27 examples of variability in sentences

On account of the extreme variability of the sheep under culture, it is generally supposed that the innumerable domestic breeds have all been derived from the few wild species; but the whole question is involved in obscurity.

I am disgusted by your sex's axiomatic variability.

Hence the variability of the practical directions contained in the Qorân; they are constantly altered according to circumstances.

But in most cases this is put down to normal variability, or maybe to that limbo of all a baby's troubles: weakness.

Since these external signs are but manifestations of the inner chemical reactions, of which the internal secretions are the determining reagents, or factors, with permutations and combinations possible in all directions, the diversity and variability of each individual and his traits stands explained and understandable.

In spite of the Great Vegetarian's dialectics, it remains to be explained why a certain species of creative ability has been combined with the fatigability, variability and general wretched irritability of every organ and tissue in the body which taught them that they were sensitive souls imprisoned in the flesh.

It is the outcome of the views maintained by the author in this work and elsewhere that not only the various domestic races but the most distinct genera and orders within the same great classfor instance, mammals, birds, reptiles, and fishesare all the descendants of one common progenitor, and the whole vast amount of difference between these forms has primarily arisen from simple variability.

The color of the Polynesians may be out and out from natural causes different, "their entire physical appearance indicates the greatest variability."

" An ingenious dilemma caps the argument: "It seems to me that there is much confusion of ideas in the general statement of the variability of species so often repeated lately.

and if individuals alone exist, how can the differences which may be observed among them prove the variability of species?"

If individuals alone exist, how can the differences which may be observed among them prove the variability of the species?

Wherefore, taught by fact that successive individuals do vary, we safely infer that the idea or intention must have varied, and that this variation of the individual representatives proves the variability of the species, whether subjectively or objectively regarded.

Variability is, therefore, the rule among offspring in the same family, and in some instances it is decidedly pronounced, but in all cases, the variation must be confined to the possible combinations of characters transmitted from parents and ancestors.

5. Account for the variability of children in the same family.

(2) The variability of the objects of perception.

The variability of earnings inured men to the taking of risks and spurred them to borrow money and buy more of both lands and slaves even at inflated prices in the hope of striking it rich with a few years' crops.

He was watching a little group of stars in the Milky Way, in one of which his chief had seen or fancied a remarkable colour variability.

But romantic love is altogether too complex and variable to be defined in one sentence; and it is this complexity and variability that I wish to emphasize particularly.

I refer to the variability of Species as shown in domestication.

In fact, all the variability among domesticated Species is due to the fostering care, or, in its more extravagant freaks, to the fancies of man, and it has never been observed in the wild Species, where, on the contrary, everything shows the closest adherence to the distinct, well-defined, and invariable limits of the Species.

In its partizan phase socialism exhibits all of the baffling variability and elusiveness that it does in its other aspects.

On account of the great variability in strength of different specimens of wood even from the same stick and appearing to be alike, it is important to eliminate as far as possible all extraneous factors liable to influence the results of the tests.

In making use of figures indicating the strength or other mechanical properties of wood for the purpose of comparing the relative merits of different species, the fact should be borne in mind that there is a considerable range in variability of each individual material and that small differences, such as a few hundred pounds in values of 10,000 pounds, cannot be considered as a criterion of the quality of the timber.

RHEOCHORD, a wire to measure the resistance or variability of an electric current.

He discovered the third and fourth inequalities of the moon in longitude, called respectively the variation and the annual equation, also the variability of the motion of the moon's nodes and the inclination of its orbit to the ecliptic.

27 examples of  variability  in sentences