369 examples of very quickly in sentences

To a pound of ston'd gooseberries put a pound and a quarter of fine sugar, wet the sugar with the gooseberry jelly; take a quart of gooseberries, and two or three spoonfuls of water, boil them very quick, let your sugar be melted, and then put in your gooseberries; boil them till clear, which will be very quickly.

It was three days before his weak eyes had grown strong enough to permit his following her, and very quickly after that Ba-ree learned to love the sun, the warm air, and the sweetness of life, and to dread the darkness of the closed-in den where he had been born.

Boil the sugar and water together very quickly over a clear fire, skimming it very carefully as soon as it boils.

"You forget your friends very quickly.

But our young Plaice is changing its appearance very quickly.

Neither paying board nor receiving wages, she had remained in the house apparently as Sarah Gailey's companion and moral support; she had remained because Sarah Gailey had never been in a condition to be leftand the months had passed very quickly.

At this Sir Launcelot waxed very angry, and he drew his sword and struck the churl a blow with the flat thereof upon the shoulder, so that he dropped the rein very quickly.

Then being in all ways prepared he parted the curtains silently and stepped very quickly and without noise into the room.

Nanahboozhoo only laughed when he heard this, and he very quickly decided what to do.

The weather changes very quickly in this part of the world.

And one has always a faint suspicion of men who have got rich very quickly, an idea that there must be some kind of juggling.

"Yes, dear, if you are not the worse for this," he replied, and kissed her forehead and walked very quickly away without looking back.

He did it very quickly and well, considering it was the first time that he had attempted anything of the sort.

The area of the ports of locomotive engines is usually so proportioned as to be from 1/10th to 1/8th the area of the cylinderin some cases even as much as 1/6th; and in all high speed engines the ports should be very large, and the valve should have a good deal of travel so as to open the port very quickly.

" "That's itand we were very much surprised to find it so, for the time had passed very quickly and pleasantly.

And should a journal or box get hot on your hands and refuse to cool with the usual methods, remove the cup, and after mixing a portion of the lead with oil, put a heavy coat of it on the journal, put back the cup and your journal will cool off very quickly.

Amidst all these pernicious wanderings from the paths of religion, virtue, and happiness, he approved himself so well in his military character, that he was made a lieutenant in that year, viz. 1706; and I am told he was very quickly after promoted to a cornet's commission in Lord Stair's regiment of the Scots Greys, and, on the 31st of January, 1714-15, was made captain-lieutenant in Colonel Ker's regiment of dragoons.

The ladies may be trusted to learn for themselves, and very quickly, all that they need or want to know about that phase of Havana's commerce.

Nothing influences the feminine mind so much as the tone of conversation; and if the man in making a proposal does it with the air of one who expects the earth to swallow him as soon as he has uttered the words, that is, in terror and the consciousness that he is doing something quite unheard of, that terror and that consciousness communicate themselves very quickly to the woman.

When she at last perceived his meaning, she slipped her arm out of his very quickly, and was too much confused to utter a word.

A black swarm of ants rushed out of the clothes, and da Cunha stepped back very quickly and trod two or three times on the deck.

This she does very quickly, and slips away again.

"They'll be here very quickly," she almost sang.

The defeated recover very quickly.

In the beginning fortune smiled upon them, but sufficiently sad changes very quickly followed.

369 examples of  very quickly  in sentences