52 examples of varna in sentences

They were to be joined by their allies at the town of Varna on the shores of the Black Sea.

The Sultan's army had, however, suffered so much in the battle of Varna that for the time he left the Hungarians unmolested.

He felt that he had in fact gained the battle of Varna, which was only lost through the jealous humor of a youthful king; that it behooved him not to stop half way; that it was his duty to continue offensive operations.

Battle of Varna; defeat of the Hungarians by the Turks and death of Ladislaus III, King of Poland and Hungary.

There are really two parts to the talethe Scotch courtship, with its intrigues, frustrated elopements, et hoc genus omne; and the scenes, very graphically written, of active service at Varna and Inkerman.

Once the Russian armies succeeded, amid innumerable difficulties, in conquering all the fortresses in the way, like Silistria, Varna, and Shumla; in penetrating the mountain passes of the Balkans, and making their way to Adrianople.

The Russians then occupied the Danubian principalities, and had undertaken the siege of Silistria, which was gallantly defended by the Turks, before the allied French and English armies could advance to its relief; but it was not till the middle of May that the allied armies were in full force, and took up their position at Varna.

The months of July and August were calamitous to the allied armies at Varna; not from battles, but from pestilence, which was fearful.

They marched in closely massed columns, and they marched in weariness and silence, for they had not recovered from the fatal pestilence at Varna.

"Ah, if I had but gone out to Varna with the rest!

They will know at once that if the line of the Balkans were established as the frontier, it would be impossible to include Varna, which is to the North of the Balkans.

Varna itself is not a place of importance, and only became so in connexion with a system of fortifications which are now to be razed.

Of itself it is only a roadstead, and those who dwell upon the importance of Varna and consider that it was a great error on the part of the Congress not to have secured it for Turkey, quite forget that between the Bosphorus and Varna, upon the coast of the Black Sea, the Congress has allotted to Turkey a much more important point on the Black Seathe harbour of Burgos.

The principal gulfs are the Gulf of Baba, the Gulf of Samson, the Gulf of Varna, and the Gulf of Foros.

A few hours later the "Falcon" and several other ships of war were on their way up the Dardanelles, convoying numerous store-ships bound to Varna.

Shortly afterwards the generals of the allied armies determined that Varna should be the base for the campaign against the Russians, and accordingly towards the end of May the troops were again embarked.

Varna is a seaport, surrounded by an undulating country of park-like appearance, and the troops were upon their arrival delighted with their new quarters.

A few days after their arrival Jack obtained leave for a day on shore, and rowed out to Alladyn, nine miles and a half from Varna, where the light division, consisting of the 7th, 19th, 23d, 33d, 77th, and 88th regiments, was encamped.

Fortunately the "Falcon" had left Varna before the outbreak extended to the ships.

Turkish vessels with heavy siege guns were on their way to Varna, and the "Falcon" was ordered to cross to the Crimea and report upon the advantages of several places for the landing of the allied army.

The "Falcon" spent another week in examining the Crimean coast, and then ran across again to Varna.

Parties of officers on ponies brought from Varna or other ports on the Black Sea, cantered down to make purchases of little luxuries on board the ships in the harbor, or from the Levantines, who had set up little shops near it.

Although the weather was fine and the position of the camps high and healthy, the cholera which had ravaged their ranks at Varna still followed them, and during the three first weeks in the Crimea, the Allies lost as many men from this cause as they had done in the Battle of Alma.

The Hills of Varna.

Nevile del Varna, the lady in question, is indeed the only female character in the tale, and has therefore naturally to work double tides.

52 examples of  varna  in sentences