1186 examples of verging in sentences

Indeed, we are verging so fast to destruction that I am feeling that sense to which I have been a stranger until within these three months.

Perfect humanity, verging upon, but never entering the breathless region of the Divinity, is the real subject of all true love-poetry; but in all love-poetry hitherto, an "ideal" and not a reality has been the subject, more or less.

The monastery was then fast verging into that state of the uninhabitable picturesque so much admired by young damsels and artists of a romantic vein.

As a lawyer in Springfield his religious views, according to his partner and biographer Herndon, were extremely liberal, verging upon those advanced theories which Volney and Thomas Paine advocated, even upon atheism itself.

A very exacting technical criticism might accuse Ibsen of verging towards the same fault in An Enemy of the People.

Poe's humorous stories as a whole have tended to belittle rather than increase his fame, many of them verging on the inane.

But, replied Marcel, wishing to change the conversation which was verging upon dangerous ground, have you not told me that you have been in the service of ecclesiastics for nearly five-and-twenty years.

The Warren mystery seemed to be verging on a solution, but in Carroll's breast there was none of the pardonable surge of elation which normally was his under these circumstances.

March, meanwhile, was verging on April, and still he did not speak of leaving.

The sky was pure blue, verging to turquoise green where the Atlas floated above mist; and facing the celestial snows stood the Koutoubya, red in the sunset.

She supposed that the amount of alcohol they had consumed since seven o'clock had something to do with his verging upon the vein, the Broadway sentimental vein, that he had got started on and couldn't seem to let alone.

Still she was not a Juliet, though he, for all she knew, might be a Romeo; and only in lands verging on the tropics, or in the soul of a poet, could a passion like that of the gentle Veronese spring up, bud, and blossom, in a single night.

Mrs. Wetmore thought of her lost son as of an innocent smiling babe; and here she found him a red-faced, hard-featured, weather-beaten tar, already verging towards age, and a man of manners that were rough, if not rude.

But the work, as a whole, is full of inextinguishable life, and has passages verging on the eloquence and power of genius.

Marriage and competency had protected this one from the deteriorations which almost inevitably await those of her class, but they could not save her from the natural process of an undisciplined mind, an ungoverned temper, and a caprice verging on insanity.

One young man just verging upon manhood, was cut suddenly down with but little warning.

Another daughter passed away just as her sun was verging toward the western hemisphere, leaving a son and daughter.

Mr. Harding was a small man, now verging on sixty years.

"What for, O fortunate one, hath thy father bestowed thee on a person who is verging on death?

In the pictures of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and down to the early part of the fifteenth, these colours are of a soft and delicate tint,rose and pale azure; but afterwards, when powerful effects of colour became a study, we have the intense crimson, and the dark blue verging on purple.

At this time Goldsmith was sadly in arrears with work he had promised to the booksellers; disputes were pending, and his circumstances were verging on positive distress.

Now he obviously was not in a state of dementia, whereas his eyesight was admittedly bad; and it seemed to me that the only conclusion deducible from the photograph was that it furnished a measure of the badness of the deceased man's visionthat it proved him to have been verging on total blindness.

It is not much of a scrape, for when an older man comes this way, a man verging toward baldness, with a good professional income, our little friend is forgotten and he is passed by without a word.

Though good-looking he was anything but young, verging by appearance on fifty years.

This light, subdued and somber though it was, slowly fading, verging toward a night of May, disclosed unusual furnishings.

1186 examples of  verging  in sentences