78 examples of veracious in sentences

In fact, I shrewdly suspect that I have discovered, in these veracious sheets, the very incidents which suggested the names of a number of volumes.

If one wishes to be epigrammatic, one must relinquish the hope of being either agreeable or veracious.

Another, when he mentions that Pope had emitted proposals; when published or issued would have been more readily understood; and a third, when he calls Orrery and Dr. Delany[140], writers both undoubtedly veracious, when true, honest, or faithful, might have been used.

Veracious is perhaps one of the 'four or five words' which Johnson added, or thought that he added, to the English language.

It is probable that the polite reader of this veracious narrative, instead of considering it as the effort of the author to set before him a sober and well-digested history, has been all this while amusing himself by regarding it only as a fanciful tale designed for his entertainment.

With which remarks the author of this brief, veracious history Concludes his observations on the incarnated mystery Known as an agriculturist, philosopher, and editor, Who thought the world his debtor, and himself, of course, its creditor, And who will surely figure on the oddest page in history.

If this veracious history were a narrative of the life and adventures of Mr. Jinks alone, we might follow the great conspirator in his various movements on this eventful day.

"It got its pore little foot caught in the brickwork," continued the veracious Mr. Chase, tenderly.

" This veracious person very properly dedicated his book to the saints in Parliament assembled, many of whom had, soon after, ample leisure for perusing the fat folio.

If then not any book, much less the four books, now called the four Gospels, were meant by Paul, but the contents of those books, as far as they are veracious, and whatever else was known on equal authority at that time, though not contained in those books; if, in short, the whole sum of Christ's acts and discourses be what Paul meant by the Gospel; then the argument is circuitous, and returns to the first point,What 'is' the Gospel?

verídico, -a, truthful, veracious, authentic.

'If this were fiction, instead of a veracious study from life,' to make use of a phrase which one rarely finds out of a novel, it would be unfitting to let such an incident as that just related fall to the ground, except as the seed of future development; but, this being as I have stated, there is nothing more to say of that winning ouvrière.

Is not my soul laid open in these veracious pages?

"She's been looking poorly for some time," continued the veracious Mr. Kybird, "and crying.

" The venerable old prince trembled violently; for, with the intense feeling of one who dreaded that his dearest hopes might yet be disappointed, he feared, while he most wished, to consult these mute but veracious witnesses.

Notwithstanding the asseveration of Maso that the whole was an invention conceived to fervor the son of Balthazar, it was supported by proofs so substantial and palpable, to say nothing of the natural and veracious manner in which the tale was related, as to create a strong probability in the minds of the witnesses, that it might be true.

It is hard to believe in the nineteenth or twentieth century that Spain ever had any influence with anybody of sound mind, but such the veracious historian tells us was once the case.

"All except that pair of vases you chose," continued the veracious Mr. Hurst.

At least, so those veracious histories say.

Dr. Masham, following this train, recounted a story of a ghost which had been generally received in a neighbouring village for a considerable period, and attested by the most veracious witnesses, but which was explained afterwards by turning out to be an instance of somnambulism.

One day she read in a Veracious Newspaper that if the Left Hand of a Sleeping Person be immersed in Tepid Water, then the Sleeper will truthfully answer any Question that may be asked.

Some of these fables, to my shame be it spoken, might possibly be traced back to mine own veracious self; and if any passage of the present tale should startle the reader's faith, I must be content to bear the stigma of a fiction monger.

If a man is prepared to write a really veracious biography, he must also be prepared to fly for his life and to change his name.

ORDERICUS VITALIS, a mediæval chronicler, born near Shrewsbury; was a monk of the Abbey of St. Evreul, in Normandy; wrote an ecclesiastical history of Normandy and Englanda veracious document, though an incondite; d. 1143.

[350] This ludicrous idea is to be found in the veracious "Voiage and Travaile" of Sir John Maundevile, Kt.

78 examples of  veracious  in sentences