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536 example sentences with  vestige

536 example sentences with vestige

In another place, a child two years old was found unhurt, lying on his straw mattress upon the mud, without any vestige of the house from which he had been separated.

Unfortunately the boat was lost-whether carried away by the violence of the currents that set in between the islands, or dashed to pieces against the breakers, was never known, for no vestige of the boat or crew was ever seen.

In that interval, the priests came to Acoma and held footing for fifty years, until the bloody uprisal of 1680 occurred, in which priest, soldier and settler were massacred or driven from the land, and every vestige of their occupation was extirpated.

The cessation of the war by the complete triumph of the patriot cause has removed, it is hoped, all cause of dissension with one party and all vestige of force of the other.

Haven't you a vestige of shame?

It was too much; I fled back to the hotel, locked the door of my room, shuttered the windows so that I should not see the vestige of a mountainand wept.

In one spot a sac d'eau, one of those reservoirs of water which form among the glaciers on the summits of the rocks, had broken, and, descending like a water-spout, it had swept before it every vestige of cultivation, covering wide breadths of the meadows with a dรฉbris that resembled chaos.

One body was so placed as to receive a few of the direct rays of the morning light, and it was consequently much more conspicuous than the rest, though even this was a dark and withered mummy that presented scarcely a vestige; of the being it had been.

There was no system of law or police; every vestige of justice was uprooted, and these crimes went unpunished.

Unless such a power is conferred upon him, neither the one nor the other will be respected in the existing state of anarchy and disorder, and the outrages already perpetrated will never be chastised; and, as I assured you in my No. 23, all these evils must increase until every vestige of order and government disappears from the country."

It is sufficient to observe that their final action has removed the last vestige of serious revolutionary troubles.

The Federal Government retained some vestige of authority in the South, and the newly emancipated race cherished the delusion that under the Constitution, that enduring rock on which our liberties are founded, and under the equal laws it purported to guarantee, they would enter upon the era of freedom and opportunity which their Northern friends had inaugurated with such solemn sanctions.

The headstone itself bore not a vestige of moss, but time had cracked it diagonally and the chiselled letters were weathered away.

Nothing is really undignified but affectation or conceit; and for the total extinction and annihilation of every vestige of these, there are few things so effectual as athletic exercises.

Let it be said for the bishop himself, that there was not a vestige of that sense of elevation about him.

There he lay, the mere vestige of the robust hardy seaman I had once known, a child in physical powers, and about to make the last great change.

In none of these letters is there the smallest vestige of principle to be found.

Their trunks had disappeared and every vestige of their belongings!

We trod a soil from which the last vestige of slavery had been swept away!

It is as full on the subject of slavery, as is necessary; and, if we will but obey its directions, that bear on this subject, and "love one another," and love our neighbors as ourselves, and, as we would that men should do to us, do "also to them likewise," and "remember them, that are in bonds as bound with them," and "give unto servants, that which is just and equal"not a vestige of this abomination will remain.

I desire to see every vestige of slavery completely rooted out.

Here we see a vestige of the original theory according to which the Senate was to be peculiarly the home of state rights.

For all this there is not a vestige of documentary evidence.

This was a vestige of feudalism, but on the other hand it was a healthy check against excessive centralization.

the flames are curling swiftly round Each fairer vestige of my youthful years; Page after page that searching blaze hath found, Even whilst I strive to trace them through my tears.

"The port of Navarino, certainly one of the finest in the world," says Sir William Gell, in his interesting Journey in the Morea, "is formed by a deep indenture in the Morea, shut in by a long island, anciently called Sphacteria, famous for the defeat and capture of the Spartans, in the Peloponnesian war, and yet exhibiting the vestige of walls, which may have served as their last refuge.

Of a complete poem, in five cantos, called 'Rodri,' and composed when she was thirteen years of age, a single canto, and part of another, are all that are saved from a destruction which she supposed had obliterated every vestige of it."

The interior of the mansion spoke loudly of desolation and ruin: the state apartments were despoiled of their magnificent decorations, and scarcely a vestige remained of their former splendour.

Not a vestige of them remained in sight, and nature seemed to reign alone amidst the sublimest of her works.

Has thy memory cast away every vestige of reminiscence of thy old sweet love in the little hut?

Of the Pelasgic and Etruscan town not a vestige remains; but the ruined foundations of Roman villas are still to be seen along the shore.

