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369 examples of  very quickly  in sentences

369 examples of very quickly in sentences

With no committee meetings, no court cases or other problems to worry about, she grew stronger very quickly.

Ringan got up very quickly and walked three steps.

To a pound of ston'd gooseberries put a pound and a quarter of fine sugar, wet the sugar with the gooseberry jelly; take a quart of gooseberries, and two or three spoonfuls of water, boil them very quick, let your sugar be melted, and then put in your gooseberries; boil them till clear, which will be very quickly.

" "Not very quickly.

It was three days before his weak eyes had grown strong enough to permit his following her, and very quickly after that Ba-ree learned to love the sun, the warm air, and the sweetness of life, and to dread the darkness of the closed-in den where he had been born.

He opened his eyes very quickly then.

Dish them on a hot dish, rub over them a little cold butter, and send to table very quickly.

If the butter should not mix well, add a tablespoonful of gravy, and serve very quickly.

Boil the sugar and water together very quickly over a clear fire, skimming it very carefully as soon as it boils.

Pin a napkin round the tin or dish, and serve very hot and very quickly.

Have ready some hot buttered toast, spread with anchovies pounded to a paste; pour a little of the hot sauce on the top, and serve very hot and very quickly. Time.5 minutes to make the sauce hot.

When a large dose of this poison has been taken, death takes place very quickly indeed.

She might recover very quickly if she only stayed quiet for a while.

But very quickly.

I thought I had explained to you by what train of circumstances and of reasoning family affection, such as it is reputed to have been thousands of years ago, has become extinct in this planet; and, family affection extinguished, all weaker sentiments of regard for others were very quickly withered up.

The journey was comparatively easy to men who had long been accustomed to such toils and difficulties as both Henrich and Roger had, for years, been inured to, and they reached Paomet very quickly.

She did this very quickly and the whole little affair was satisfactorily disposed of when Esther was seen coming hurriedly down the street.

They were very quickly dispersed, and made no further attempt to molest us.

He managed to recover himself very quickly, and was, in his way, very kind to her; but the first thing he did was to send to Paris for a fashionable maid and fashionable mourning.

He saw very quickly that the way to make money in the tropics, as in Europe, was to go in for buying and selling men, and so he plunged into the slave trade of Africa, and under the name of Carl Shepherd was known in the East Indies, in the United States, and on the African coasts.

He was very quickly employed in important negotiations.

By and by she went to luncheon and found herself alone at some distance from the other passengers, next to the captain's empty seat; but she was rather glad that her neighbours had not come to table, for she got what she wanted very quickly and had no reason for waiting after she had finished.

"However, as I said before, that was very quickly exploded, as Mr. Schwarz senior, a very wealthy merchant, never allowed his son's carelessness to be a serious loss to his kind employers.

Nations change very quickly in these particulars.

"You forget your friends very quickly.

He did not make friends very quickly or easily, though he had always had scores of acquaintancesand with Wyatt and Psmith he had found himself at home from the first moment he had met them.

But our young Plaice is changing its appearance very quickly.

Neither paying board nor receiving wages, she had remained in the house apparently as Sarah Gailey's companion and moral support; she had remained because Sarah Gailey had never been in a condition to be leftand the months had passed very quickly.

And this was told by one who escaped; though he died also very quickly, for his heart was frozen.

I did kick against an upjutting rock here, and fall upon a great and unseen boulder there, and so was shaken very quickly to a sound knowledge that I trode the hard and actual earth; and had no true dealings with unreal matters.

And I smote the thing gently with the Diskos, so that it was very quickly dead; and afterward I searched well about; but did gladly perceive that there abode there no other horrid creature.

I was not surprised that Tom made friends very quickly with my little favourite, for he was wonderfully fond of children, and many were the games which he and the two children had together whilst I was at work.

" Then Queen Morgana looked at Sir Launcelot awhile with a very angry countenance, but she perceived that she was not to have her will with him, wherefore she presently turned very quickly and went out of the room, leaving Sir Launcelot much perturbed in spirit.

