains the Dred Scott decision, that the people of the Territories can still somehow exclude slavery.

This comedy is, therefore, an attempt to remove that prejudice, and to show what honest and laudable uses may be made of the theatre, when its performances keep close to the true purposes of its institution.

They are ill-fed, ill-clad, and worked in gangs under the superintendence of a driver, who is armed with a long whip, which he uses at discretion; and it is a fact, well known to persons who have visited slave countries, that punishments are more frequently inflicted to gratify the private pique or caprice of the driver, than for crime or neglect of duty.

LONDON I. LONDON, advantages of it, ii. 120; Black Wednesday, v. 196, n. 3; bones gathered for various uses, iv.

It is in its infancy; and there are very few, if any, who have any conception of its endless uses, both for domestic and manufacturing purposes.

The more general the information which can be given about its uses, the sooner it will find its own level, and the sooner the gas companies will appreciate the fact that their best customers are to be found among those who can use coal gas as a fuel for special work in manufacturing industries because it is profitable to use, and saves expensive labor.

At Buffalo a mode of charging by results is adopted; everybody pays for each oral message he sendsevery time he uses the telephone he pays either four, five, or six cents, according to the number for which he guarantees.

The run of over two hundred and thirty miles between Nome and Unalakleet was covered many times during the winter; and the Mail Carrier, who has the chance to observe carefully the individual behavior of the dogs he uses, was much attracted to Mego.

it's no it's uses.

Is it State property which the State may resume for other uses?

When the owner of this power, instead of exercising it in providing himself with luxuries or amusements, uses it by lending it to someone who wants to build a factory, and employ workers, then, because the owner of the money receives his rate of interest he is said to be exploiting labour, because, so it is alleged, the workers work and he, the capitalist, sits in idleness and lives on their labour.

When our country doctor subscribes to an Australian loan raised by a colony for building a railway, he hands over to the colony money which a less thrifty citizen would have spent on pleasures and amusements, and the colony uses it to buy railway material.

R58397, 8Feb50, James Kendall (A) LABORATORY PRACTICE IN CHEMISTRY, exercises to accompany "Chemistry and its uses," by William McPherson and William Edwards Henderson.

SEE Chemistry and its uses.

A study of corporation securities, their nature and uses in finance.

SMITH, LAWRENCE B. Modern gun dogs, their uses and care.

Globe studies and uses.

Uses and applications of chemicals and related materials.

" "The talker has his uses," said Tayoga gravely.

He keeps his body very close to the tree and uses his feet to creep about like a mouse or chipmunk; he also goes upside down, in a way that Woodpeckers never do, clings to the under side of a branch as easily as a fly to the ceiling, and often roosts or takes a nap head downward on the side of a tree-trunka position that would seem likely to give him a severe headache, if birds ever have such things.

Having no teeth to gnaw and crack them open as squirrels do, he takes a nut in his claws and either holding it thus, or jamming it tight into a crack in the bark, then uses his bill for a hatchet to split or hack the nut open.

THE FLICKER "The Flicker's beak is more slender and curving than those of his brethren, and he has an extremely long, barbed tongue, which, he uses to probe ant-hills.

Then one writes too much, forgets to fill the cistern; one uses up the old phrases, the old ideas.

He uses the ornaments which must always distinguish true poetry from prose; and when he adopts colloquial plainness, it is with the utmost skill to avoid a vulgar humility.

11.) gives a circumstantial account of the ceremonies used by the Druids in gathering the Selago and Samolus, and of the uses to which they were applied: "Similis berbæ huie sabinæ est Selago appellata.

The Roman poet uses the word domina, but this domina, nevertheless, is his mistress, not in the sense of one who dominates his heart and commands his respect and affection, but of a despised being lower than a concubine, on whom he smiles only till he has beguiled her.

It is quite the same whether we seek expression or uses.

Man, in order to obtain instrumentalities and uses, blends his will and intelligence with a force that vigorously seeks to pursue its own separate free course; and while this resists him, it becomes his servant.

As the terrestrial globe through so many patient aeons climbed toward the production of a human body, that by this all-comprehending, perfect symbol it might enter into final union with Spirit, so do the uses of the world still forever ascend toward man, and seek a continual realization of that ancient wish.

The use of the world is not found in societies faultlessly mechanized; for societies are themselves but uses and means.

Society is the culmination of all uses and delights; persons, of all results.

Uses of Sand.

Sand, in which the Australian continent abounds, is like everything else proceeding from the hand of the Creator, not without its uses.

It moreover has other uses, forming a substitute for soap;* and when cooking turtle it is mixed with earth and sprinkled over the meat, as we should pepper.

"I bequeath to my executor (or executors) the sum of dollars, in trust, to pay the same in days after my decease to the person who, when the same is payable, shall act as Treasurer of the 'American Missionary Association,' of New York City, to be applied, under the direction of the Executive Committee of the Association, to its charitable uses and purposes."

It is indeed noteworthy that Lyly is the only writer who ever ventured to apply his literary invention in toto to the uses of the stage, while even in the romance he lived to see Euphuism as a fashionable style pale before the growing popularity of Arcadianism.

Comparing it with Reynolds' translation we are at first struck by the change which long drilling of the language to a variety of uses has accomplished in the work of uninspired poetasters; secondly, by the fact that the conventional respectability of production, which has replaced the halting crudities of an earlier date, is far more inimical to any real touch of poetic inspiration.

The "girl's room" would be a spare place that we should find twenty uses for; it was nice to think of it sweet and fresh, empty and available; very nice not to be afraid to remember it was there at all.

The old woman who uses the five-foot lake as the family wash-tub, brought out all her clothes, the grand-baby, and the snub-nosed poodle that wears a red bib, to celebrate the sunshine by a carnival of washing.

They were gathered around a cloud and tangle of women's mysterious fabrics, whose names are as unknown to men as their uses.

Bul. 88Properties and uses of Douglas fir.

Among the queer birds is the cra-cra, or crocodile's valet, a bold and restless bird with a harsh cry, represented in its name, which it uses to advertise the dozing crocodile of any hostile approach.


Alas, Madam, your beauty uses to command, and not to beg.

Certainly he had never been a man of feeling, and now that he was old and hardened by the uses of the world he had grown to be completely what in essence he always wasa fighter, without tenderness, without scruples, and without remorse.

Accordingly most writers on the subject have taken the accuracy of the Mémoires for granted; Sainte-Beuve, for instance, prefers the word of Madame d'Epinay to that of Rousseau, when there is a direct conflict of testimony; and Lord Morley, in his well-known biography, uses the Mémoires as an authority for many of the incidents which he relates.

Indeed, in every way his power and freedom are far greater when he uses this method than they are in any of the lesser forms of clairvoyance.