It seems as if the water left here and there a vestige of forms and materials that preceded its course, just to set off its new and richer designs.

All looks like the work of man's hand, but you see no vestige of man, save perhaps an almost imperceptible hut on the edge of the prairie.

A faint glow still lingered over the forest-hills, but down in the valley the dusky shades hid every vestige of life, though its sounds came up softened through the long space.

I think she possessed an utterly selfish nature, was not at all scrupulous in the attainment of her purposes, and was, in effect, that most dangerous member of society, a strong-willed and large-brained woman without a vestige of principle.

That night there came on a terrible gale and the Grampus disappeared foreverno vestige of her ever having been seen.

Cellini himself, though sensitive to every kind of physical beautyas we gather from what he tells us of Cencio, Diego, Faustina, Paolino, Angelica, Ascaniohas not attempted to animate his "Perseus," or his "Ganymede," or his "Diana of Fontainebleau," with a vestige of intellectual or moral loveliness.

In that which she wrote to the minister himself she carefully eschewed every vestige of her former haughtiness, and threw herself completely on his generosity.

"This awful decline of true religion in the world carried with it almost every vestige of civil liberty, of classical literature, and of scientific knowledge; and it will generally be found in experience that they must all stand or fall together.

"A few more years will obliterate every vestige of a subjunctive form.

"Of the Roman literature previous to A. U. 514 scarcely a vestige remains.

"Of the Roman literature previous to A. U. 514, scarcely a vestige remains."Id.

That letter wiped away ever vestige of my appetite for the dainties before me.

In these verses, not the least vestige of metaphysical wit can be traced; and they were accordingly censured, as wanting height of fancy, and dignity of words.

A few years back there was scarcely a vestige of human habitation to be seen from the road skirting the "Devil's Punchbowl," or the descent on the other side, but since the time Professor Tyndall built his house there, the aspect of the country has been in places considerably changed.

There was not a cloud in the sky, nor the vestige of a cloud.

"You're humorous, How, deliciously humorous; and still you haven't the vestige of a sense of humour."

On each of the jutting points of the shore was a low and ruddy tower,last vestige of the thousand-year war of the Mediterranean.

I had an insane desire to spring at his throat and throttle his infamous bravado, tumble him overboard and annihilate the last vestige of his existence.

At times gulls circle over its blackened and desolate surface devoid of every vestige of life.

They are the ruins of old-time piers, the last vestige of a vanished, picturesque river trade.

In the merely translated parts, no vestige of the translator's own style appears.

" These splendid buildings within the walls have long since been demolished, so that scarcely a vestige remains; but with their materials a workhouse has been built for the poor.

We rowed our boat many miles without seeing the slightest vestige of any human inhabitants or civilisation: all appeared wild and magnificent as if just fresh from the hands of nature; and it failed not to lead the mind up to the contemplation of the Creator.

Those in whom appeared no vestige of faith, and no fear of God, remained without the pale of the Church.

And he looked upon them both as though his eyes would sweep from their petty souls all vestige of what was afraid and immature.

I am yet in the first emotions of wonder: the vast edifice which had been raised by the blended efforts of religion and superstition, which had been consecrated by time, endeared by national taste, and become necessary by habit, has now disappeared, and scarcely left a vestige of its ruins.

The few Jacobin emblems which were yet remaining have totally disappeared, and no vestige of Jacobinism is left, but the graves of its victims, and the desolation of the country.

After the fourteenth of July 1789, political literature became more subject to mobs and the lanterne, than ever it had been to Ministers and Bastilles; and at the tenth of August 1792, every vestige of the liberty of the press disappeared.

It is sufficiently remarkable, that notwithstanding the court must have seen the necessity of gaining over the party now in power, no vestige of any attempt of this kind has been discovered; and every criminating negotiation is ascribed to the dead, the absent, or the insignificant.

It is at least pleasing to turn from the general horrors of the revolution, and suppose, for a moment, that the social affections were not yet entirely banished, and that gallantry still retained some empire, when every other vestige of civilization was almost annihilated.

While the last operation is performing, the doors are carefully shut, the bell rings in vain, and no guest is admitted till every vestige of it is removed.

I have stripped off the last vestige of the past, and the silver wreath and the golden goblet have been of some use, for they have furnished us the means to found a new existence.

They were chilly to the touch and no vestige of pulse was perceptible.