At this Sir Launcelot waxed very angry, and he drew his sword and struck the churl a blow with the flat thereof upon the shoulder, so that he dropped the rein very quickly.

But therewith Sir Tristram ran very quickly in beneath the blow, so that the stroke of Sir Kay failed of its mark.

Then being in all ways prepared he parted the curtains silently and stepped very quickly and without noise into the room.

Now when Sir Percival beheld these two, he wist that they were fay, wherefore he dismounted very quickly, and kneeled down upon the ground and set his palms together.

They seem to have dropped their thieving very quickly.

And that was the only set-back that this Pan-Prussian youngster experienced, and it was no more than an attack of German measles which he very quickly got over.

Nanahboozhoo only laughed when he heard this, and he very quickly decided what to do.

He waited until it was dark, and then, noiselessly flying back to the village of the Moose people, he silently entered the wigwam at the top, where there was now a wide opening, as it was in the warm summer time, very quickly exchanged the bag he had with him for the magic muskamoot, and returned to the village of the Elk people.

The weather changes very quickly in this part of the world.

And one has always a faint suspicion of men who have got rich very quickly, an idea that there must be some kind of juggling.

"Yes, dear, if you are not the worse for this," he replied, and kissed her forehead and walked very quickly away without looking back.

He came very quickly toward me with both hands outstretched and began to speak.

He did it very quickly and well, considering it was the first time that he had attempted anything of the sort.

The area of the ports of locomotive engines is usually so proportioned as to be from 1/10th to 1/8th the area of the cylinderin some cases even as much as 1/6th; and in all high speed engines the ports should be very large, and the valve should have a good deal of travel so as to open the port very quickly.

then all others look, but one must turn one's head very quickly or she vanishes.

In appearance they resemble the small haricots, but are much finer and boil down very quickly.

The gastric juices may be already exhausted, and the nuts, therefore, lie a hard undigested mass on the stomach; or the apple digesting very quickly, and being ready to leave the stomach some hours before its other contents, but having to bide their time, ferments and gives off objectionable gases.

" "That's itand we were very much surprised to find it so, for the time had passed very quickly and pleasantly.

Then, very quickly always, he looks right away.

And should a journal or box get hot on your hands and refuse to cool with the usual methods, remove the cup, and after mixing a portion of the lead with oil, put a heavy coat of it on the journal, put back the cup and your journal will cool off very quickly.

"Oh, no; that is, not now," said Faith very quickly.

He swam so strong after the boat, that he would have reached me very quickly, there being but little wind; upon which I stepped into the cabin, and fetching one of the fowling-pieces, I presented it at him, and told him, I had done him no hurt, and if he would be quiet I would do him none: "

Amidst all these pernicious wanderings from the paths of religion, virtue, and happiness, he approved himself so well in his military character, that he was made a lieutenant in that year, viz. 1706; and I am told he was very quickly after promoted to a cornet's commission in Lord Stair's regiment of the Scots Greys, and, on the 31st of January, 1714-15, was made captain-lieutenant in Colonel Ker's regiment of dragoons.

A few of the passengers tried a smoke on the platform, but the gust drove them in very quickly.

He said that all rumours in Jerusalem become exaggerated very quickly, and offered me a guard of one soldier to follow me about!

This duty was given to the lord of Moretto, who carried out the inquiry very quickly, bringing back word that Colonna and his escort were preparing to dine at Villafranca in full security.

To make up for this loss, the government was compelled to issue great quantities of paper money, which very quickly depreciated, because after a few years the government would no longer accept the money at its face value, so that the population could place no faith in it.

[Illustration: "These good dogs would prefer WAR BONDS to a bone."] Personally, however, I got over my own sense of the outrage very quickly.

The ladies may be trusted to learn for themselves, and very quickly, all that they need or want to know about that phase of Havana's commerce.

Now all this was very easily and very quickly done.

The incidents come very quickly, for the invention of incidents is a very easy matter to me.

