291 examples of vats in sentences

Attached to the German orphanage there was a carpet factory, with dyeing vats and a spinnery, which Dr. Rohrbach, after personal investigation, describes as "an institution to be welcomed as unreservedly from the national as from the humanitarian point of view.

Away with tanbark and filthy vats and foul cowhides!

Not the office or the non-essential part of the building, but the very heart, the mainspring of the whole, the precious vats and machinery for making beer.

Trades were no doubt indispensable, and there appear indications that to a certain extent they were concentrated in Rome; Cato, for instance, advises the Campanian landowner to purchase the slaves' clothing and shoes, the ploughs, vats, and locks, which he may require, in Rome.

Indigo would probably be a lucrative crop, for that raised here is said to be of quality equal to the best, and the crop is not subject to so many uncertainties as in India: the capital and attention required in vats, etc., prevent it from being raised in any quantities.

It was a miserable tumbledown little spot, with four pair of vats; it had formerly been a good working factory, but the river had cut away most of its best lands, and completely washed away some of the villages, while the whole of the cultivation was fast relapsing into jungle.

We searched what ten days before had been a convent, and crawled over heaps of logs and brick into narrow alleys that reminded one of Naples or Pompeiialleys where the walls stood so close as to hide the light of sun but not the odor of charred vats and sewage and smouldering, smelling things, long dead.

The harvest is generally in August; the plants are cut tolerably low on the principal stem, tied together in bundles, and thrown into large wooden vats.

This is the silk-spinners' quarter, and next to it comes that of the dyers, with great seething vats into which the raw silk is plunged, and ropes overhead where the rainbow masses are hung out to dry.

"They used to have tanning vats to make shoes with too.

In the third book of that invaluable work we shall find all we want to know about the real villa rustica of the time,the working farm-house with its wine-vats and olive-mills, like that recently excavated at Boscoreale near Pompeii.

Red worked at one of the bleaching vats in the Hatton paper mill.

J.F. Carey tells how little naked boys, free Americans, work for Mr. Borden, the New York millionaire, packing cloth into bleaching vats, in a bath of chemicals that bleaches their little bodies like the bodies of lepers....

There were the work rooms of the Indians, where blankets and cloth were woven; great vats for trying out tallow and curing hides, and also huge storehouses for grain and other foodstuffs, all built and cared for by the Indians.

o'er fallows thrice upturn'd Or four times by the share; the bounds whereof Well do the delvers know, whose busy feet Troop to his wine-vats in fair summer-time.

The baths themselves were huge and simplea series of gigantic steaming vats in which possibly a dozen men lathered themselves at once.

De way he tanned hit wuz tuh take red oak bark an white oak bark an put in vats.

Dese vats wuz somethin like troughs dat helt water an

Therefore I say that, toiling With wild white roses' bloom No printers' vats a-boiling Nor labour of the loom With fern and foxglove chalice On tiny feet or wings Titania's elves made sallies,

'We are not here to sell a parcel of boilers and vats, but the potentiality of growing rich beyond the dreams of avarice' (Lord Lucan's anecdote of Johnson), iv.

The tanners and curriers, with the proper vats, etc., tanned and dressed the skins as well for upper as for lower leather to the full amount of the consumption of the estate, and the shoemakers made them into shoes for the negroes.

In order to make cheese, the plant, the tubs, vats, presses, and so on, must be kept in readiness, and there must be an experienced person to superintend the work.

Yesterday it was the cider-press, and I stood about, at Amélie's, in the sun, half the afternoon, watching the motor hash the apples, and the press squeeze out the yellow juice, which rushed foaming into big vats.

When Medb and Ailill compare their possessions, to find out which of them is better than the other, their herds of cattle, swine, and horses are driven in, their ornaments and jewels, their garments and vats and household appliances are displayed.

A land where there are no hills; a land where the vultures sail all day without flapping their tip-curled wings; where slimy dragon things watch from the water's edge; where Greek slaves sweat at indigo-vats that draw vultures like carrion; where black men, toiling, sing all day on the sea-islands, plucking cotton-blossoms; where monstrous horrors, hornless and legless, wallow out to the sedge and graze like cattle" "Man!

291 examples of  vats  in sentences