1232 examples of vestes in sentences

BISMARCK looked a little the worse for wear, I thought, and, as he unbuttoned his vest with a grunt of relief, he struck me likewise as being rather short in his wind.

Did you steal a bit of the lake for your crest, And fasten blue violets into your vest?

One of them had a scarlet vest, short clothes, and drab coat.

They could both see it was a monkey instead of a baby, and they asked where the old man with the chin whiskers was that they left the baby with, and the peanut butcher said: "What, that old guy with the checkered vest?

This retort naturally brought down the house, and the local member was not heard from again'terribly cheeky, of course, but rather neat, sir, don't you think?" The Cabinet Minister took a thick cigar from his vest pocket, without replying.

It is then right to vest some persons with the power of apprehending him, and in whom is that power to be lodged, but in the civil magistrate?

" Tweezy smiled once more and drew forth a long and shiny pocket-book from the inner pocket of his vest.

Then he buttoned the two lower buttons of his vest and pulled the garment in question over the protruding butt.

Sir Walter gives the date in "Rob Roy," when Mr. Francis sees Diana for the first time and notices that she wears a coat, vest and hat resembling those of a man, "a mode introduced during my absence in France," he says, "and perfectly new to me."

The waistcoat, the vest, as Sir Walter calls it, not knowing the risk that he ran in this half century of being considered as speaking American, had a smaller, but similar, collar and lapels, work outside those of the coat, and the "man's tie" was of soft white muslin, and a muslin sleeve and ruffles were visible at the wrists.

In the letter case in his vest pocket was an almost forgotten picture of the girls when they were children.

When these began to wear out the administration furnished a new outfit, which consists of two flannel shirts, two knitted pairs of drawers, a vest and trousers of blue cloth, an overcoat, a police hat or a fez for the Turks, socks and slippers.

Referring to the practice of nations and the writings of publicists, he declared that, according to "the modern rule," "tangible property belonging to an enemy and found in the country at the commencement of war, ought not to be immediately confiscated;" that "this rule" seemed to be "totally incompatible with the idea that war does of itself vest the property in the belligerent government;"

And so Horace says of himself, that, however many are deprived of the fancy-goods of life, there is one at least who can live without them: Gemmas, marmor, ebur, Tyrrhena sigilla, tabellas, Argentum, vestes, Gaetulo murice tinctas Sunt qui non habeant, est qui non curat habere; and when Socrates saw various articles of luxury spread out for sale, he exclaimed: How much there is in the world I do not want.

danc't After her fingers" and those lascivious winds stayed Daphne when she fled from Apollo; "nudabant corpora venti, Obviaque adversas vibrabant flamina vestes.

When Venus stood before Anchises (as [5018]Homer feigns in one of his hymns) in her costly robes, he was instantly taken, "Cum ante ipsum staret Jovis filia, videns eam Anchises, admirabatur formam, et stupendas vestes; Erat enim induta peplo, igneis radiis spiendidiore; Habebat quoque torques fulgidos, flexiles haelices, Tenerum collum ambiebant monilia pulchra, Aurea, variegata.

Magis impium mortuorum lucubrationes, quam vestes furari.

Colluvies hominum mirabiles excocti solo, immundi vestes foedi visu, furti imprimis acres, &c. 574.

Miraris aureos vestes, equos, canes, ordinem famulorum, lautas mensas, aedes, villas, praedia, piscinas, sylvas, &c. haec omnia stultus assequi potest.

Quod si nudos nos conspici contingat, omnium una eademque erit facies; nam si ipsi nostras, nos eorum vestes induamus, nos, &c. 3659.

Videndum quae vestes, quis cultus, te deceat, quis in usu sit, utrum latus barbae, &c. Cum cura loquendum, incedendum, bibendum et cum cura insaniendum.

cum famulae lavantis vestes incuriosus custodirent, &c. mandavit per universam Aegyptum ut foemina quaereretur, cujus is calceus esset eamque sic inventam.

Dat laqueo collum; vestes, vah!

Secundo mi amice bone, My breeches take, but there's no money, Et vestes etiam tibi dentur, If such old things to wear you'll venture; Pediculos si potes pellas, But they are sometimes prince's fellows; Accipe libros etiam musam, If I had lived I ne'er had used them, Spero quod his contentus eris,

Dat laqueo collum: vestes, vah!

1232 examples of  vestes  in sentences