In the neighbourhood of the rivers the country is sprinkled with wooded hills, that extend in a straggling chain towards Wellington Range, of which they might be considered a part: but between the rivers and Clarence Strait the country is low and flat, and only protected from inroads of the sea by a barrier of sandhills, beyond which not a vestige of the interior could be seen.

LOWENDAL ISLAND and TRIMOUILLE ISLAND were seen by us, but not any vestige of HERMITE ISLAND, which the French have placed in their chart.

And with the bright, keen morning not a vestige of the ship, but here a spar and there a door, and on the side of a sand-hill a great dog watching over a little child that he'd kept warm all night.

A vestige of the old anniversaries in honor of the Souls of Ancestors remains in the Catholic Church under the name of All-Souls' Day.

Is reverenced as a vestige of the Abode In which, through many seasons, from the world Removed, and the affections of the world, He dwelt in solitude.

"Tis reverenced as a Vestige of the Abode ... ...

They were deficient in two front teeth of the upper jaw; their hair was short but not curly; and with the exception of a fillet of network worn round the head of one of them, they had not a vestige of clothing.

Yet will not be convinced till it has passed For ever from his sight, and left behind No vestige of its presence save its footsteps.

shouted Segrave, whose last vestige of self-control suddenly vanished, whilst mad frenzy once more held him in its grip.

With the passing of her fortune from her hands to his, the last vestige of belief in him died down with appalling suddenness.

Her father's death had taken from her the last vestige of a home.

This was the only vestige of furniture to be seen.

There was not a vestige of a cloth or napkins.

he replied, smiling with thin lips which in all their constant writhings showed no vestige of teeth within; "but the sentiment itself is somewhat strange in the son of the Red Axe and the future Executioner of Justice in the Wolfmark."

We found no vestige of trail on those bare slopes.

He simply sends Sanballat word that there is not a vestige of truth in the report, nor does he intend to take any notice of it.

Of the castlefounded by a De Briwere, who is said to have been the bearer of Richard I.'s ransomhardly a vestige remains.

To such a woman, a slave to the senses, a husband like the Duc de Berry, unredeemed by a vestige of manliness, could make no appeal.

It was thus fitting that he should make an Empress of a scullery-maid, who, as we have seen in an earlier chapter, had no vestige of beauty to commend her to his favour, and whose chief attractions in his eyes were that she had a coarse tongue and was a "first-rate toper."

"No vestige but these flowers," uncovering them again.

The whole circle of the cornea appeared black, the iris being so much dilated as to leave no vestige of the pupil.

For its preservation men fought and women toiled, but, alas! machinery has swept away the last vestige of this life and, try as the philanthropist may to bring it back, it will never return.

The whole object of Prussia is to eliminate every vestige of French influence in the two provinces.

The only vestige of her previous excitement was in her left-hand fingers, which were incessantly twisting and turning a diamond ring upon her right hand, but without imparting the least animation to her rigid attitude.

Not a vestige remains of them.

Every moment the cold increased, and although we were spurred on to almost superhuman efforts by sheer desperation to thwart the fate we knew would be ours should we falter by the way, gradually our strength failed us, and although we tried to encourage each other to quicker progress, it took every vestige of our will power to drag our benumbed feet from step to step against the howling, snow-laden hurricane.

He was groaning, and mustering the last vestige of control I yet had over my benumbed hands, I searched about in the darkness until I found his frozen fingers, and clasping them in my own I placed my mouth close to his ear and pleaded with him to bid me farewell.

The Spaniards marched through the forest and emerged on an extensive plain overgrown with brush, amidst which there was no vestige of a path.

The first threat had wiped every vestige of human tenderness out of his eyes, and now, with something like a sneer on his lips, and with a glimmer of yellow light in his eyes, he was backing towards the door, and noiselessly as a shadow he slipped out and was gone.

You have heard but the prelude of a gale that shall sweep every vestige of treason from the land.

Now he had no fear of their recognizing him, since he had not left a vestige of the printed description.

It isnโ€™t what interests me any more about the book โ€ฆ Thatโ€™s just kind of like a vestige of some sort.โ€

The matriarch, her thick Glasgow accent was living vestige of the old country.

The vestige that the nation was earmarked for progress is evident!

I believe this borrowing from the OT reading for 23 March is a vestige of Shakespeare's original draft.

No vestige will be left of selfish human natureโ€”only total, selfless love and care for others just as God has.