494 examples of vestige in sentences

He was a wiry little chap, with bright eyes, for ever on the twinkle, and black hair pasted down upon his head, so as not to show the slightest vestige of curl, while the sharp, mischievous look on his face, and the quick, comical movements of his body, suggested something between a terrier and a monkey.

Every vestige of the snow man, which had been left barely an hour ago standing such a work of art, had disappeared.

String by string he parted with his treasure, until at the last, sorely wounded, terrified, and weak, with a despairing cry, he cast from him the last vestige of wealth, and sank down insensible.

One body was so placed as to receive a few of the direct rays of the morning light, and it was consequently much more conspicuous than the rest, though even this was a dark and withered mummy that presented scarcely a vestige; of the being it had been.

The headstone itself bore not a vestige of moss, but time had cracked it diagonally and the chiselled letters were weathered away.

the country is low and flat, and only protected from inroads of the sea by a barrier of sandhills, beyond which not a vestige of the interior could be seen.

LOWENDAL ISLAND and TRIMOUILLE ISLAND were seen by us, but not any vestige of HERMITE ISLAND, which the French have placed in their chart.

They were deficient in two front teeth of the upper jaw; their hair was short but not curly; and with the exception of a fillet of network worn round the head of one of them, they had not a vestige of clothing.

With the passing of her fortune from her hands to his, the last vestige of belief in him died down with appalling suddenness.

Her father's death had taken from her the last vestige of a home.

he replied, smiling with thin lips which in all their constant writhings showed no vestige of teeth within; "but the sentiment itself is somewhat strange in the son of the Red Axe and the future Executioner of Justice in the Wolfmark.

He gradually recovered, however, without surgical aid, and the bone of the arm between the shoulder and elbow being completely shivered to pieces, the fragments progressively worked out, and the singular appearance was left of the fore arm and elbow connected to the shoulder by flesh and skin, and tendons, without the least vestige of bone.

The last feeble vestige of doubt now vanished forever.

Before the fading of the light on the previous evening, I had easily made out the well-known outlines of the Cheviots on one hand and of Says Law on the othernow there was not a vestige of either.

He simply sends Sanballat word that there is not a vestige of truth in the report, nor does he intend to take any notice of it.

I felt Walter Butler's glowing eyes upon me, and they seemed to burn out the last vestige of my patience.

You should see, as I have seen, pupils from Dr. Wheelock's school return to their tribes and, in a summer, sink to the level of the painted sachem, every vestige of civilization vanished with the knowledge of the tongue that taught it.

Every vestige of color had left his visage.

Back to the joyless Ocean thou art gone; Nor from this vestige of thy musing hours 85 Could I withhold thy honoured name,and now I love the fir-grove with a perfect love.

The whole object of Prussia is to eliminate every vestige of French influence in the two provinces.

Not a vestige remains of them.

Not to lose the vestige of a chance, we pushed inquiry farther; but in vain.

It was a quaint, fragile, ricketty thing, with slender twisted legs of black wood, and a cloth-covered top that had once been green, but now retained no vestige of its original color.

Now he had no fear of their recognizing him, since he had not left a vestige of the printed description.

Standing on the poop of the vessel with a white handkerchief in one glove, and a bottle of Eau de Cologne in the other, we waved farewell to our friends, and, as the last vestige of their whiskers disappeared from our sight, a sad presentiment filled our minds that it was for ever.

494 examples of  vestige  in sentences