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37 examples of  very much alive  in sentences

37 examples of very much alive in sentences

A live ass is better than a dead lion; and so the Republican Party, who consider themselves very much alive, went to look after their daily thistles and left their dead lion in charge of a policeman.

Very much alive

Gloria was very much alive and warm-bodied and beautiful.

Jack Morris told him that they had it safe at home, and that it was very much alive, quarreling furiously with his parrot Bella.

With inconceivable suddenness Dupont demonstrated that he was very much alive.

Rather than languish under the burden of Mr. Phinuit's spirited conversation for the rest of the afternoon, Lanyard imitated Liane's example, and wasted the next hour and a half flat on his bed, with eyes closed but mind very much alive.

Sometimes there came a need for strange devices as to getting on, and then the mass of boys would make the journey with its perils, laid criss-cross in layers, like cord-wood, four deep and very much alive and apprehensive.

These ladies were young, neither much older than Lanyard, both were very much alive, openly betraying an infatuation with existence very like his own, and both were lovely enough to excuse the exquisite insolence of their young vitality.

Some are dead, others very much alive; but all have a story to tell usthe story of the life they lead on the bed of the sea, or among the sands and rocks of the shore.

This mass of prickles is not a vegetable; he is very much alive.

"Yes, very much alive," answered Flora, with a smile that brought out all her dimples.

And yet, as part of the Russian system, she must come to terms sooner or later with the Empire; she cannot receive the protection of the Russian military forces, a protection to the value of which, if reports be true, she is at the present moment very much alive, and yet retain her claims to be what is virtually an independent State.

The boys on the staircase in the fresco which shows S. John leaving his father's house are very much alive.

He seemed dead, but he was very much alive, as appeared when he was made to sit up and turned those wonderful eyes of his upon us.

Well, after finishing the book, which is in some ways a sequel to The Dark Forest, I felt so very disinclined to believe this statement that I consulted a Russian, who is very much alive, and received the opinion that, if Mr. WALPOLE has not succeeded in drawing the real average Russian, he has given us a type whose faults and virtues sound the keynote of the situation as it is to-day.

Besides, he was very much alive to the danger of falling out of line with the other Presbyterian Churches in Great Britain and America, who still maintained, in some form or other, their allegiance to the Westminster Standards.

There were half a dozen of us who, being very enthusiastic about the park, and, being in a position to watch legislation at Washington, and also to know what was going on in the Interior Department, kept ourselves very much alive to the situation and succeeded in choking off half a dozen of these projects before they grew large enough to be made public.

John Massey was very much alive and was the rightful heir to the fortune which Alan Massey was spending as the heavens had spent rain yesterday.

She was all woman, a woman very much alive and very much in love.

But I am a very much alive person.

She, Marianne, was very much alive.

My mother, you know, is very much alive.

In the main, he was a rough, good-natured fellow enough, but very much alive to his own dignity.

In front of me was quite a different type with nothing of the Oriental about it; thirty-two to thirty-five years old, face with a reddish beard, very much alive in look, nose like that of a dog standing at point, mouth only too glad to talk, hands free and easy, ready for a shake with anybody; a tall, vigorous, broad-shouldered, powerful man.

And Kinko has jumped out like a jack-in-the-boxbut alive, very much alive!

On the contrary, the torsion balance seems very much alive.

But his eyes, his troubled, frightened eyes, were very much alive.

He was accustomed to say, "It takes live fish to swim up stream;" and unquestionably he and his friend Isaac T. Hopper were both very much alive.

You're very much alive.

The French are not commonly very much alive to the sufferings of others, and it is some mortification to my vanity

The French are not commonly very much alive to the sufferings of others, and it is some mortification to my vanity

"See here, Madge," she said sternly, "Dicky is very much alive, but he is hurt slightly and needs you.

"He was missing for some time, and was brought into our hospital terribly wounded, but he is very much alive now, and will be here in New York in two weeks.

It was very wicked, but it was also very much alive.

Despite the more than a century his voice is lively and his hearing fair, and his desire for travel still very much alive.

But they were both very much alive.

Soon after the I.G. had the dangerous pleasure of reading his own obituary notices, and then, very much alive again, he set to work once more.