8 examples of valu in sentences

Answer without evasion, as thou valuest thy person.

Tell me, Gelsomina, and as thou valuest thy salvation deceive me notcanst thou look at me without horror?" Gelsomina trembled, but she raised her eyes, and smiled on him as the weeping infant returns the earnest and tender regard of its mother.

à se demander si d'un coup de foudre, il n'aurait pas mieux valu balayer cette fourmilière gatée et miserable.

"On a parlé de moi dans tous les cercles, même après que la bonté de la reine m'eut valu le régiment du roi dragons.

Appease the anger of the Eumenides by a voluntary sacrifice, or deprive thyself of what thou most valuest among all that thou possessest."

Be tender of this fragile flower that Providence hath put under thy protection, Sigismund; cherish it as thou valuest thine own soul; the generous and confiding love of a virtuous woman is always a support, frequently a triumphant stay, to the tottering principles of man.

"Some whole counties in Virginia would hardly sel for the valu of the dets du from the inhabitants.

"Look only at me, and speak truly, as thou valuest thy safety.

8 examples of  valu  in sentences