The youth was delighted with the idea, and engaged himself as herdsman in the service of Don Manuel Pulido, a wealthy proprietor, whom he served so well that he was very quickly advanced to a position of confidence and command.

His younger son had been able to convince him that it was his duty to liberate his daughter from the oppression of her mother's over-vigilance, and all the rest had followed very quickly,overwhelming him, as it were, by stern necessity.

Then came the blow,very quickly, the blow which, as she now told herself morning, noon, and night, was no worse than she had expected.

A German battery had to shift very quickly five minutes after his first shell had got away, and when the enemy's fire was silenced, he would call out, "Don't chuck any more," to the telephone operator.

Nothing influences the feminine mind so much as the tone of conversation; and if the man in making a proposal does it with the air of one who expects the earth to swallow him as soon as he has uttered the words, that is, in terror and the consciousness that he is doing something quite unheard of, that terror and that consciousness communicate themselves very quickly to the woman.

She is very keen-sighted; she knows, perceives, understands things very quickly; but I fairly surpassed myself,I was so natural and so much at my ease.

I have written to Marian to tell her that if she does not come very quickly to see him, there is a chance of her not finding him alive.

You saw the Indian women making baskets when papa took us to Maine last summer, and you noticed how very quickly they did it, beginning with the flat bottom and working rapidly up.

oh, decide very quickly, my only friend!"

O Eternal Father, do Thou shrive me very quickly of all those sins I have committed, both in thought and deed, for now the time is very short.

So, very quickly, the I. W. W. had organized most of the men who worked in the forests.

When she at last perceived his meaning, she slipped her arm out of his very quickly, and was too much confused to utter a word.

A black swarm of ants rushed out of the clothes, and da Cunha stepped back very quickly and trod two or three times on the deck.

They grow very quickly, and must eat constantly from morning until night.

This she does very quickly, and slips away again.

"They'll be here very quickly," she almost sang.

These manifestations are executed by the Medium's foot, which, on one occasion, was distinctly seen before it had time to get back into its slipper by one of our number, who stooped very quickly to pick up a slate which had accidentally fallen to the floor while the Spirits were trying to put it into the lap of one of the sitters.

And you got my name very quickly, too?" "Only part of it, at first" "Oh yes; but when you saw me completely you got it all," she interrupted.

1. ยถThe Fabii, who on the basis of birth and wealth made pretensions equal with the noblest, very quickly indeed saw that they were dejected.

I may pass very quickly over the next two years.

[The snow melted very quickly].

My examination of the spot had been made very quickly, for I was really transgressing rule in leaving my post, even for a more forward place but thirty yards away, and I was back at my tree in less than a minute.

The defeated recover very quickly.

HOT WATER.Put good, fresh water into a perfectly clean granite-ware kettle, already warmed; let it come to a boil very quickly, and use at once.

But sterner duties on the frontier were awaiting him, and very quickly he was back there and writing to his fiancรฉe, "We have begun our march for the Ohio.

As a consequence he was very quickly surrounded, and after a day's fighting was compelled to surrender.

Very quickly his attendance on that body was ended by its appointing him general.

I go on, eagerly, speaking very quickly, with my arms clasped about his neck, "quite all over again; indeed I am!

I remember that very quickly I was conscious that there was danger in the air.

Sleep came to the girl very quickly for she was tired, and her healthy young body was swift to find repose.

If you don't improve very quickly, I shall take you to Brennerstadt to see a decent doctor there.

These fears never entered my mind; I wished you to receive ideas that were somewhat different to the generality of Fashion's dictates, and I did not doubt but that the uncomfortable feeling, against which the letters of my friends often warned me, would very quickly be removed.

Jealousy for a moment took possession of her mind, but that very quickly gave way to indignation against her father.

Annie expressed excessive sorrow, but no effort on either side was made to prolong this interview, and it was very quickly over.

In the beginning fortune smiled upon them, but sufficiently sad changes very quickly followed.

And after all, the difficult moment passed very quickly.