191 examples of vials in sentences

"You would better not let Uncle Horace know you are 'a votary of the deadly five o'clock' or he will empty his vials of denunciation upon your unlucky head.

Her vials breathing orisons of price, If all must pay that which all cannot pay?

The mail-coaches it was that distributed over the face of the land, like the opening of apocalyptic vials, the heart-shaking news of Trafalgar, of Salamanca, of Vittoria, of Waterloo.

CHANTECLER To roses, rosis!in whose hearts sleep rain-drops like essences in fragrant vials, to declare that they are, and ever will be A VOICE

Its high counters, which once held sandwiches and tarts and wine bottles, were piled with snowdrifts of medicated cotton and rolls of lint and buckets of antiseptic washes and drug vials.

You cannot count those endless vials on the mantlepiece with any hope of making a variation in their numbers.

Then he became great on the subject of old county families in general, and poured out all the vials of his wrath on "that confounded upstart of a Newbroom, Lord Minchampstead," supplanting all the fine old blood in the country"Why, sir, that Pentremochyn, and Carcarrow moors too (good shooting there, there used to be), they ought to be mine, sir, if every man had his rights!"

There the storms appear to culminate, pouring out the full vials of their wrath upon the devoted habitans of white-cotted Charlesbourg.

But, in reality, a morbid curiosity must have been within me all the time to read the real truth of what had happened, so far as it was known, or guessed, and to gloat upon all that drama, and cup of trembling, and pouring out of the vials of the wrath of God, which must have preceded the actual advent of the end of Time.

No one foresaw the apocalyptic vials of wrath which were about to be poured forth upon her plains and cities through the next half-century.

I took these vehicles, and soon emptied them all; twenty of them were filled with meat, and ten with liquor; each of the former afforded me two or three good mouthfuls, and I emptied the liquor of ten vessels, which was contained in earthen vials, into one vehicle, drinking it off at a draught.

The old man let loose the vials of his wrath on me the minute I drew near, and Mahommed ben Hamza took delicious pleasure in translating word for word.

Then my sea-breeze spoke again: 'But the doctor will shed vials of wrath upon me for letting you see strangers.'

The room was kept dark; the table was filled with vials and gallipots; my mother was with difficulty persuaded not to endanger her life with nocturnal attendance; my father lamented the loss of the profits of the voyage; and such superfluity of artifices was employed, as perhaps might have discovered the cheat to a man of penetration.

It was after the Argus had gone to press on the night of explosions that Editor Hildreth sought and found David Kent in his rooms at the Clarendon, and poured out the vials of his wrath.

With this exclamation he exhausted the vials of his wrath.

Ye two-footed, beautiful, passionate things, If plumy or plumelesswithout, or with wings, Beware, lest ye break, in some hazardous hour, Your vials of wrath, hot, or bitter, or sour!

But if you will read the Revelation, you will find that what he plainly refers to is to the fearful curses, the plagues, the vials of wrath, as he calls them, which were to be poured out on the earth; and then to cease when the New Jerusalem came down from heaven.

he pointed to a few vials, a skeleton, and a herbal, and said, "Sir, this is Radcliffe's Library."

To test this, the author made the following experiments: Bladder was tied over the necks of three wide-mouthed vials, with bottoms cut off, and each was filled with iodide of potassium ointment.

All three vials were then suspended in beakers filled with water.

Leaving him the vials of digitalis and strychnine, therefore, I went back, and dined solus on my own car, indulging at the end in a cigar, the smoke of which would keep turning into pictures of Miss Cullen.

A big, red-haired man, one of the group of seven, drew from his pocket two vials.

" I cannot describe the unutterable scorn that blazed in his eyes as Benoni poured out the vials of his wrath on the unlucky human race.

They waited, nervously expectant, for the vials of wrath to descend.

191 examples of  vials  in sentences