733 examples of velocities in sentences

What power of guessing, even to hit upon theories which could be established by elaborate calculations,all from the primary thought, the grand axiom, which Kepler was the first to propose, that there must be some numerical or geometrical relations among the times, distances, and velocities of the revolving bodies of the solar system!

Such a track does not admit of high speeds, and its very use implies the existence of natural obstacles which prevent the acquirement of great velocities.

The effects of all are worse at high than at low velocities.

All trains in motion at the same time, within a certain distance of the express, must be kept waiting, with steam up, or driven at extra velocities to keep out of the way.

Coalchester will spin soon, and then the disappointed fields around it, then the neighbouring towns would join the reel, and so on and on, faster and faster, madder and madder, till even London itself moves, and the world that changes its axis at the will of any strong spirit will whirl its immeasurable velocities around the vortex pulpit of Theophilus Londonderry.

These numbers proceed in the progression 1, 2, 3, 4, &c., so that it appears that the velocities acquired by a falling body at different points, are simply as the times of falling.

But if the velocities be as the times, and the total space passed through be as the squares of the times, then the total space passed through must be as the squares of the velocity; and as the vis viva or mechanical power inherent in a falling body, of any given weight, is measurable by the height through which it descends, it follows that the vis viva is proportionate to the square of the velocity.

The friction, therefore, of any machine per hour varies as the velocity, though the friction per revolution remains, at all ordinary velocities, the same.

Of excessive velocities we have not sufficient experience to enable us to state with confidence whether the same law continues to operate among them.

Q.But, with, a given velocity, can you tell the limit of pressure which will be safe in practice; or with a given pressure, can you tell the limit of velocity? A.Yes; that may be done by the following empirical rule, which has been derived from observations made upon bearings of different sizes and moving with different velocities.

Now the resistance to the progress of a Balloon varies as the squares of the velocities or rates of motion.

Assuming, for instance, a Balloon of 100 feet in length and 50 feet in height, and proposing a rate of motion equal to 20 miles an hour, we have, in the first instance, the power required to propel the model at that rate, compared with that already ascertained for a velocity of six miles an hour, in the ratio of the squares of the two velocities, as nearly ten to one; that is, ten forty-seconds, or about one-fourth of a horse power.

But it now appeared that Newtonian dynamics is only valid when we confine ourselves to velocities much less than that of light.

The whole Galileo-Newton system thus sank to the level of a first approximation, becoming progressively less exact as the velocities concerned approached that of light.

If we avail ourselves of the simplifying circumstance that the velocities of the heavenly bodies are slight in comparison with that of light, then we can deduce the theory of Newton from the new theory, the "universal" relativity theory, as it is called by Einstein.

Their velocities, directed by an established law, are perpetually changing by regular accelerations and retardations.

It scarcely needs demonstration to prove that extreme tenuity can alone account for the extraordinary velocities recorded by observers of solar phenomena.

400 × by the square of difference of velocities of current and wheel periphery = the horse power; or A × V 2 × (V - v)

= h. p. 400 [TEX: \frac{A \times V}{400} \times (V - v)^2 = h. p.] in which A equals the area of blade in square feet, V and v velocities of current and wheel periphery respectively, in feet per second.

With higher velocities of stream and wheel the efficiency will be from 2 to 3 per cent.

If, therefore, the deputies, whose duty it is to look for gas and travel the most dangerous parts of the mine, are obliged to use the Davy on account of its sensitiveness, may it not be said that, as their lamps are exposed equally with the workmen's to the high velocities of air, they are the weak links in the safety of the mine?

The vapors moved with very different velocities.

From the equality of action and reaction, to which no exception can be found, Newton concluded that the sun gravitates to the planets and the planets to their satellites, and the earth itself to the stone which falls upon its surface, and consequently that the two mutually gravitating bodies approach one another with velocities inversely proportional to their quantities of matter.

Kepler found velocities at P and Q proportional not to AP and AQ but to AQ and AP, or to EP and EQ if EC = CA (bisection of the excentricity).

The actual ratio between them will obviously depend upon the actual draft which is imparted to the material by the relative velocities of the feed and delivery rollers.

733 examples of  velocities  in sentences